"Creatures Who Lie"

January 26, 2008


It seems the media DISAGREES with you, that Geiger should remain SILENT and REFUSE to ADMIT THE TRUTH concerning his libels, lies, slanders and defamations, which have NOTHING to do with my brother's shooting.

I have just been informed that the media has now begun to PUBLISH Geiger's LIES and from the official Discovery evidence and forensics, even about my brothers shooting!

de. What Korff is referring to here is a .PDF file Korff produced and sent out, hosted on his web site, which laid out all the "Korff forensic proof" that "conclusively proved" that Geiger lied and he didn't shoot Kurtis Kern Korff. Please refer to the official court records to uncover the truth.

Seems that there has been a leak now from the DA's office, someone called and said "Enough of this cover up," and has begun sending out material.

I wouldn't want to be DA Campbell or especially that lying deputy Jim Geiger right now.

I will keep you informed as it starts to appear and I am informed, in the interests of transparency and open communications, naturally.

Please know that the media, being an officially card carrying, licensed member of myself, (gee, i am such a "fraud"!) will NOT be keeping me specifically informed.

Instead, they care about their readers.

And the readers are the public YOU are all supposed to serve and PROTECT from creatures who lie under the color or authority like Geiger does.

Colonel Kal Korff