January 14, 2008

sent by Kal Korff


I have just been informed THAT THE FBI IS NOW INVOLVED concerning 
Deputy Jim Geiger.

Congratulations, Deputy Geiger, you earned it.

I sincerely hope that Geiger thinks or "knows" that this is "horse manure" as well. :-)

I will report back to, or Warrant Officer Avim Ashkenazi will, shortly after we have the criminal complaint against Geiger finalized.

The U.S. Department of Justice will also, in this meeting, be taking info regarding DA Campbell's refusal to face forensic realities where it concerns the shooting of Kurtis Kern Korff, and starting a separate investigative track on this front.

Avimi will be appearing on the video cameras shortly before the media soon.

You'll be able to see it all on the Internet of course, as will the media.


Colonel Kal Korff