"Promises, Innuendos, Threats, and Meaningless Rethoric"

On Jan 10, 2008, at 11:59 PM

Gil Gilbertson wrote:

Mr. Korff,

I also have a grasp of Psyops and do not plan to be drawn into a conflict. I am sure you understand I am not "required" to respond to you and certainly see a possible conflict due to the fact your attorney plans to call me as a "witness" in this case.

If you are an administrator I am sure you understand chain-of-command and accompanying protocols. In my last communication with you, I advised Deputy Geiger was not to respond to you in any way. I invite you, and/or your attorney to provide me with whatever it is that you constantly refer to. Please communicate with me or the District Attorney as you see fit.

Since I first heard from you, back in the beginning of the year, you elude to having "forensic evidence". I have asked that you provide me with whatever "evidence" you have so that I can review it. So far, you have not provided me with anything other than promises, innuendos, threats, and meaningless rethoric. If I may take the liberty to ask you to review what limited material you have sent me - to see if I have mis-stated or misunderstood something.

Please, provide me with something tangible that I might work with.

Gil Gilbertson, Sheriff