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This is the first lawyer / law firm whose identity Kalvin Korff stole and in whose name sent an e-mail to, threatening Don Ecker and the station with all manner of lawyerly stuff. Here's the e-mail Korff sent, using an anonymous e-mail server (as is Korff's habit when sending out material whose substance he doesn't want people to figure out is all horseshit and lies). Message Unedited. Spelling not changed. Below the message is the real contact information for the lawyer Korff whose identity Korff stole.
From: "Anonymous Remailer (austria)"
Date: March 1, 2011 5:49:10 PM EST
Subject: Don Ecker's lies and slander


I represent Colonel Kal K Korff of the Israeli founded Special Secret Services. Recently Don Ecker, broadcasting his "show" on your website, SLANDERED AND LIBELED Colonel Korff on many different levels.
Don Ecker is a noted LIAR, FRAUDSTER, AND SUPPORTER OF TORTURE. His unhealthy obsession with Colonel Korff has made him commet several ILLEGAL acts on his radio show.

Ultimately, Cyber Station USA is responsible for the content of Don Ecker's program.

This is a notice for you to REMOVE Don Ecker and his show from your web service or YOU will be held accountable in several lawsuits that Colonel Korff will be filing against Don Ecker.

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