Korff Teen Love Note to Tina

Kalvin Korff claims to have graduated a year early, in 1979, after Korff started to "secretly fight Communism and International Terrorism."

We've proven that this Korff claim is a bold face lie. Korff wrote the following text in Tina's 1980 yearbook. Notice that Korff refers to the "simulated marriage course" he and Tina participated in (in 1980), with loving memories.

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It was wonderful being married to you this year. I wish we hadn't divorced. However the class itself was another matter. It most differently was not the greatest as you well know.

Thanks for the note, I enjoyed it. It was nice, honest. I still for the likes of me can't remember what it was that you used to call me?

Oh well, I hope you'll tell me sometime. I think I can handle it now. After all I would hate to leave behind "karma" you know.

I have seen you grow over the years and let me say that it has been interesting, and please keep in touch.

Love Always,


6/9/80 (June 9, 1980)

Korff was riding high at this point in his young life; he was minor celebrity in and around the Fremont - San Jose, California area because of his UFO and JFK research, the kids at school treated him much better than before and Korff was deep into his first sexual relationship with a College Freshman named, Sarah. Because of the environment Korff found himself in, you can see why Korff would be a bit condescending towards Tina. "I have seen you grow..." talking to her like an underling and not like some one his own age.

For Tina's part she never really "knew" Korff. She saw him around, heard people talk about him, and she clearly remembers the time he got "trashed canned" in 7th or 8th grade. Except for seeing him around and having him in a few classes she doesn't really remember that much about him. Tina was, as they say, "built" in high school, so I can see why Korff would want to try and get closer, etc. That never happened, then or later.