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Family History
Kalvin Karlton Korff ~ Born March 13, 1962, Alameda, California
Unconfirmed marriage in 1999. LINK
Unconfirmed genius son from that marriage. LINK
Unconfirmed divorce of that marriage, after 4 months.

Unconfirmed marriage to Princess from India ~ January 2011

February 26, 2012

Claim: Born Steven Thomas. False. Used this name the first time Korff infiltrated the Billy Meier UFO Compound. We think the lie started with this post. ~ LINK

Claim: Birth name is Kal, not Kalvin. Father's birth name is Kalvin, middle name, Kern.

KAL Korff tells the truth! But it's not
enough to balance out the lies!

KAL Korff's full name is: KAL Karlton Korff. We confirmed this by securing a copy of his birth certificate. We only wish that KAL Korff would tell the truth more often, sadly, that isn't the case and it never will be. Congratulations KAL, you know your first name.

Image Large ~ LINK

Claim: November, 2006: A Korff member family died. Not confirmed.

All of this personal information was found on common public web sites, some for free, and some we paid for. All very legal.