"Truth and Justice"

Mr. Korff,

I have instructed Deputy Geiger to not correspond with you, or anyone else in this matter. If you are an administrator, I'm sure you understand the protocol and reasons behind this decision.

If you, or your attorney, have any questions please direct them to me in the future. I have read many of your emails and ask that you articulate your complaint(s) and/or provide me with positive evidence to substantiate your claims. I assure you whatever you produce will be fully investigated. You ellude to being in possession of additional information beyond the local investigation. If your attorney concurs, I ask that you share it with me.

Truth and justice should be our focus.

I have visited with your mother on several occasions and find her to be a very pleasant person. I assure you, that your brother will be treated with all due respect and consideration. I have shared your concerns and comments with my Jail Commander and feel very confident in his well-being.

Again, please direct your communications to me.


Gil Gilbertson, Sheriff