"The Biggest Joke"

January 26, 2008

Sent by Kal Korff

Dear DA Campbell,

In the interests of transparency and justice, you may know DA Campbell that as the media begins to examine the evidence you REFUSE to face, by the time the trial now takes place you'll be the biggest joke.

The media has now published the first piece on you, and the FACT you are NOW the subject of an official FORMAL FEDERAL INQUIRY FOR GROSS ABUSE OF CIVIL RIGHTS, etc.

We will be speaking with Federal officials Monday about you, and will move very swiftly.

CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. Campbell, the details are on the Internet now and spreading. Soon to be front page in YOUR home town.

Hmmmm, still time to try to bail you ass OUT and save your career by getting WITH THE LAW, going to that meeting Tuesday.

Otherwise when the feds talk to you by the end of this week, you will have to explain to them and the media WHY you refused to look through the telescope per se.

It is against the law, DA.

You KNOW this.

And you WILL face justice.

Find the article on the Internet yourself.

There will be many, many more. They're already pointing to your corruption of justice and your mishandling of this case. I hope Geiger knows you REALLY do NOT care about his ass. He will fall on the stand, and if you think YOU DA will just "walk away," well, that fantasy of yours ENDS this Monday when I start making telephone calls.

I remind you of a concept you have plain forgotten: JUSTICE.

Colonel Korff.