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The Behaviour of a Lunatic

All of these were posted on face Book within 30 minutes of each other. In #3.1, Korff states it’s his last comment and then goes on to post 6 more times, the first and last post, answering an unasked question from nobody. Crazy is as crazy does

March 10, 2011

Opening Salvo: The Don Ecker Message.

Once again I sent korff an email to both addresses I have. Following this is the note I sent him. I do not expect this "kraven koward" to respond.

To: Kalvin K Korff,
From: Don Ecker-Host
Dark Matters Radio

After waiting another week in reference to my offer for you to appear on Dark Matters Radio, and with the two week period almost over, I am going to announce to the world that you are too cowardly to even answer me on my offer for you to come on my radio program.

Everyone now knows what a blowhard and liar you are Kalvin K Korff, everyone knows. I will now make it known to all those that don't know you how cowardly you are, and still living in the "Ozone Layer".

Don Ecker
Dark Matters Radio

PS Did you notice that I signed my name and didn't try to BS you that I was someone else? Turd.

NOTE: These are responses from Korff to people on Face Book asking questions about this situation. It should be noted that Korff often tells people he's receiving e-mails about this and that, strangely, those same people rarely if ever post anything on his wall, instead they send Korff private "e-mails" and not Face Book messages. We think not.

First Korff post 1:00 AM ish CZ Time, March 10, 2011

1. Kal Korff: Thanx for asking: AFTER Ecker agrees to a mutually binding legal contract, I'll appear on his show unless he chickens out. If Ecker says I "refused" or was a "coward" he'll be lying, and I'll also sue him for it. I'll also be inviting Ecker to be on MY show, he WILL be Xposed, regardless. Ecker's collusion with people who threaten to murder an American and a Jew cannot be excused, police and lawyers agree.
2. Kal Korff: Here is another episode of Desperate Don, the name was suggested to us by a colleague of his. As you can see in the video, Ecker is busted big time. NEW episodes will air across the web shortly, documenting his collusions with cyberstalkers who threaten to murder an American and Jew, the lawsuits now being started against him, the police investigations, and disproving his false claims.
3. Art Levine: Links to your new radio shows online yet -- and when/where?
ed. What Mr. Levine is talking about is a Korff promised "talk show. This talk show never happed. Respected UFO researcher, Bruce Macabee was asked to be the first guest on this show, again, it never got off the ground. Another lie? You be the judge.
3.1. Kal Korff: I will post them as soon as I know them myself, the Xposes will NOT be on my web site, but on several others which cannot be hacked. Also, my site is too slow for this content, so it is being hosted elsewhere and in several locations.
ed. Korff is once again lying about this claim to host videos in places other than youtube. He never has and never will.
3.2. I will also be sending copies to the media, and members of the media who know both Ecker and myself. Otherwise, I will let the lawyers do their work, and the police, and let deliverables and Xposes "speak" for themselves. Assuming Ecker does not weasel his way out of a binding legal agreement, I will appear on his show and invite him to appear on mine, and Xpose him. It's a no brainer.
ed. Korff FAKE lawyers did contact Ecker. Ecker called Korff on the ruse, Korff impersonated another lawyer (firm) and then a General in his FAKE army. In the end, Korff NEVER, EVER responded directly to Ecker.
4. Kal Korff: As I promised, I will only speak about Don Ecker through "deliverables" such as Xposes like this. This is several YEARS old. Notice that Don Ecker CANNOT refute what he got caught doing. He's Don Ecker.
5. Kal Korff: From now on I will only talk about Don Ecker via "deliverables," — I will let the Xposes, legal docs, police reports, written death threats, videos and other evidence "speak" for themselves. Ecker should prepare himself for "incoming," I was not "bluffing," and since he is easy to refute and disprove, it is not my "first priority." I have never even heard his show, I do not care.
ed. Korff goes from “I’ll appear if, to “I won’t appear” in 26 minutes.
6. Kal Korff: Once the legal docs are sent to the media re Ecker, I'll post the web URLs where you can download them (they won't be on my site) and see the death threats, Ecker's lying emails, police docs, and a bunch of other evidence/videos Ecker (naturally) never mentions. Just think, folks, Ecker says he plans to call me a "coward" on his show. If he lies and says I refuse to appear, which is MY choice anyway, he is lying.
ed. None of this material, promised to be posted on the internet, ever was posted. As of January, 2012, Korff has followed through with ZERO threats, etc. Korff is lying.
7. Kal Korff: Last comment about Ecker, Don Ecker MAKES A POINT to conspire, collude, promote and provide a public platform for, (via his Internet show) cyberstalkers who have repeatedly threatened to kill an American citizen and Jew, and who are now under investigation by Czech police and others. While they "deny" this, it won't matter. The evidence get published Friday across the web, and is being sent to the media.
ed. As of January, 2012, Korff has followed through with ZERO threats, etc. Korff is lying.
8. Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! I've HIRED the Intl law firm of Narinder Chhibba to sue Don Ecker. Thurs I pick up the letter to Ecker which was drafted days ago by lawyers and ACCEPTS "Desperate Dons" disingenuous "offer" to appear on his show under the condition that Ecker sign a legally binding contract for both of us, since he can't be trusted. Ecker is being sued regardless of being on his internet show.

Here’s this lawyers contact info. No direct and working e-mail can be found for him. But try this general contact e-mail: This seems to be the web site he’s associated with:

Notice Korff "using" an Indian based lawyer now, not a US based lawyer.


(Resi.) 146, Industrial-A, Ludhiana

(R) 2666379, 5022422


9. Kal Korff: Thanks for your kind support re Don Ecker. Unfortunately, the imaginary "field" of UFOlogy is overcrowded with nuts, con artists, hucksters and people who threaten others, ad nauseum. What matters is truth, period. You private emails are much appreciated, thanks again.

END of Korff Rant