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What a tangled web Korff weaves. Korff has used the internet and social media sites to further his lies, frauds and misrepresentations for many years. Here's a brief breakdown of Korff's activities on the internet.

NOTE: Korff's activity goes back to the mid-1990's, it would be pointless to go that far back. Type in search phrases like Kal Korff bigfoot - Kal Korff ufo - Kal Korff JFK, things like that and you'll find plenty.

Here is a smattering of threats and strangness
Korff posted to his Face Book Wall

Feb 25, 2012.

This is an interesting statement made by a person who has wanted nothing more than to be a well known secret agent, consumer fraud advocate and reality TV star.

Jan 29, 2012

This post is self explanatory. Kal Korff, Fantasist.

Jan 29, 2012

Kalvin Korff ~ Hater of the Gays. LINK
Korff ran away from the US to live out his fantasy and lied filled
life in other countires where Americans could find him. LINK

Jan 22, 2012

Lies, lies, lies.... LINK

Let's start off with this obvious lie. A person named Mark Center must have told Korff that he was tired of his posts to Korff being pulled of Face Book and posted on the KIAI Blog (Sorry :-) Korff claims he has no knowledge of the blog and he never responded to Center's follow up. Another Korff blatant lie. We have proof that Korff himself has posted on the blog and he routinely responds directly to the information posted on the Kal is an Idiot blog.
Korff made the claim that he was going to be on Jerry Pritchett's show to expose a person named Guy Weddle. Korff never appeared because he refused to give Pritchett any personal contact information like a phone number. etc. Korff did throw up a Weddle bashing video on his youtube channel.
An interesting update to Korff long in planning and never, ever happening, law suit against Billy Meier. Notice that he says he's been trying to persuade the authorities to take an interest in going after the one-armed UFO guy. Korff states he'll try again next year. Korff also makes others claims in this post.
This never happened and the video never came to light, or darkness, whatever....
Again, this never happened. In fact, Korff is so bad off financially he can't pay for his own web site space and traffic. His personal web site has been down since November 18, 2011, allowing the Kal is an Idiot blog to take the top spot in Goggle.

Kalvin Karlton Korff ~ Hater of the Gays
Korff lie about not knowing the term or name Walter Mitty and the lie about what types of films he watches and why he watches those types of films.
Read it again

Firstly, the name Walter Mitty has gone far beyond a simple movie. It's a touch stone phrase, used in everyday life. You needn't see the movie to understand the use age of the name. Kalvin, you're lying.

Regarding Korff's movie watching claims. On his very own Face Book bio Kalvin, Korff picked out the movies shown above. Does Kalvin really think those are non-fiction movies?

And, if the James Bond films aren't relevant to Korff (Korff responding to the years of swipes made at him for being a fake secret agent), then what do the movies noted above have to do with Korff, in a reality based sense? Oh yeah, nandust! I get it now.

Or does Korff hope to bullshit Face Booker Robin into thinking Kalvin is just really smart and he can't be bothered with fantasy films... or a fantasy life.