Avim Ashkenazi

During much of Korff's decade-long and failed CZ-based International Terrorism and Consumer Fraud Fighter persona, this "Avim" person, or created character ~ LINK, was Korff's self professed Adjutant, Warrant Officer, Bodyguard and Lawyer Pro Tempore.

Avim Ashkenazi Appointed to Handle Public Inquiries Regarding Kal Korff

Written by Public Relations
Monday, 18 June 2007

CriticalThinkers announced today that Kal Korff's newly-appointed Adjutant, Avim Ashkenazi, has asked for and has been granted permission to handle all public inquiries concerning Korff and his many formal and volunteer activities.

"It's nice to be able to have a single point of contact for people, someone who is also familiar with many of the different things that I am involved with," explained Kal Korff. "This synergy will help eliminate any room for possible confusion. Avim will do a good job and engage those who should be engaged.

"I encourage people to ask away, just contact Avim at our one and only universal email address."

NOTE: Another Korff habit is to use a single e-mail address for all of his "helpers" to use. Martina, Avim and others have used other e-mail address' on rare occasions, however, in every case, those e-mail address' never worked and always bounced. In short, Korff used his address because he was writing the majority of everything these people ever released, if they ever existed at all.

During much of Korff's decade long and failed CZ-based International Terrorism and Consumer Fraud Fighter persona, this "Avim" person, or created character ~ LINK, was Korff's self professed; Adjutant, Warrant Officer, Bodyguard and Lawyer Pro Tempore.

Korff started to jettison his Terrorism and Consumer Fraud Fighter persona for his new Facebook-tethered, International-Investigative-Journalist-With-Military-Clearance persona and poor Avim came and went with little fanfare or overall affect. Avim was last heard of in late 2010.

Regarding the name “Avim Ashkenazi”. While Korff was in contact with Tina, Korff let loose with some interesting information regarding the FACT that he didn't have any children and that he must have children because of the importance of his heritage, his lineage and his bloodline. You can find that information here. ~ LINK

Below is a portion of an e-mail Korff sent to Tina on November 10, 2010 – a full decade after his claimed marriage to an Armenian lady who he claimed had borne him a son with “genius” abilities.

Kal Korff, "I have asked and prayed for YHWH to PLEASE LET ME BE A FATHER, which means by ramification to meet the person who WILL bear my children, etc., I will marry that person and be theirs forever, that's what I want. I want to be a father, or I am a failure as a life form, and I MUST be a biological father, especially since my family's DNA (which has the unique Ashkenazi genetic markers DIES) and this is NOT acceptable."

NOTE: The last name Ashkenazi is not a wholly made up name. LINK

Another note: Korff claimed that Avim was Armenian. If you're interested, you can follow this thread here. ~ LINK

Here we present a smattering of Avim Ashkenazi images we've collected over the last 5 years, and these two threats that Avim (or Korff) sent out to try and scare people. LINK1 ~ LINK2

Avim and Martina Tycova

Avim and Martina Tycova

Notice the use of the kalkorff@kalkorff.com e-mail address again. And what is that Web Enquiry URL (arkadiusz-jadczyk.org) shown at the top of the page? That's the web site where this image was grabbed from.

This .PDF file was sent to Sheriff Gil Gilbertson regarding Kurtis Kern Korff's legal issues. Notice the e-mail address Avim is using at the bottom of the page. That e-mail address never worked and the web site URL it is associated with was never used (no data posted). That URL is available today if you'd like to buy it. :-)

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