"Resigned and RECUSED"

Dear Mary Landers,
Dear Sheriff Gilbertson,
Dear Mom,

Just a short note to let all three of you know that I have officially resigned and RECUSED myself from any and ALL activities concerning the operations now underway against Deputy Geiger.

I am no longer involved, and will have NO knowledge of them. It's called compartmentalization.

By doing this, (being a Kidon myself), Kidon Unit B, which has been sent in to nail him, will be free to do as THEY see fit, and this will ELIMINATE the possibility that Geiger can say he is being "picked on" or that this is some sort or "revenge" or any such other such nonsense or lies.

As I have repeatedly said, and have always said from "Day One" -- I seek only justice.

Since Deputy Geiger has ALREADY been caught repeatedly lying and deliberately mischaractierzing evidence and statements, which is illegal for a police officer to do, by NOT being involved and letting other parties "handle" him this can only IMPROVE the chances of insuring that Geiger receives justice.

My recusing is ALREADY enforce, and by tomorrow ALL of you will be receving emails from the new team which HAS now taken over.

I also offered to do this on my own as soon as Sheriff Gilbertson was ccd on these emails and informed of Geiger's latest violations of the law.

Since Deputy Geiger refuses to admit the truth about my brother's shooting, lies and says I am not a Colonel; further lies and says the YS3 does not exist; (it DOES!); he is not Jew and doesn't speak Hebrew except for being able to pronounce the name of "Moses" -- again, he will now be held accountable and exposed for the lying fraud and fool that he is.

Also, with Geiger DELIBERATELY MISCHARACTERIZING AND LYING about the TRUE NATURE of the nanobot components I AM sending ALL of you, (with his LYING and saying it is some sort of "army") and also calling me "crazy" (another LIE)...this decision makes even more sense.

As you can all appreciate, if a child is incapable of running with scissors properly, it is BEST to REMOVE them from their hands.

This would be Deputy Geiger.

By my NOT being involved, not only does this automatically DISPROVE what he says and exposes him to be a LIAR, (again!), but it paves the way for him to set himself up for further self-destruction as he tries to "handle" Kidon Unit B.

The people taking over will give Geiger their phone number and all relevant contact information, and make sure that he and all of YOU are fully informed and are always aware of what the next steps are. They are also hoping that he refuses to "believe" they "exist" either.

This also means that IF or SHOULD Deputy Geiger FOLLOW THROUGH with "taking care of business himself" concerning me, well THERE IS NO MORE "business" to take care of.


AND IF GEIGER TRIES TO "COME AFTER" ME NOW, well, I have faith in the LAW and God, to "handle" him, as well as the usual stalking and harassment laws, as well as my own bodyguards.

I am NOT being "macho" when I say this, but I do not "fear" any man. Instead, I only fear God.

It's better now if Geiger shifts his focus to Kidon Unit B.

But by the time he gets their letter very shortly (by the weekend at the latest) and phone call and copies of documents, don't be surprised if Geiger resigns.

Sincerely yours,

Colonel Kal Korff

P.S. I will be in contact by phone AFTER I get a copy and copies have been sent to all of you of the material Geiger is shortly to receive further proving that he is a liar. Our formal complaints against him, will also be included shortly.

You will get copies of EVERYTHING concerning Geiger.

I reiterate for the record to keep Geiger from lying again and deliberately distorting my remarks and position, but what we are doing is ALL LEGAL.

WE STAY WITHIN THE LAWS, it is Deputy Geiger who does not.

Cordially yours and speak with all of you soon and also give you postal tracking numbers,


I am leaving now with my Adjutant and will be back in the morning to do my radio show which broadcasts around the world and on the Internet. I had a great interview with the BBC yesterday, and their words were "thank you very very much." I will say "hello" to Geiger and keep talking to the media about him until it is not logical to do so anymore.