"The Media First "outed" me"

Dear Sheriff Gilbertson,
Dear Mary Lander,
Dear Mom,

I am doing the second hour of my worldwide syndicated radio show which broadcasts on the TalkStar Radio Network each week.

I am talking about Deputy Geiger, and later today have my press conference announcing that I have been officially recused, etc., as per the email you were sent.

On MONDAY the Czech POLICE will start processing paperwork to FORWARD to Sheriff Gilbertson to pave the way for my presing formal charges against
Deputy Geiger.

I promised to keep Geiger informed, I have now done so, and not only will MILLLIONS of people around the world start to learn the truth, but they will ALSO know that he had lied about me, slandered me, libeled me, and he has defamed me. According to the law, one does NOT have to publish such remarks to be GUILTY of such offenses.

Since everyone over HERE knows about my counter-intel background, that I AM a Colonel, the media first "outed" me when I was a Captain two YEARS ago, it will also be clear that Geiger is CLUELESS and remaisn in denial of FACTS and reality...which is UNACCEPTABLE for a man in his job.

For the record, I will NOT attack nor embarrass Sheriff Gilbertson. I will

This is the right thing to do.

Colonel Kal Korff