"Screen Saver"

January 31, 2008


It seems that a Geiger/Korff shooting screen saver (ed. LINK1 ~ LINK2 no screen savers or web browsers have even been released by Korff) is now also coming out NEXT WEEK for people to download for FREE, it shows points of the case and shows the evidence that Geiger LIED.

These computer recons are VERY interesting, and I just showed Bill Marriott them in the USA via a VIDEO CONFERENCE.

Ask him yourself, he'll confirm it. There's a name that your "highly competent" lying Deputy Geiger can easily go verify.

Gee, get off your asses and INVESTIGATE! :-0

But if you contact Marriott, Geiger will have to admit I am NOT a "fraud."

Bill is VERY familiar with my work on JFK.


Oh wait, I'm a "fraud"!

Better also move fast, since he gets on a plane this SAT and comes here to Europe.

Guess this will also be submitted as evidence now...

Just passing along what I was told.

Since I do not use PCs, but Macs, I won't be able to run it on my PC since I refuse to install Windows on my Macs, but I'll still send you a copy so you all can have it.

In fact, I have been told it is going to be emailed massively to people on your end in Oregon.

I DO hope that Jim Geiger is keeping his family FULLY INFORMED of EVERYTHING he is being legally subjected to.

Liars are liars.

I hope this is the case so that WHEN his family starts reading and seeing all of this stuff shortly, since we have several more weeks to dole the facts out as we build up things here, that they won't be too surprised or shocked.

I can only imagine, since I have no wife, WHAT would happen if my wife came up to me and said, "I saw this free screen saver to day that says you did x,y, and z, ...did you know about this?"

At this point Geiger will have to say "Yes, I did, but I didn't tell you, my own loving wife," or.... Geiger will say, "Honey, more shits coming our way and we will suffer even more now because I refuse to obey the laws and ADMIT THE TRUTH. I hope our love for each other survives and continues to be based on the mutual understanding that I will continue to lie, yet still go to church and claim to be a community, family man."

Yeah, right, Geiger.

At least JOHNSON doesn't bother pretending with niceties.

Your favorite Colonel - Colonel "Fraud"