"Tel Aviv - Wash DC Contacts - 2"

January 12, 2008

e-mail sent by Kal Korff


I got this second letter from Harkabi.

In the sprit of transparency and cooperation...

Colonel Kal Korff

Colonel Korff:

It is to our operational advantage if Mr. Geiger does not take this seriously.

(ed. NOTE: This comment about "not wanting to be taken seriously" is a Korffisumm used repeatedly by Korff.)

It is also hilarious that he thinks or "knows" that we do "not exist."

I promise I won't tell my wife that I am a figment of her imagination, it could affect our marriage.

Send all material to these characters via that iMac G4 which has been compromised.

I also want that machine kept at the same IP address so that everyone thinks that only a single individual is behind all of this.

Maybe their bias will still blind them.

Regardless, it never hurts when the other side underestimates you.