Adult Dreamer

Junior College
Ohlone College - Fremont, California
As for any college experience, all we can come up with, and this is corroborated by former students and friends, is that Korff attended a Fremont, California area junior college. Korff attended for a very short time and no degree or certificate of completion was achieved or recognized.

Of course these Inconvenient Truths never got in the way of Korff trying to confabulate his education history to fit his fantasy life.

On many occasions Korff has stated that his book (or series of books) on terrorism and consumer fraud will also serve as his "thesis" to go towards achieving his higher education goals.

Korff dropped this claim for more than a year only to revive it in January 2012. Please keep in mind that Korff never went further than high school and much like his interest in communism and international terrorism, Korff never disucussed his interest in higher education with any one that we could locate.

Here's an image to support the claim of achiving these higher education goals and a claim that his autobiography would be released very, very soon.... Image.

A January 2012, Facebook frame grab.

Korff Life Story in his own Words

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