Wayback Machine Snap Shot: April, 2007

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Metropolitni Expres Receives Second Place
May 4th, 2007 by Martina Tycova



The following are preliminary images from the PRE Energetika Golden Tour 2007 Championship ceremony, Captain Kal Korff picks up the second place trophy for the football team of Metropolitni Expres.

More details and images coming Monday…

Unwrapping the Expres Dinner for six female readers of Metropolitni Expres.

Surprise welcome ceremony from the women for Captain Kal Korff. These women are all Czech and English is not their native language. They are daily readers of Metropolitni Expres.

This is NOT Semjase, — get over it! But we look for her to apear in some Billy Meier related scenes in Secret Wars.

Captain Kal Korff accepts the Second Place Award on behalf of Metropolitni Expres’ Football team. Expres placed second, and had the best defense during the entire tournament.

Accepting the trophy to take back to Metropolitni Expres for the team.

Acknowledging and saluting Metropolitni Expres’ Sports Editor and Captain, Mr. Simon Merta — without him and the rest of the team, winning this second place championship would not have been possible.

Making sure he doesn’t accidentally drop it…

More photos soon, including Supermodel show.

Kal Korff Finishes SETI Interview Program with Dr. Seth Shostak

April 26th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

Kal Korff sat down with me for a few minutes right after he finished his interview with Dr. Seth Shostak of the SETI program, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The purpose of the interview with Kal Korff by the esteemed Dr. Shostak, was to discuss his views on the Roswell “UFO” crash of 1947 and to talk about the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects in general.

SETI is doing a two-part special program on Roswell, where Kal Korff and other recognized Roswell experts such as Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman, are featured.

Martina Tycova: You just finished being interviewed by Dr. Seth Shostak of SETI, how was it?

Kal Korff: I am truly honored and humbled to be asked to appear on his program. I really mean this. I admire Dr. Shostak and have always supported SETI in general. In fact, if I had my way, I would have some sort of SETI tax to help them out.

Martina Tycova: There has been some advanced “buzz” about your appearance on Dr. Shostak’s program. Some have said that this is just an attempt to debunk Roswell by Dr. Shostak. What’s your reaction to this?

Kal Korff: Very simple, claims like this are pure nonsense. Look, I have had firsthand contact and interactions with Dr. Shostak and also his producer, Molly Bentley. They are credible people. They certainly did not try to “guide” my statements or try to force me to say something I did not believe in. I would never do that anyway.

The bottom line is this: people have “criticized” Dr. Shostak because he doesn’t believe Roswell involved the crash and secret recovery of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Well, Dr. Shostak is 100% right about this, Roswell was caused by Project Mogul.

We must remember that most Americans do not believe the U.S. government has ET bodies secretly hidden either, those who hold this belief are in the minority, and even most UFOlogists, according to surveys, do not “believe” in Roswell.

It is time to hold people like Kevin Randle and other Roswell mythmakers accountable. As long as they spread the myth that aliens were involved, it really borders on consumer fraud.

Martina Tycova: If Dr. Shostak had real, hard evidence that UFOs existed or that we were being visited, do you think he would be in denial of it or cover it up?

Kal Korff: I am glad you asked this question. I asked him this basically myself. Dr. Shostak’s answer was unwavering and to be honest, I expected it. He made it clear that any responsible scientist would look at such evidence and have it peer reviewed by competent parties. Dr. Shostak’s answer, in other words, was pure science. He could not have been more correct.

Martina Tycova: But some UFO researchers claim there is a “Cosmic Watergate” going on, and that we need top reporters to blow open the UFO cover up. Do you agree?

Kal Korff: I answer this question on Dr. Shostak’s show, so let me defer to my answer there. I will only add that as an investigative journalist myself, and a UFO researcher, I am certainly aware of the so-called “hard evidence” that the UFO field offers up all the time.

The term “Cosmic Watergate” is wrong, false, and misleading. Watergate was a political problem, the problem of a corrupt President named Richard Nixon and his guilty cronies. UFOs, if there is indeed this vast “conspiracy” and cover up like some of these people claim, would be a national security problem, which is distinctly different.

Watergate, to repeat, was NEVER a national security problem.

