January 12, 2008

e-mail sent by Kal Korff


In the "spirit" of keeping everyone informed....

Hi Mom,

I am officially inviting you to be ON THE SHOW WITH ME THIS TUESDAY EVENING, LIVE AROUND THE WORLD, ON THE TALK STAR RADIO NETWORK on the "X" Zone. I will also be doing my regular show Thursday as well.

It will be THIS Tuesday evening 8-9PM, PERFECT PRIME TIME AMERICAN Pacific Standard Time.

We will talk about the case and the issues involved, just stick to the facts of course.

Rob McConnell is inviting Deputy Jim Geiger, DA Campbell and Sheriff Gilbertson to come on the show as well.

I "psychically" predict that Jim Geiger will DECLINE to appear on the show.

While he talks "macho" and says "he isn't afraid" he's not being really honest as usual and is hiding behind his badge and "due process."

Since Geiger has ALREADY broken the law on this case, he has NOTHING to "lose" by trying to come on and "defend" himself, especially after we READ his foul-language ridden and threatening emails to me which are now part of the formal, official demand for a retraction which has already been sent to him and is being sent to the media in 8 hours.

The "smart money" over here says that Geiger is a C-O-W-A-R-D and WON'T show.

I "psychically" predict he won't either, and for the record, I am NOT a "psychic."


Your son the Colonel, despite what Deputy Jim Geiger says.