Pre-Teenage Dreamer

Grade School ~ 1969 to 1974 ~ Grades 1 to 6
Brier Elementary School Fremont, California

One can assume, based on its close proximity to Korff's Middle School (Walters High), that Brier Elementary School might have been the grade school Kalvin attend.

Although it could also have been Cabrillo or Glenmoor. LINK

The audio we present below matters much more than the location of his grade school.

Segment #3 - The X-Zone Show, May 16, 2008.

Question: "From where did you obtain your expertise in terrorism?"

Korff explains that on October 19, 1973, when he was 11 years old and in the 6th Grade, he awoke with a new consciousness and realization regarding how messed up the world was. He explains that a pre-teen friend, Raj Reddy, from India, was very helpful in allowing Korff to better understand international and governmental affairs and the injustices found in other counties.

Korff then spins a tale (while promoting his four-book series on terrorism) that in 1980 after he gave a speech at a Council of World Affairs Conference held in San Francisco that year (we checked and they have no record of Korff speaking or attending this conference), he was asked to "join up" (no group or company identified), and help his country.

He goes on to state that every job he's every allegedly had, from LLNL to Boeing, was all part of this grand "International Terrorism Fighter" gig.


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