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Dear Mr. Ecker,

Enclosed as an attachment, please find a copy of our formal legal notice to you, informing you of our filing of lawsuits against you, and Colonel Kal Korff's willingness to appear on your show.

We look forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Narinder Chhibba
Attorney At Law

Attached document

March 11, 2011
To Mr.Don Ecker
Host and Producer of Darkmatters
Los Angeles Area
California, USA

Dear Mr.Don Ecker,

My name is Narinder Chhibba, and my office of five lawyers represents the international interests of Colonel Kal Korff, who you recently “attacked” on your self-produced Internet “radio” show where you engaged in libel, slander and defamation – all of which were made with deliberate, malicious intent.

We have received your disingenuous offer for Colonel Kal Korff to appear on your Internet-based show to answer what you call “charges” which is not even the correct way to say it.

False claims about Colonel Kal Korff, libel, slander and defamation are exactly what you knowingly engaged in, the fact you featured and colluded and provided and promoted a platform (your show) where you featured at least one criminal cyberstalker who is now under investigation by Czech police for “threatening to kill” a fellow American citizen and Jew, Kal Korff, says all any reasonable person needs to know about you.

You are hereby officially notified with this letter to you, that we are now preparing legal actions against you. Colonel Korff has already turned over information to at least two police firms, who will now likely contact you as they start their investigations into your association with individuals who have threatened an American citizen and at least one Jew.

Furthermore, your “offer” for Colonel Kal Korff to appear on your show, within two week’s time, is not sincere, and your characterization of it is not truthful. You are also 100% aware of this fact.

For it is a fact that you never contacted Colonel Kal Korff directly, until AFTER SEVEN DAYS of your “deadline” had already passed. It is safe to say that normally, you extend invitations to guests to appear by contacting that person directly. You only did so after information was published proving that you are being exposed in a new series, and after Colonel Korff went public with the fact that you never sent him an invitation.

As you are completely aware, Colonel Kal Korff does not live in the United States, has not for over ten years, and does not listen to your show. He has no interest in doing so ever since you were exposed in a series of videos called “Desperate Don” for lying about him more than three years ago. You have never refuted nor disproved the contents of these video exposes of you.

None the less, since you have now finally extended a disingenuous offer for Colonel Kal Korff to appear on your show, you are hereby officially informed that Colonel Kal Korff accepts your offer in principle, on the following reasonable conditions that a contract be drawn up between the both of you which is legally binding and will insure that your side does not play any games nor engage in any further dishonesty, since you are the guilty party, and are being sued and now investigated by police. Kal Korff is not. You are.

Your snide, dishonest and rude letter to Colonel Kal Korff making reference to him having “sock puppets” is not worthy of a response, and is another falsehood, made knowingly by you, and you made it with deliberate, malicious intent.

Please understand two things: that we ARE taking legal and police actions against you, they have already begun and are now underway, regardless of whether Colonel Korff ever appears on your show, and that the easily verifiable exposes of you will still be published very shortly. This includes information about your collusion and conspiring with haters and extremists, and individuals who engage in criminal cyberstalking and make death threats against American citizens like yourself, and someone who is Jewish.

You have our permission to publish this letter, or talk about it on your show, but should you elect to do so, you MUST publish it in its entirety, unedited. You are not legally permitted to quote selective excerpts from it, and we will be releasing this letter to the media and several mutual acquaintances of yours, regardless, including Hollywood producers and top investigative journalists in the mainstream media who are completely in knowledge about Colonel Kal Korff, what he does, and what he says and what he stands for. It is important that the truth be exposed, even if it at your expense.

Should you dare claim that Colonel Kal Korff has “refused” to be on your show or that our reasonable demand for a legally binding contract for both him and you is in any way onerous or insincere, we will sue you for yet another count of libel, slander, defamation made with deliberate malicious intent, since you have been warned and informed to the contrary and cannot “deny” the contents of this letter.

You have until 15 March to contact us to begin discussions to arrange a mutual agreed upon contract between the both of you to lock in Colonel Kal Korff’s appearance on your show and to also arrange for your public RETRACTION and disavowing of your lies, false statements, slanders, libels and defamations you made (all with deliberate malice) against Colonel Kal Korff.

Should you decline this offer, since we are not obligated to even make it, although we are doing so because we wish to settle this affair amicably despite your illegal behaviour and association with criminal cyberstalkers and individuals who “threaten to kill” a fellow American and a Jew, we will proceed with what I am stating: legal action and police action against you, since your behaviour is objectively demonstrable as being illegal and therefore criminal, under the laws of the United States, California (where you live) and international laws, the laws of the European Union,Czech Republic and even India.

You have until 15 March to respond accordingly, or face rightful consequences. We are not bluffing. Once we file suit, we will never settle, but press for you to be fully prosecuted with full damages and penalties in accordance with the laws.

Sincerely yours,

(Narinder Chhibba)
Attorney at Law
Official Legal Counsel and Attorney for Colonel Kal Korff’s
International Interests and Rights"

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