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Kalvin Karlton Korff is a man who has made many, many, many claims pertaining to a variety of vocations, educational establishments and qualifications. These claims exceed your average recipient of a diploma, the highest level of education Kalvin obtained.

Kalvin Korff has made many claims regarding his education.

  • That he was the youngest person to ever design a technically accurate nuclear bomb.
  • That he conclusively solved the JFK assassination case.
  • That at the age of 17, after he graduated high school following his junior year, he was promptly picked up by government agents to start a career fighting Communism and International Terrorism.

We have disproved many of these claims by simply comparing the information from his yearbooks, information from his fellow students and teachers, and other documented facts from that time period.

We have proved that Kalvin Korff has been confabulating his past in order to bolster a fantasy-filled present.

Korff Life Story in his own Words