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Below is Korff's first mention of a website ( which allows anyone to post material (in the .PDF format) which they authored. Korff first called this material "Kal Korner" and after about a dozen "editions" with that masthead, Korff floated a new scam, and he was off and running with a new fake persona;

kal Korff: Syndicated - Accredited - Military Vetted - Investigative Journalist - Reporter.

In the effort to be as complete as we can, here are a few copies of the original Kal's Korner. This material was given away for free in various places in and around the CZ.

NOTE: Dates were never printed on these. It is interesting that The Daily India Post website which posts some of Korff's scribd material do not date their posts as well.
Korff announces his SAPTOE claim. This article is the first and only press coverage ever given this claim. Any and all media coverage regarding this claim originated from Korff himself and no one else.
Korff announces his "Expres Dinners". Korff claimed that he would "cook" American-style food in your own house. Korff posted a video showing this activity, a closer look at this video proves that Korff could not speak not a single word of the native language nor does it show Korff actually cooking. By all accounts this activity died a quick death.
Korff talks about how beautiful the Czech women are, etc. Korff also makes the claim to have given a speech at the International Astronomical Union's Conference. This claim is a confirmed lie. LINK

Korff recounts his trip to Pisek.

Korff's use of language and his writing style makes me look like Tolstoy. His amateurish attempt at writing confirms the fact that Korff has a high school diploma and nothing more. Korff claims a Master's Degree is on the way, even with nothing more than high school diploma.

Korff joined on July 7, 2009. On May 3, 2011, Korff posted a link to his personal site and on Face Book which shows a "column" he wrote. This article was written before he floated his Syndicated Reporter ruse.

On June 3, 2011, Korff published his first .PDF to this site. In August of this same year Korff announced that he was now an Accredited Investigative Journalist and Reporter with a Military Reporter Status as well.

Korff went on to state that his material was now syndicated all over the web, and that he inserted a segment of code to hide material of his choosing from the Goggle search spiders (and the world it would seem). Obviously that was a lie because people found the material using Goggle and they also found that except for the material and the material posted on The Daily India Post web site, there was virtually nothing posted or hosted anywhere else on the internet that was not already taken from or linked to the web site.

Korff's entrance into ushered in the launch of what could be called "The Accredited Investigative Journalist and Reporter with a Military Reporter Status persona.

Here's a smattering of Face Book posts to make the case of Korff hiding the name and location of his "media giant" he writes for. This claim is dubious at best, and absolutely misleading and another example of Korff manufacturing his fantasy life based on a little truth and huge amount of, as Big Don Ecker likes to say, "horse shit."

Notice, zero information regarding where this article is syndicated.
Notice, Korff's says he will post the URL's of the future articles to be posted. Why? They are all on and nowhere else. Korff already gave the necessary information one needs to access these files. Unless he's trying to give you the impression that he'll post URL's to other web sites posting his material. He never has.
Korff, still giving people the impression that these files are posted somewhere other than
Again, more promises that his files will appear everywhere and soon.
And yet again, promises to post URL's to find his material some place other than Lying again.
Here we have someone named Mark Center asking for a URL to the OpEd piece Korff mention a few days before. Korff didn't respond.

When Korff started to get questioned about his syndication claims and why the articles couldn't be found anywhere on the web other than on, Korff stated that he was hiding the material from the Goggle search engine with a segment of code (a confirmed lie).

Korff than started to add an image which looked like one that might be printed in a newspaper, although they had no byline, no date, no newspaper of origin. And the masses scratched their collective heads....

Someone asked this great question on the KIAI blog....

On December 21, 2011, Korff finally mentioned the name of the newspaper many weeks after Korffers figured it out. Notice, Korff doesn't post the entire web site name or URL to his Facebook friends. As he still attempts to keep up the ruse.

If you Goggle the phrase "The Daily Post" you get about 2,530,000,000 results. Why not share the full name with your friends Kalvin?

Lastly, notice what Korff writes in this post. "The rights are owned by the parent media company (ed - Vigilant Media), and are available for licensing".

So Korff doesn't own exclusive rights to his files but he have the right to hide them from the largest and most popular search engine on the planet - Goggle. The lie is obvious.

Again, we found the files and the web site using the search engine Goggle.

Posted January 8, 2012: Korff mentions that he was asked to write up a 4 part series on real estate opportunities in the USA. One must ask why? Korff has never owned a house and he has always rented. After reading the first article in the series it becomes clear that Korff has no understanding of what the current state of the economy is on the West Coast of the US, the location Korff spent half his life living in.
Posted January 18th and 19th, 2012. There was always a chance that Korff would inflate his view counter on the scribd site. Here Korff talks about someone else's doing this. Korff seems surprised that anyone would do this, he uses this opportunity to talk about his greatness and his haters behaviour.