"Grants Pass Courier"

January 14, 2008

e-mail sent by Kal Korff

Dear Grants Pass Courier,

Here is the info you indicated "interest" in over the telephone.

Oregon State Deputy Mr. Jim Geiger, whose credibility is now being impeached because forensic tests in the shooting of Kurtis Kern Korff indicate that his "version" of events in the shooting are a lie, recently sent me several threatening emails.

Deputy Jim Geiger has also THREATENED me by promising to take the law into his OWN hands.

I will be happy to share these emails with you, you certainly have my permission to publish them and feel free to ASK Deputy Jim Geiger to "explain" them.

I certainly hope that you do. ACCOUNTABILITY is the hallmark of any REAL "police" officer and genuine public servant.

Please let me know WHO specifically I should send them to, since I spoke to more than one person.

I look forward to your reply, I know how your newspaper has been reluctant in the past to confront police behavior.

THANKS AGAIN for your interest in this case, and helping to bring Deputy Jim Geiger to justice. As I indicated I enjoyed speaking with you on the telephone.

I am trying to work with the Sheriff Gil Gilbertson to resolve this issue amicably, let me please emphasize this.

As we both know, UNLIKE his Deputy Jim Geiger, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson is completely honest and has nothing but integrity.

I hope to hear from him soon, and I REALLY hope that Jim Geiger does NOT force us to sue him.

The choice is really Geiger's, he has as I indicated, THIS WEEK to issue his written retractions for his threats and the specific lies  and falsehoods, libels, slanders and defamations in his threatening emails to me.

Sincere yours,

Colonel Kal Korff
Israeli-founded Special Secret Services