The Breitenwinner Cave "Korff Scam"

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Korff has made the claim (gee, there's a surprise), that he's made discoveries, solved this mystery and that mystery regarding archeology. Of course he has never been specific about what these discoveries or research entailed. We've been looking for a specific event, episode or incident which Korff was involved in. We've found one.

Enter Mr. Patrick Cooke. Mr. Cooke is fairly well known in paranormal subjects such as UFO, secret societies, the Bible UFO Connection, etc.

The Korff vs Cooke war started at the X-Zone Radio Network. Mr. Cooke and Major Kevin Randle had shows on the network, Korff had a recurring appearance on Rob McConnell's show. It was this connection and cross pollination of these shows which allowed Korff to insinuate himself into this situation. As one should expect, Korff's - forced involvment ended up creating great drama and dysfunction.

Mr. Cooke and a associate we're working on a project that concerned a recently re-located cave (LINK), what might be human (and maybe giant human) remains, and a tie-in to Stalag 383. Without first informing any of the principles involved in the case, Korff claimed that he was working on an archeological project during one of his appearances on McConnell's show.
Korff's cave claims got Mr. Cooke interested in looking into the many claims and titles Korff banties about. Since Korff was already telling the world that he was very involved in the project, Mr. Cooke decided to research and verify Korff's biographical information which could then be posted on the cave web site.

Claims Korff made on various X-Zone broadcasts:

  • Claimed to be writing an article on the project.
  • Claimed the involvement of "Czech, German, and American authorities" in some unspecified investigation.
  • Claimed to be forming a team to conduct an exploration of the cave.
  • Claimed to be bringing members of an organization who specialize in "recovery of war victim's remains".
  • Claimed to know the "owners" of the land the cave is located on.
  • Claimed to have NATO connections to assist with the project.
  • Claimed to be involving "Jewish groups " to assist, even though the general understanding is that Stalag 383 was a prisoner of war camp for Allied troops, not a detention or death camp in which Jews or other civilian detainees were held.
So, what happened after Korff stumbled through the door and tried to "take over" the project?

Shortly after this e-mail was sent off to Korff, Mr. Cooke's partner in the project started receiving threats of some sort. Mr. Cooke doesn't know who it was, and he has no proof that it was Korff but, after a period of time while these threats and harassment continued, Mr. Cooke's partner left the project and that was that, the project died. Sounds like Korff's boorish behaviour to us.

So we do have proof that if Korff is given the opportunity to insinuate himself into a project, be it because of proximity or because of his confabulation of reality, Korff has no problem with doing whatever it takes to get what he needs to further his disingenuous behaviour and outright fraudulent claims and lies.

This Korffing site thanks Mr. Cooke for stepping up and sharing this important information with us.

Please read the three e-mails to understand what went on in this attempted Korff scam.