"Tel Aviv - Wash DC Contacts"

January 12, 2008

e-mail sent by Kal Korff


I received this from Harkabi....

Colonel Korff:

Please continue to use the iMac G4 which was penetrated as the blessed sandbox for the partie(s) which are monitoring us. This allows us to monitor and track them, and it is always best to keep such prying eyes in front of us, instead of not knowing where they are.

To answer your question, I do not yet know if your Sheriff Gilbert Gilbertson is involved, we are checking this through our Tel Aviv-Wash DC contacts.

You now have your new Mac laptop with secure 4,096 bit encryption and its brand new hard drive.

Remember, every file on your iMac G4 is meant to be seen.

We will now dedicate this computer for this purpose, as a playground for hackers and monitors.

(ed. Note: Why so much information about an Apple computer? Becasue Korf is a fan-boy for Apple.)

On Tuesday, hopefully in time for your radio show special about Deputy Geiger, we will have our first surveillance photos of him for  you.

Let us know when you wish to have Deputy Geiger formally served.

Kind regards,


(ed. NOTE: His first name is Dan. We checked around, he signs his first name to to personal communications, both names to professional documents.)