The Kurious Kase of
Kurtis Kern Korff

After "familiarizing" himself with the case, Kalvin started sending dozens of ranting and lunatic e-mails to the Sheriff's office, the DA's office and directly to those people involved and who we're going to testify at the trail.

Below you'll find the only article publish regarding Kurtis Korff's brother, Kalvin Korff and his "involvement" in the Kurtis case.

Korff brother causes controversy

From our weekly issue dated May 20, 2009

On April 29, Kurtis Kern Korff filed a $3 million federal lawsuit against the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office, the county, Oregon State Police, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, two deputies and others regarding a 2006 O’Brien incident in which he was shot by officers.

The suit has helped bring renewed attention to the antics of Korff’s brother, Kal.

Kal Korff has achieved some degree of infamy throughout the years as a debunker of Unidentified Flying Objects. He also has claimed to be an Israeli Secret Service agent living in Central Europe fighting in the global War on Terror. He also has said that he was part of the team that solved the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy.

Because of the controversial positions he’s taken on a few issues, Kal Korff has drawn any number of online detractors. In fact, he has inspired a Website,

But Kal Korff’s Internet postings also include discussions of his brother’s case and the local officials who handled it.

In a six-minute video posted on July 27, 2007 on YouTube, Kal Korff takes direct aim at District Attorney Stephen Campbell and what he refers to as the “less than honorable deputies” in Josephine County.

“As many of you know, the Special Secret Services has been cooperating with various entities running an undercover investigation about the on goings within Josephine County,” Kal Korff said. “The point is, there’s some bad stuff going on within the ranks that needs to be cleaned up. A lot of you are aware of it.”

Kal Korff addresses Campbell directly, and states that the D.A. was given independent forensics “which will settle once and for all the issue of which deputy shot my brother. The point is, he shouldn’t have been shot in the first place.”

He goes on to tell Campbell that the handling of that evidence will “test your integrity before the entire world.”

“It’s going to prove to what degree you are involved in the conspiracy to withhold the truth concerning the wrongful shooting of my brother, Kurtis Kern Korff,” Kal Korff said. “If you are part of the cover-up, you are not going to survive this process.”

Campbell did not return a message seeking comment on the matter.

Kal Korff also stated in the online video that in June 2007, he opened a “secret, official channel” with Gilbertson, whom he refers to as a “fine man.”

He said he would send “via our Israeli e-mail secure address” items of “mutual interest” and make technology available to Gilbertson “that are unique to the counter-intelligence world” for the sake of tracking down and prosecuting corruption in the county.

Gilbertson said that Korff promised to send him “nanobots,” but adds that he hasn’t received any.“Everything he sent me, I gave to the D.A.,” Gilbertson said. “There was nothing secretive about any of that stuff.”

Gilbertson also denies that there are any secret back-channel communications happening between him, Korff or any international counter-intelligence agencies.

“I believe he lives in a fantasy world,” he said.