Kalvin Karlton Korff and Hatred

In 2000, Korff started writing a column in The Prague Post. You can type Korff into the search block and he will come up. Here's Korff's first article published by The Post. This date lines up with Korff leaving the US in the 1999 - 2000 time frame.

Later, people in the CZ started to flame on Korff using a forum located on the www.expats.cz web site. It seems that Korff's articles and other printed material, and his web site, annoyed people and they started to speak out here. LINK

Couple these less than well received articles with the possible fraud and thief perpetrated on some people by Korff in the CZ, and some people in the CZ really turned up the heat on Korff. Theft videos:

Of course we know about the Kal is a Idiot Blog. LINK
Out of that efort grew the Kal is an Idiot Youtube Channel. LINK
Out of that effort grew the Ustream Channels hosted by Korffer, Santa in a Floppy Hat. LINK
And finally, all of this activity fostered itself into this web site.

There are a number of others places on the web which have taken Korff to task as well.

Don Ecker's International Man of Mystery - LINK
The Kult of Kal Blog ~ LINK
The Paracast Web Site ~ LINK
The UFO Watchdog Web Site ~ LINK
The Kevin Randle Blog ~ LINK
Above Top Secret Web Site ~ LINK
The Michael Horn Web Site ~ LINK
The James Radii Web Site ~ LINK
The Saucer Smear Web Site has plenty! LINK
JFK Korff Review - LINK
and on, and on, and on, and on.....


Bad for Korff and great for Korffer's, his use of Social Sites has been a huge boon to our efforts. LINK