Martina Tycova

Martina Tycova came on the scene sometime in 2006. Korff introduced Martina as a Supermodel, stating that she won beauty contest(s) and that she beat out Gisele B√ľndchen among other models. As always, some of this was true, the majority was a lie.

The Supermodel Claims

We have located proof that a person named Martina Tycova did get a little coverage regarding a short-lived career as a model and beauty contest contestant.

Korff claims that Martina was a member of, or part of the Elite Modeling Group. There is proof that Martina was involved in at least one Elite Modeling contest.


John Casablancas of the Elite Model Management in New York City launched the Look of the Year pageant in 1983. The name was changed in 1995 to Elite Model Look. Over 55 countries participate. LINK

Martina was a contestant in the 1994 "Look of the Year" contest held in September 1994 in Ibiza, Spain. 72 women competed for the title that year.

That is not Martina to your left.

(left to right) 3rd RU Kristanna Loken (U.S.A.), 1st RU Barbara Jackson (U.S.A.), John Casablancas, winner Natalia Semanova (Russia), 3rd RUs Martina Tycova (Czech Republic) & Martine Argent (Canada)

NOTE: Kristanna Loken appeared as the female Terminator in the film Terminator 3.

But what of the claim that Martina was part of the Elite Modeling Group? Not so.

November 8, 2007

Larger Image

It does seem that a person named Martina Tycova does exist and that she did dabble in modeling and did appear in at least one Elite Modeling Beauty Contest. There is nothing to support Korff's claim that Martina is (or was) a Super model as we would commonly view one, or to support any of the other claims Korff has made.

Here's an interesting image we found regarding Martina. Notice that this web site pulled these names off the roster list from the 1994 "Look of the Year" contest.


Did Korff Know Martina?

There is proof that Korff did know a person who looked just like Martina Tycova. In my opinion this is Martina Tycova. Here are two videos which show Korff traveled and hung out with Martina Tycova. NOTE: We hear Martina's voice on other videos but we see her in these videos.

The Martina material starts at the 7:40 mark.
The Martina material starts at the 7:15 mark.

Korff allowed Martina to publish articles on his web site as well. Or did Korff write them himself? In any case, Korff used Martina's name (Martina may have participated) far more than any other "character" to support his claims.

You will find Martina's name all over these Way Back Machine web site snap shots. Interestingly in the 2011 snap shot Martina is no where to be found.

Korff's Web Site History vis the Way Back Machine ~ LINK

Korff also used Martina's name (Martina may have participated) in manufacturing documents to intimidate and threaten people for various reasons.

NOTE: the URL never hosted any original data. Korff used to buy many URL's and the majority we're never used. If he did "use" them at all, each URL link when clicked (or accessed) would "forward" the user to Korff's only web site: LINK

In 2010 Korff made his final mention of Martina Tycova. Much in the same way Korff tossed away Avim, Korff dropped all reference to Martina after he relocated to India and he embarked upon his new fake persona, a syndicated, investigative journalist.

The UFOWatchCat Browser was never released and the debate between Korff and Weddle never took place.

Here we present a smattering of Martina Tycova images we've collected over the last 5 years.

Avim and Martina Tycova

Avim and Martina Tycova

The Korff Kalanders which were never released.

The UFO WatchCat Browser. Never released.

Korff used Martina's image in his never released 34 volume, 3,400 page Billy Meier book series. These books were to be part of his 500 multi-publisher book deal.

NOTE: Korff also stated that he "worked for or with" various security agencies throughout the world (since 1980) but he was never a member or under contract with any of them. Multi-publishers, multi-agencies, the lie is obvious.

This is the first image Korff used on his secertxwars youtube channel. This is a video frame grab from a video Korff posted (and then removed) to present Martina Tycova in a humorous light.

We found a few Martina Tycova's on Facebook. This Korffer had one as a friend for a while and that profile image was that of our very own Martina's face. She left Facebook (we assume) after getting messages regarding her involvement with Korff. The image in this profile looks a little like our Martina. Who knows?

This also looks like our Martina....