"Formal, Written Retraction"

January 2, 2008

An excahnge betwen the DA, Shriff Gil and Geiger to an e-mail sent by Korff.

From the DA:


I have not, nor do I intend to respond to this letter. I have not received this nano-tech, nor anything else such as "evidence" to refute the case.

Deputy Geiger:

If you receive anything from Korff please pass it along to me or the DA...and, under no circumstances correspond with Korff in any manner.



01/02/08 2:32 PM
Kalkorff: kalkorff@kalkorff.com

Dear Sheriff Gilbertson,

I enclose as an attachment, a JPEG image file which contains my  latest formal and official letter to you.

This letter to you is on official Israeli Special Secret Services letterhead, from my Command here in Prague.

As you know I am THE Commander here for Kidon Unit Aleph.

The stuff I have long promised you is on its way to both you and Deputy Geiger.

To you, in the hope you may use this technology to help fight corruption, and to Geiger to prove what a LYING individual he is.

As you certainly know (and so does Geiger) LIARS do NOT deserve nor do they have the LEGAL right to continue to wear a badge.

I expect a formal, written retraction and apology now from Geiger, under your expert guidance of course.

Since I have recused myself concerning Deputy Geiger, Kidon Unit Bet (pronounced Be-y-et) will now be working with you concerning Deputy 

Of course, I am "free" to poke around elsewhere, I certainly have and I will continue to do so.

I await your reply and look forward to hopefully meeting you in the near future.

Respectfully yours,

Kal Korff