Martina Tycova: I am not American, I am of course Czech, but even I know this. So why would or why do some people, some UFO researchers, make this absurd claim?

Kal Korff: I do not know, you would have to ask them. I don’t “speak” for anyone else, only myself. I cannot relate to their lack of thinking critically over or about this issue, so I honestly do not know. You would have to go ask them.

But if you ever do so, please, also ask them for the hard evidence that Watergate was a national security problem. It would be interesting to document their response for the public.

Martina Tycova: Will you openly cooperate with SETI and share UFO data with Dr. Shostak?

Kal Korff: Yes, and yes. We DO officially cooperate with SETI. I have been a member of SETI@home since late last century. The idea is just terrific. And as far as sharing data is concerned regarding UFOs with Dr. Shostak, I accept him as a man and scientist of his word. He certainly is. If I had hard evidence I would send it to him, and I expect he would do the responsible thing and give feedback on it.

Martina Tycova: Dr. Shostak gets criticized for being a debunker. So is this fair?

Kal Korff: Let’s take a hard look at that claim, Martina. Notice it is UFOlogists who make this slander, not mainstream science. Let Dr. Shostak speak for himself, he is the only one qualified to do so.

Now, let us take the word debunker. You see, UFOOLogists try to have it both ways. They will claim that debunking is ok, as long as you are trying to get to the truth. Then, in the same breath, they complain about a specific person being a debunker.

NO! There is nothing “wrong” with debunking. Look the word up in the dictionary. UFO researchers cannot write their own definitions. So when Dr. Shostak gets “criticized” for being a so-called “debunker” these UFO bozos are too dumb to know that this is actually a compliment!

Dr. Shostak strikes me as someone who, as a scientist, must have evidence that meets the standards of science.

There is nothing wrong with this.

We must also never forget that the mainstream media seems to have forgotten one obvious fact, thank God science has not. No one has to “prove” that Roswell did NOT involve an alien spacecraft. Instead, it is UFO “believers” that MUST PROVE that Roswel DID involve anything extraterrestrial.

Remember, the burden of evidence is ALWAYS on the shoulders of the claimant, not the investigator.

To quote a popular expression, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

We intend to use the increased awareness of Roswell and the upcoming anniversary to hold specific UFO researchers like Kevin Randle accountable, which is long overdue, and to help put a further stop to the spread of UFOOLogy. 

Martina Tycova: Thank you, Kal.

Kal Korff: Thanks again, Martina. Anytime.

Kal’s Korner - FIRST YEAR: 46 MILLION Printed Copies and GROWING!

April 24th, 2007 by Kal Korff

“Good evening,

“ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, Kal’s Korner returned to the public, after being out of the spotlight for these past few years.

“Since that time, April 24, 2006, during this past year more than 730 articles and pieces have been written, and the success and reaction by the general public has been both overwhelming, and overwhelmingly positive.

“Since its return debut in Metropolitni Expres, Kal’s Korner has been printed in the newspapers, daily, more than 46 MILLION times this past year!

“This is amazing, it is incredible, and this is market penetration and positioning that are both unprecedented and unmatched by our competitors.

“During this past year, we have received more than 10,000 letters from readers, from people literally all over the world.

“I want to take a moment to thank these many fine individuals, for what has been your overwhelming and unbending support.

“I don’t have any words which can describe to you the incredible feeling I have inside, this tremendous and genuine honor, which is to truly serve you.

“Going forward, we will continue to press our objectives, to expand and execute the mandates that you have empowered me to carry out, and we will achieve our goals.

“These next five years, are going to be the most incredible yet, and certainly the most incredibly productive, God willing.”

