"Robin" is a COLUMNIST"

January 12, 2008

e-mail sent by Kal Korff


Here's a letter we got.

I tried to warn you.

This man is now reading parts of my new trilogy series on terrorism.

It once again PROVES that Deputy Jim Geiger is a LIAR.

Here's the letter, more coming soon.

In about 90 minutes I should be receiving the 15 page demand which is a blistering rebuke and expose of your lying Deputy (that's what everyone calls him now over here) Jim Geiger.

"Robin" is a COLUMNIST, and he will also be writing about your lying Deputy, Jim Geiger, very soon.

(ed. Note: "Robin" No first name once again.)

Colonel Korff

Hi Kal,

Yup.  I am reading the material.  There is quite a lot to absorb.  Can only read so much at a time.  So far I am seeing that evil is not tied to any particular religion or culture.  There is the potential for evil in all of us, although it is manifesting itself in certain cultures and religions at this time.  And this is the enemy that we must defeat.  At this point, it is not clear to me how to defeat it.  But clear that we must.

I will be sure to listen to Xzone on Tuesday.

Get back to you soon.