"Cecilia Hay"

January 31, 2008

Dear Ms. Cecilia Hay, (ed. District Att Hay email LINK )

I enclose as our office promised to your office a copy of the written threats we received from your Deputy, Mr. Jim Geiger.

As you can clearly see in his own writing, Deputy Jim Geiger has threatened to take the law into his own hands if I did not submit to his attempts to intimidate and terrorize me by responding in "three hours" as his ultimatum indicates.

Your other DA Stephen Campbell has copies of ALL of this material, plus many other emails.

DA Campbell is now coming under SERIOUS media scrutiny and will soon face ethics charges over his refusal to accept the recently conducted forensic tests in the shooting of my brother, Kurtis Kern Korff, which PROVE that Geiger (the man who is charged with shooting him) and his "version" of events that night are LIES.

We suspect that THIS is WHY Geiger suddenly went "ballistic" on me, because of the heat and pressure he IS feeling, despite his denials and boasts of not being "scared."

Perhaps Deputy Geiger should INCREASE his Anti-depressant medications, it might help him function better.

Speaking of which, WHAT is YOUR office doing over the FACT that Jim Geiger does NOT undergo regular counseling, despite the fact it is a requirement BY LAW for any officer who feels that they "need Meds" to function.

As I have told both Sheriff Gilbertson, who unlike his Deputy Jim Geiger is an honorable and honest man, I would NEVER have a job where it was so "stressful" that I required Happy Pills to function.

I help eliminate terrorists, am involved in Counter-Intelligence working with scores of officials all over the world. I PROMISE you this work is NEVER "pleasant" -- yet I do not require meds.

Oh well, each of us is "different" I suppose.

We await your official replies from your Department concerning WHAT you intend to DO about this.

We have contacted every newspaper in the state of Oregon, ALL SIXTY OF THEM, ALL Josephine County Commissioners and later this week we SHOULD have our paperwork completed by the Czech police to pursue a criminal complaint for his behavior.

We are also due to hear BACK from Congressmen and Senators shortly, and of course rightful Jewish interests.

I will also be meeting with my Direct Report at the U.S. Embassy later this week. AFTER this meeting, Sheriff Gilbertson will be engaged at the Department of State level.

Being both American, a Jew and a Colonel (despite Geiger's LIES to the contrary) in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, I will NOT tolerate, and neither will my legal counsel, the organization I work for, nor my publishers,  Geiger's lies, libels, slanders and defamations.

I look forward to your reply.

Respectfull yours,

Colonel Kal Korff