Dear Sheriff Gilbertson,
Dear Mary Landers,
Dear Mom,

In the interests and spirit of saying what I mean and meaning what I say, which I tend to do, my producers have uploaded the first of a series of 23 or so anticipated video segments concerning Deputy Geiger.

It is on

Over the weekend, segments two and three will be released.

On this video uploaded soon, you will be introduced to the unit who is taking over since I have recused myself.

It is commanded by Avim Ashkenazi.

Imagine this, Sheriff Gilbertson, Geiger deluded himself into denying ALL of the evidence that had been sent by me to him earlier. Photos, excerpt from my book, -- GEIGER IS SO FULL OF BIAS, HATE, EGO, AND "GEIGERNESS" (it appears to be a sickness unique to he and his father, who felt "compelled" [all on his own, unles Jim Geiger cares to step forward and claim "credit" for this idea] to tell Kurtis after he was shot in the head and they thought he was dying that: QUOTE: "Society is better off without you."

I'm sure you have fine police training academies and manuals up where you are who teach officers this, and especialy let them practice.

Of course not.

This is just one more blatant example of how Deputy Geiger REALLY is.

I expect to call Tuesday, day now set firm on my end, I'll be calling from a phone center which is run by the Russians. Feel free to record it if you need to.

WE ARE for TV and the media here.

I will give you the tracking numbers I promised. I am also mailing copies of my award-winning and bestselling investigative journalist books, as well as 200-300 pages from my new terrorism book which is about 1,000 pages and took the last 5.5 YEARS of secret undercover work to do while Geiger popped his happy pills without counseling.

Since I have recused myself, others will fill this void and secure what is fair, right, and legally entitled to.

Ironically, we now OWE Deputy Geiger some bit of thanks. By making him our "poster child" for righting what is clearly WRONG, we have now ensnared Royce Myers III, David Biedny, Paul Kimball, Major Kevin Randle, Don Ecker, Mac Tonnies, Gene Steinberg, Mikey Horn of the Billy Meier cult, and maybe, just MAYBE, Mr. Bob Gimlin -- in one, fell swoop.

I will keep you informed as relevant, call you on Tuesday, and mail the items as I have promised over these months.

The TalkStar Radio Network is probably going to call Geiger and ask for an interview concerning how he "feels" being proven wrong in front of the world, literally, and for being unmasked as somone who acts the way he does.

Geiger did it, Geiger earned it, and I await formal written retractions from him for each and every false statement he has made, and I intend to publish them so the public knows the truth.

Geiger will receive a red-numbered list to "help" him from the new commanders.

The new team, who once again will contact you, is now passing

Colonel Kal Korff