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Rockford Register Star (IL)-January 3, 2003
Author: RRS Metro, Wally Haas, Staff

Muons May Not Be Out there,
But Something Unexplained Is

Wally Haas

Michael Horn believes in extraterrestrial life, but doubts the Muons from Myton are ready to land on Earth or that they even exist.

"I don't consider the Muon information to be valid, especially since there's absolutely nothing presented to back it up," Horn of Los Angeles said in an e-mail response to last week's column about the Muons orbiting the planet waiting for a government to welcome them. "There is an enormous amount of fraudulent and hoaxed material in the UFO field, as I'm sure you've noticed."

ACCORDING TO HIS Web site, Horn is an award-winning painter, trend-setting designer and inventor, but for purposes of this column he is a UFO researcher. He has studied the case of "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, who claims he has had regular contact with extraterrestrials since 1975.

"I have researched the Meier case for over 23 years and can only conclude that it is authentic based on his abundant documented information ... and his still irreproducible hard evidence," Horn's e-mail said. "That and the fact that I've spoken to about 12 of the other 100 witnesses to seeing the ships and two of the other half-dozen or so people who've photographed the ships."

Meier, a Swiss farmer, has notes from his conversations with ETs, 1,000 photographs of spacecraft and a recording Horn said cannot be duplicated.

"It should be mentioned that in February of 2001, I contacted the professional skeptics group, CFI West in Los Angeles (affiliated with the magician and debunker the "Amazing" Randi) and challenged them to duplicate one of Meier's photos and one of his film segments," Horn said. "Since I had been assured by a CFI West investigator that these were easily duplicated hoaxes, I was interested in seeing just how quickly they could duplicate them.

"It is now more than a year and one-half later and they have been unable to duplicate even one of them, despite my invitation to use any technology currently available to them (and which clearly wasn't available to Meier).

"I did suggest, if he wished to be sporting about it, that the investigator use only one arm." Meier has only one arm.

But there are skeptics in what has been called the most-documented UFO case in history.

Kal K. Korff of San Jose, Calif., president and CEO of Total Research, says the Meier case is an elaborate hoax. Underground Video, which says it first supported Meier, now says he's a fraud.

"AFTER SIX MONTHS of intense inquiry, with the assistance of cinematographers, physicists and computer analysts from Total Research, we found the claims of the representatives of the Meier case to be absolutely untrue," the Underground Video Web site says. "We discovered miniature models, and a variety of deceptive methods used to create this hoax. Additionally, an undercover `hidden camera' investigation penetrated the Meier cult in Switzerland, revealing irrefutable scientific evidence of FRAUD."

Horn countered with information Meier published ahead of its time, including Jupiter's rings and the World Trade Center attacks.

"Also, you may not know that the (Korff) models were made by the investigative team and photographed in the places where Meier allegedly photographed the UFOs. This was done so that they could compare and computer-evaluate the two sets of photos to see if Meier indeed did use models.

"The results were clear: The objects in Meier's photos were NOT models, they were larger objects with specific characteristics that set them completely apart."

THE MORE I READ about UFOs, the more interesting - and confusing - the evidence becomes. The mystery that surrounds life outside this planet is why television shows like "X-Files" and "Taken" are popular and why last week's column was the most-read Register Star column ever posted online.

But if you're like Mike Ash, and hundreds of others who think the sugar rush from too many Christmas cookies is affecting my brain, you probably think I need some psychiatric evaluation.

"I think you should have more respect for nature, and not kill trees to print this type of lunatic ramblings," Ash wrote. "No one from space would land on Earth. If they are exploring out there, they would be looking for intelligence, and mankind hasn't even evolved enough to get along with each other, let alone a truly intelligent race of beings capable of intergalactic travel."

Ash may be right, so the aliens/UFO topics will be set aside like so many empty boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Unless the Muons from Myton actually land.

Wally Haas is editorial page editor of the Register Star. His e-mail address is whaas@smtp.registerstar
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