Teenage Dreamer

Sophomore Year ~ 1978
John F. Kennedy High School - Fremont, California
Korff could not be found as a member of a German Club (in fact no reference to any German Club or class can be found at the school for '78), the school newspaper, or any other real club. We did find his name listed as the photographer who took the Ski Trip photos. No listing for Korff could be found for any sports, music, drama, etc.
Yearbook Photo
Page 54
Korff appeared in the yearbook on page 104 as a UFO Research.

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Korff has another listing in the 1978 yearbook. He was listed as the person who took the ski trip photos for the yearbook. Nothing more could be found for Korff.
Korff was not listed or referred to as taking part in the skiing itself.

Korff Life Story in his own Words


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