"It Interferes With Justice."

01/03/08 2:56 PM

kal korff: kalkorff@kalkorff.com

e-mail sent by Kal Korff


I enclose a letter I received from Warrant Officer Avimi Ashkenazi. He will be contacting you from his address of course.

This is the individual who has replaced me since I have recused myself.

He is formally tasked with investigating Deputy Geiger and he is from a different Kidon Unit than I am.

Just giving you the proverbial "heads up" and being transparent.

Look forward to talking with you soon, and Avimi will deal with you nothing but straight up. He's very no nonsense, but has no patience for over engineering issues. He's a yes or no kinda guy, but it is best in his line of work.

Please tell Deputy Geiger I said "Hello" and look forward to him sharing with me some day his comments, if he cares to, about what he thinks about all of the written material (hundreds of pages) which is on his way to him concerning myself and all of this after he has digested it. I believe there is a valuable lesson here for Deputy Geiger to learn: NEVER accuse ANYONE EVER AGAIN WITHOUT FACTS IN EVIDENCE.

It interferes with justice.

Sincerely yours,