"Giving me three hours..."

Dear Jim,

I'm sorry I forgot to add this point in my last letter, but when you write
things like "giving me three hours" I think you FORGET that I am basically ONE WORKING DAY ahead of you either here in Central Europe or a bit further in Tel Aviv.

By contrast, when I give YOU 72 hours or whatever, you actually GAIN a day, since things heading your direction go BACK in time.

As you know, when I travel to states like Oregon from Europe, I arrive
according to LOCAL time where you are, the same hour that I left! Going backwards in time/time zones.

I would not have seen your email if I had not stopped at a Web terminal.

So if you have any other "deadlines" in mind, please ACCOUNT for this
time/day shift, otherwise you MIGHT MISREAD my NOT responding "in time" when the FACT IS, you FAILED TO ACCOUNT for such a difference.

This is NOT a criticism, just mentioning it for your info IN CASE you
forgot about the big time gap of one working day which separates us since we are half way arond the world from each other.

I am using ALL CAPS again, as I do in all letters, for emphasis only since
this terminal does not support rich text formatting.

I sincerely look forward to your reply and RESOLVING this.

Best wishes,