Iraq: The War Has Begun

April 22nd, 2007 by Kal Korff


While most of the world waits anxiously for a final, formal decision from President George W. Bush as to if and when the United States will attack Iraq to rid the country not only of its weapons of mass destruction, but also of Saddam Hussein, what most people don,t know is that the war has ALREADY in fact begun.
The opening salvo was launched by the United States on September 5th with a decisive attack on Iraq’s main radar command and control center some 240 miles west of Baghdad. Nearly 100 U.S. and British military aircraft took part in the operation, with 12 jets dropping precision guided bombs that have now all but destroyed the Iraqi dictator’s ability to have advance warning of any future attacks.
The composition of this assault group is most revealing, since most of the aircraft involved were NOT actual combat vehicles, but logistical support and refueling sorties. It is safe to say that this is a “dry run,” a small preview of things to come, should Saddam Hussein refuse to step down AND let UN inspectors re-enter his country unconditionally.
It was also a good training exercise for British and American pilots, who are expected to bear the brunt of the hostile forces over Iraq when they return for the official invasion.
In this year alone, Iraq has tried to shoot down coalition aircraft enforcing the ‘no-fly zones’ more than 130 times. This latest effort, like all previous ones, failed miserably.
Pity the poor Iraqi soldiers ordered to shoot down approaching fighters. The moment they turn on their radar dishes to track approaching aircraft, American and British radar-hunting bombs and missiles immediately take them out. Clearly, if you’re an Iraqi trooper assigned to one of these units, your days are numbered, it’s a one way ticket. If you refuse the order to fire, so you won’t be bombed, Saddam will have you killed.
The war with Iraq that has begun is different this time around. What many people are calling ‘Desert Storm 2′ will bear only a casual resemblance to its predecessor of 1991. This time around, there won’t be nearly 30 countries united intent on punishing Iraq, nor will there be a six month build up of some 500,000 troops.
For Saddam Hussein, this is truly his last stand. He has now become the George Armstrong Custer of the middle east, with the United States playing the role of the Sioux Indians.
Custer fought defiantly, if not bravely, to the bitter end. But in the end there were too many Sioux indians.
Barring a miracle, Saddam knows he is toast. Accordingly, he has begun to disperse his weapons of mass destruction and won’t hesitate to use them when the official war begins. His most likely targets will be Saudi Arabia, the northern Kurdish area of Iraq, whom he has brutally victimized before; Israel, Kuwait and perhaps even Turkey.
With nothing to lose, except his life, Hussein hopes to take as many down with him as he can, or to provoke the rest of the arab world into conflict, much like he tried so hard to do in 1991 during the original Desert Storm invasion.
While Israel has already said they will not stand by idly this time if Hussein attacks them, there is one potentially huge and troublesome card that the Iraqi dictator could play this time around that was not available to him the last time he was attacked.
Iraq today possesses much more quantities of dangerous biological and chemical agents compared to when it last deployed them (but thankfully never used them because of threatened nuclear retaliation by the United States) in Desert Storm.
The Bush administration worries that Hussein will give some of this material to various members of al Qaeda and other terrorists that he is harboring and training. This is a legitimate concern that cannot be underestimated. It’s a safe bet to say that Saddam has not spent the time and money, millions of dollars, to train these fanatics on how to use these weapons for no reason.
That’s why the very composition of the aircraft that participated in the September 5th attack by the U.S. and Britain is very revealing. The sorties launched included both British and American reconnaissance aircraft, designed to sniff out and locate as many SCUDS and other potential weapons of mass destruction sites as possible.
Now having blinded Saddam, American and British super-secret special operations forces can now be flown in almost at will by low cruising helicopters to suspected sites and begin to take them out in advance of the official attack.
The war with Iraq has now begun. It’s only a question now of how far and long it will be fought, and when it will formally end.
Kal K. Korff is a terrorism and counter-terrorism analyst and expert who has consulted for various agencies (Federal and private) since 1980. He is a former Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who did work on the original Star Wars program under Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr. and is also a former employee of The Boeing Company and Apple Computer. An internationally-known journalist, Korff writes a syndicated column called “Kal’s Korner” and has appeared on such television programs as CNN’s Larry King Live! and on various TV networks such as ABC, NBC, Fox, and The Discovery Channel. The author of five books, including the critically-acclaimed Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story (Prometheus Books, 1995) and the best-selling The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don’t Want You to Know (Dell/Random House, 2000), his upcoming series titled Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots will be published by Prometheus Books in 2007 and is being adapted for the reality-based TV series Secret Wars, which airs in the Fall of 2007.

Our Hearts and Sympathies Go Out To The Victims and Their Families

April 16th, 2007 by Kal Korff

The news about the shootings and tragedy at Virginia Tech is best told and summarized by others.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, their loved ones and their friends.

We are with all of you.

It is our hope that everyone will be able to find a way to recover from this horrible series of events, as much as it is possible to do so considering the nature of what happened.

