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PFD images Associated with the Krutis Case

January 2, 2008 ~ Korff sent this to Sheriff Gilbertson.
January 11, 2008 ~ Korff's 15 page retraction form, never signed.
January 24, 2008 ~ Another Korff response to Sheriff Gilbertson

Here we present the Korff-made graphics which supposedly represent the organization he "was" affiliated with.

We did some research on these graphics. here's what our research uncovered regarding these graphics.

The e-mail address Korff and his Adjunct - Bodyguard cite does not and has never worked. We had people send e-mails to those addresses and they bounced, everytime. We did a URL search for the web site associated with that e-mail address and that URL was never registered.

Another trick Korff liked to pull (before outright impersonating lawyers) was to use one e-mail address "a universal email address" Korff's address, as the single e-mail address his entire "organization" uses. Korff would "allow" Martina and Avim to use his (and only his) email address, seemingly not realizing that this was a very transparent and stupid move.

Here Korff introduces Avim and he states this, regarding contacting his new Adjunct:

June 10, 2007, Kal Korff: "I encourage people to ask away, just contact Avim at our one and only universal email address."

Images Associated with the Kurtis Case

January 2, 2008 ~ Korff's bodygaurd, Adjunct sends Gilbertson this.
January 2, 2008 ~ Korff sends Gilberton this, the very same day.
January 3, 2008 ~ Korff sends Gilberton this, the next day.
January 4, 2008 ~ Korff sends Gilberton this, the next day.
January 11, 2008 ~ Korff sends Gil a "press release" this is Page 1
January 11, 2008 ~ Korff sends Gil a "press release" this is Page 2

Official Court Case Documents

Certificate of Service
Order and Judgment of Dismissal
Motion of Summary Judgment
Motion to Dismiss
Stipulation to Voluntary Dismissal
Original Compliant
Response to Material Facts
Response to SAAG

Kalvin Korff's "Book" on Krutis Korff's Case

Point Blank: Attempted Murder

Korff sent this document out to anyone and everyone he could find. He also made it available as a download from his web site. Needless to say, this "book" had zero effect on the out come of the case and zero press published anything on this "book" and only once on Kalvin's "involvement" in the case.

Also, one would rightly assume that this "book" was to be counted by Korff as one of the 500 he claimed to have a contract to release on various subjects like UFO's, Big Foot, Terrorism and Consumer Fraud.

This, is Korff exposing Deputy Jim Geiger...?

Everyone doubts you Colonel ~ LINK