" There Is NO "Defense"

January 26, 2008

Dear DA Campbell,

Seems you can't get enough attention.

You're going to be WORLD famous.

The second article has now hit the press.

ed. Again, the press Korff is talking about here is Korff's own newsletter. A single newspaper in Oregon covered the case and they published a few articles on it.


Even Geiger might improve his spelling after he reads all of this news coverage!

For the record, the term, cover-up can be spelled both with a hyphen, and without.

We'll let you and Deputy Geiger explain which ones you prefer.

Colonel Korff

I LOVE this new Avatar the press is already labeling you with. I think it fits. I enclose it as a courtesy pasted with this email address. You can go find its various locations throughout the Internet and all next week in print yourself, Mr. Campbell.

And then you will have even one LESS reason WHY you refuse to face FACTS in this case. There is NO "defense" and you will NOT be spared any mercy making you legally pay for this. You represent MISCARRIAGES of American Justice, DA Campbell, NOT enforcing and upholding it. I look forward to my conversations on Monday. I'll try to say hello to you in front of the media here. And if you refuse to come to the phone or are "busy" then the world will get to see. I look forward to seeing you soon.