January 14, 2008


In the interests of transparency again, I am sending you copies of letters (you have  already received three) which went out to SIXTY NEWSPAPERS, EVERY MAJOR ONE IN OREGON, regarding Deputy Jim Geiger.

If Geiger refuses to retract, at least the media and the global public will KNOW WHY and how he REALLY is.

This also sets Geiger UP for a FULLY LEGAL and COMPLETE DEFEAT in COURT shortly if he refuses to RETRACT.

Let us hope that Geiger has the moral integrity and ethics to RETRACT.

My publishers and Agent will NEXT be contacting Sheriff Gilbertson and DA Campbell over Deputy Jim Geiger.

They have EVERY RIGHT TO SUE FOR GEIGER'S LIES that I am NOT either a Colonel or that I am a "fraud."

Geiger's "amazing insights" were "news" to my publishers, who of course KNOW BETTER.

These descriptions BETTER FIT Geiger. He is NOT a Colonel, NEVER will be, and of course is THE REAL FRAUD where it concerns me.

Colonel Kal Korff