Korff Delusion

Image title: X-Zone Interview.

This is a lie. Korff called into the X-Zone Radio Show from a pay phone on the streeet in the CZ. Listen to the proof.


Did Korff get married in 1999 and did he have his claimed son with a genius intellect? The son claim is a lie. LINK

Did Korff know William Casey and celebrate a birthday with him? LINK

This image is a video frame grab (Korff claims) which came from a segment of his claimed (but never happened) reality series on his life. Korff and Martina are fully clothed and discussing Korff next Secret Agent job. What are Korff views on women and sex? LINK 1 ~ 2

Korff made a claim (on the web and in e-mails to Tina) that he gave a speech at the International Astronomical Union conference held in Prague. Korff posted this image on his web site to support this claim. This is a lie. LINK

"I Love Fast Food" circa 2010

Kalvin Karlton Korff LOVES the food at KFC and to a lesser extent, McDonalds. Being so far away from home it makes sense that Kalvin would find solace in this fast food. These Skype images were taken during one of his many trips to KFC.

"You Watching Me?" circa 2010

You see the guy behind Korff and over his right shoulder? Korff told Tina that this guy was following or watching Korff. I wonder what that guy is doing? It appears that he's reading something and enjoying a coffee. Delusion.

"Royce Meyers III, this proves it!"

Korff got mad at Royce Meyers III after Royce told Korff to F-off and that he was full of s##t. Korff sent Royce and posted these images of proof. Check the story out here. LINK

No One Served, No Law Suits Filed

Santilli, never sued.

Korff's OJ Simpson claim is a lie. LINK

Korff claimed to be in the process of suing many people. No one has ever been served and no one has ever been sued. Ever. Period. Don Ecker, "It's all horse shit!". LINK

I Am Steven Thomas!

Claim: Born Steven Thomas. False. Korff this name the first time Korff infiltrated the Billy Meier UFO Compound. We think the lie started with this Korff written post. LINK

I Am Sapstoe!

Korff made a claim back in 2006 that he is, and has been, fighting communism and international terrorism since November, 1979. LINK ~ LINK ~ Listen to Korff lie...


I Don't Own A TV!

Notice the photography umbrella. Korff would shoot many of his videos in this room using this umbrella, lights and a back drop cloth.

Korff made the silly claim that he doesn't watch TV and he hasn't owned one since moving to the CZ in 1999. It's probably true that he didn't buy a TV because he couldn't afford it . However, it's a proven lie that Korff never watched TV after moving to the CZ.

At the date that these images were taken Korff was sharing a apartment with 2 room mates. These room mates kept the TV on at all times with the volume very loud. Korff had to retreat to the bathroom to Spype with Tina. Korff, you lie.

These shower images are video frame grabs (Korff claims) which came from a segment of his claimed (but never happened) reality series on his life. Korff stopped eating fast food and he lost some weight, yippee! It's interesting that Korff claims to have lost the weight "6 years ago". That's a lie. In any case... LINK