May God bless and protect them all.

With love,

Everyone at CriticalThinkers,

Kal Korff Explains First 25 Books of 500 Unprecedented MegaBook Deal

April 12th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

Late this evening, Kal Korff sat down with me briefly and explained the first 25 books which are coming out which are part of a historic and unprecented series of publishing arrangements. Here’s some answers to a few quick questions.

Martina Tycova: Kal, some people, like Mac Tonnies to give you a very real example, and I can’t wait to hear from that man very soon, I expect a formal apology from him and others. Kal, what do you have to say in response to those literally few individuals who refuse to believe that you really have 500 books coming.

Kal Korff: Well, lets us never forget that people “beliefs” never determine science. Facts are facts, opinions are opinions. While people like David Biedny and others refuse to “believe” this is all happening, like every instance before, this is really all their problem. While they’re “disbelieving” we will be releasing, and in the case of some of these gentlemen, they are in some of these 500 titles that are coming out. And of course it will be in several languages, English is just one of them. We are really doing something unprecedented.

Martina Tycova: OK, so you told me you have or can now name the first 25 books. What are they?

Kal Korff: Well, as we already announced earlier, Mr. Philip Mantle gets the first award. It is the least I can do. We will publish his wonderful Alien Autopsy Inquest, but the title will probably be changed and certainly content especially about the upcoming actions against Ray Santilli for consumer fraud, will be added. Mantle’s book will form and DOES form the cornerstone and foundation for all things alien autopsy as far as we are concerned.

The next books, numbers two through 23, are the historic and unprecedented 22 volume expose series on Billy Meier. Mikey Horn is featured in there in one dedicated volume.

Book 24 is awarded to Mr. Bob Heironimus. I will be showing exclusively on the X-Zone Radio Show the cover of this new book we are doing together. Bob Heironimus, as you know, is the man who wore the famous “Bigfoot” suit in the Roger Patterson-Bob Gimlin Bigfoot hoax film of 1967. It is an honor to be writing this work with him.

Now, book 25 is very interesting and we intend to have it out VERY shortly. It is a thorough and complete expose of Colonel Philip Corso from the Roswell UFO crash myth of 1947. We will also be sending that cover to The XZone Radio Show for their exclusive, initial release.

Martina Tycova: So, you really do have many books coming, and now you have identified the first 25. Congratulations. What will you do next?

Kal Korff: Continue to hold and expose those who claim this is not true accountable. Believe me, there is plenty going on that we will be coming forward with soon, as well as some amazing cooperative alliances.

Martina Tycova: Thank you.

Kal Korff: Thank you, Martina.

Martina Tycova to Send First Open Letter to Rob McConnell of The “X”-Zone Radio Show Next Week

April 11th, 2007 by Public Relations

Hello everyone.

I’m writing this short notice to let you all know that next week I intend to send my first open letter to Mr. Rob McConnell of The “X”-Zone Radio Show in Canada. This is the radio show where Kal Korff appears each Thursday evenings where he does his Kal’s Korner two hour radio segment with Mr. McConnell.

I have never met Mr. Rob McConnell. I plan to meet him when he comes to Prague later this year. I am sending these letters to Mr. McConnell because it will prove before the world whatever the truth is.

To get more specific, my first letter will go to Mr. Mac Tonnies. Now, I do not know this man either. I might be wrong on this, but based on what he has posted on his web site, Mr. Tonnies does not “believe” that I even exist!

I have had no contact from him. Now, I have no intention of ever having any direct contact with him. My reason (I hope) is obvious: when someone “believes” that a real person does not exist, that person is the individual who has a real problem.

Other than a severe case of denial, because I do exist, it is inexcusable and unforgivable because all Mr. Mac Tonnies had to do was simply look me up on the Internet.

Now, I have no idea if Mr. Tonnies ever troubled to do this. If he did, he would find me. So how can I NOT “exist.”? If Mr. Tonnies could NOT find me on the Internet, then Mr. Tonnies has a very different problem.

To even have to “deal” with someone like this who is clearly wrong, is beneath my standards of dignity.

As a public service, I am publishing all of this and going through Mr. Rob McConnell.

I would like to thank Mr. McConnell, a man I have yet to meet, but I look forward to meeting, for giving me this incredible opportunity.



