"Proper Protocol"

January 24, 2008, at 7:21 PM

e-mail sent by Shriff Gil

Mr. Korff,

Again, I ask that you direct your concerns to me. Proper protocol regarding a pending criminal case is to respond through the appropriate attorneys - not to elicit responses from persons involved in the incident. I've asked that you forward any pertinent evidence, or information, to either myself or the District Attorney that you feel is relative in the pending case. You promised several times that you would provide me with such information - I have yet to receive anything from you.

Protocol does not allow Deputy Geiger to respond to your continued demands. I am sure you agree, it is in the best interest of the pending criminal case we take every measure possible to protect your brother's rights to a fair and impartial trial. The facts of the trial will determine its outcome.

Two issues exist, as I see it. One, the pending criminal case; and secondly, your personal complaint against Deputy Gieger for his response to an earlier email, from you.

To ensure your brother's rights are not compromised, Deputy Geiger is under orders to not respond to your inquiries or demands. And, to avoid any perception of wrongdoing your personal complaint will not be dealt with until the case has concluded.


Gil Gilbertson, Sheriff