"Kidon Unit Efficiency"

01/03/08 12:36 PM

kalkorff: kalkorff@kalkorff.com

e-mail sent by Kal Korff

Dear Sheriff Gilbertson,

I enclose another letter which explains the material which is on its way to you. Inside this letter you will start to see how it can help you in the quest you articulated earlier, which is to help root out corruption and improve law enforcement capabilities for almost nothing. Again, we are happy to cover much of these costs and facilitate whatever is right.

As you can also see, this material represents a real shining example of Kidon Unit efficiency, deadliness and effectiveness. The term deadliness in this context means strictly that we hardly ever "miss" our objectives, however diverse they tend to be. The job of Kidon's (in part) is to eliminate problems at the source.

I PROMISE YOU I did NOT leave the greatest country in the world, the United States, and move halfway around the world to do anything less than either help WIN this war against terror and hatred, or die trying. Being Jewish, unless you ARE a Jew, with all sincere respect to everyone, you CANNOT "understand" this the same way to the degree  we do.

Regardless, what unites is is doing what is right. Its why you wear your badge, and I wear mine.

I look forward to your replies, of course.

best wishes,