Google Earth Now Documents Genocide in Dafur, Sudan

April 10th, 2007 by Kal Korff

Anything that can be used in positive ways to either help prevent genocide or raise awareness is automatically a good thing. We support and am making a financial contribution to, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the exciting new project they have developed by partnering with Google.com. Using Google Earth, people will actually be able to drill on down or tunnel on down to various regions in the Sudan to learn more about the real problems there, and the fight to stop genocide.

Introducing NEW Revolutionary Video Editing Software

April 10th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

Kal Korff will announce on The X Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell, the impending release very shortly of some revolutionary software that has been in literal secret development for six years.

“I am honored to have on with me on the show tonight, on Rob McConnell’s XZone Radio Show, our surprise mystery guest. He is one of the key inventors of this revolutionary software which will be out shortly, and he will also confirm that I am a Captain in S3.”

“This software will be used to reconstruct everything from famous UFO and paranormal cases, to help solve scientific, national security and archaeolgocial and historical reconstruction mysteries. It can and will also be used for CriticalThinkers’ Body Human and nanobot projects which I also direct.”

“Thanks to Rob McConnell once again, this show is going to be great.”

VideoGlue is a hybrid Digital Video Editing application.  No other video editing application can compare to VideoGlue as we are the first with this class of software. Typical applications provide Non-Linear Editing, Free-Form Motion Graphics, Composition, or Rotoscoping. VideoGlue integrates all of these disciplines into a single editing environment.  It is this foundation that provides the basis for ease of use, and our sustained competitive advantage. There are certain aspects of VideoGlue that can only be achieved utilizing its integrated and unified editing environment such as completely customizable Transitions. The competition cannot match our features without providing a similar integrated environment, which none have at this time.

Kal Korff Accepts Invitation to Appear on SETI.org’s “Skeptical Sunday” Program

April 9th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

Kal Korff has accepted an invitation to appear on the SETI.org’s “Skeptical Sundays” for their upcoming two part show which is devoted to the Roswell “UFO” crash myth of 1947.

“I am truly honored and humbled to be asked by Molly Bentley and Seth Shostak to appear on their show. As everyone knows, I am beyond 100% committed to the just mission of SETI, and the importance of the existence of extraterrestrial life elsewhere.”

“I look forward to being their honored guest, and to continuing to expose the many false claims about Roswell which are still being made by researchers such as Kevin Randle.”

A date and time for Kal Korff’s appearance will be set soon.

Kal Korff to Meet with KPMG in Three Weeks re: Kevin Randle’s Shoddy Roswell Research

April 9th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

Kal Korff will be meeting with KPMG auditors at their offices in Prague, in the Czech Republic, to begin the process of officially cooperating with the upcoming audit of the numerous false claims made by Kevin Randle concerning the mythical Roswell “UFO” crash of 1947.

“I look forward to meeting with KPMG in about three weeks from now to learn more about this audit of Kevin Randle’s numerous false claims about Roswell, which reflect his shoddy research during the past 15 years or so.” explained Kal Korff, the President and CEO of CriticalThinkers.

“Let the record show that Randle caused this audit by making another lie: he claims my Roswell book is ‘poorly researched.’ Not only is this a lie, which is common for Randle concerning Roswell, but we are confident that the KPMG audit will PROVE that my book is much better researched than all of Kevin Randle’s books on Roswell.

“Unlike Kevin Randle, I am one of the original Roswell researchers going back to 1979 and 1980. Kevin Randle, by comparison, was and is a Johnnie-come-lately. Also, what Randle doesn’t tell the public, of course, is that he is EXPOSED in my book on Roswell, which remains the bestselling Roswell expose of all time. Randle was also exposed 10 YEARS ago for shoddy research by at least one very famous investigative journalist.

“Randle has written several exploitive tomes about Roswell. He STILL can’t get it right, because he either isn’t competent, or he refuses to face facts. Either way, the public needs to know the truth.”

The KMPG audit of Kevin Randle is being funded by the Executive Producers of the new reality-based TV series, “Secret Wars.”

Scheduled to broadcast worldwide in the Fall of 2007, “Secret Wars” will chronicle over the course of ten episodes, the numerous errors and confabulations about Roswell which Kevin Randle has made over the years.

