"A Warrant Against Kal Korff"


I am in total agreement with you. I asked JJ to talk with you and work through this issue to identify what laws may apply to his conduct. I would like to see the DA issue a warrant against Kal Korff. He stated he planned to be here for the trial, further from that last email from him he suggested someone would be following and taping you 90 minutes for the next few days.

Keep in mind nothing else he promised came to fruition.

I called DOJ and talked with the Secret Service - they didn't offer any help, or suggestions. The FBI, from an earlier conversation, kind of blew us off as well.

Jim, you and ******** need to keep an eye pealed - if you see you are being followed let me know immediately. If necessary we will place an undercover team on you backside for protection.

Again, keep in mind...nothing he threatened or promised has actually come true.

Landers, Korff's attorney, has even asked Kal Korff to knock off his taunting.