An eleventh episode has just been added which also documents how Kevin Randle cannot either “prove” nor “disprove” that the Israeli-founded Sepecial Secret Services even exist! 

“We’re having some ‘fun’ with this one,” admits Korff. “But it only goes to show you and prove, just how inept Kevin Randle is when it comes to ‘investigating’ certain things. This was our entire POINT and motivation for handling things this way. If people like Kevin Randle, Paul Kimball, Royce Myers III, David Biedny and others cannot even verify basic things like my employment and who I represent and work for, they are automatically unqualified and disqualified from trying to solve anything even remotely connected with UFOs, or especially a historical myth such as Roswell.

“We’ve proven our points, and we do so repeatedly throughout the new show Secret Wars, where these bozos get exposed for the kinds of characters that they are. It is lonmg overdue and about time.”

Note from Martina: This is a very amusing development for Kal Korff’s “kritics,” especially since Kal Korff is a Captain in the S3. For the record, I also worked in S3 under Captain Korff’s command.

I assume Kevin Randle is not stupid enough to put himself in any sort of legal jeopardy by accusing me of lying about this, because I am not. S3 most certainly exists, and it is very revealing that none of Korff’s “kritics” have the integrity or ethics to come forward, and now admit that they are wrong.

I do not blame the Exceutive Producers of “Secret Wars” for exposing some of these people before the public. The public needs to know how some of these “UFO researchers” REALLY are, versus what they claim and try to “sell” to the public.

Wyatt Museum to be Investigated for Consumer Fraud

April 9th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

The Wyatt Museum, which claims to be devoted to the honest, truthful, scientific and objective investigation of legitimate and credible historical Biblical archaeology, is being investigated for complaints of engaging in consumer fraud. Among the issues being examined are that many of the supposed “Biblical artifacts” the group claims to have either uncovered, discovered or recovered concerning the Biblical Exodus and other “miracles” are fraudulent in nature, and have nothing to do with the alleged event.

Below is a photo that the Wyatt Museum claims is an actual chariot from Phraoah’s Army during the time of the Exodus, and that “coral was the agent the Lord used to preserve them.” 

We’ll keep consumers informed about the developing details, and the upcoming preliminary investigation hearing scheduled to be held in Prague in June, 2007.

Kevin Randle: Captain Lorenzo Kimball Proves Randle’s Roswell “Research” Is Fiction

April 9th, 2007 by Kal Korff

The following is an excerpt from Captain Lorenzo Kent Kimball’s comments about Roswell and the “research” of Kevin Randle and his former partner, Don Schmidt. Kimball was stationed at Roswell in 1947 and clearly remembers the non-existent “UFO” incident Randle continues to mythologize.

In their book, The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell, Randle and Schmitt state that a Major Jesse B. Johnson, Squadron M, 509th Bomb Group, (Base Hospital), was the base pathologist, who assisted in a preliminary autopsies on alien bodies. In their footnotes to Chapter 10, Randle & Schmitt claim that “Johnson’s position as a pathologist has been verified by a number of former members of the 509th Bomb Group {and} verified by the 509th yearbook and the RAAF unit history.”


  1. There was a physician named Jesse B. Johnson assigned to the Base Hospital. However, he was a 1st Lt., not a Major, and he was a radiologist, not a pathologist. He had no training as a pathologist and would have been the last member of the medical staff to have performed any autopsy on a human much less an alien!! He is identified as a 1st Lt in the 509th Yearbook.


  2. After I learned of these assertions, I called Doctor Jack Comstock, who, as a Major, was the Hospital Commander in 1947, and in 1995 was living in retirement in Boulder, Colorado. I asked him if he recalled any such events occurring in July of 1947 and he said absolutely not. When I told him that Jesse B. was supposed to have conducted a preliminary autopsy on alien bodies, he had a hard time stopping laughing - his response was: PREPOSTEROUS!!

  3. Major Comstock lived in the Hospital BOQ, located in the hospital complex. Any unusual activity was immediately reported to him by members of the medical and nursing staff. He told me (this was in 1995 prior to his death in February 1996) that NOTHING of this nature occurred in July 1947 at the Base Hospital.
  4. CONCLUSIONS AND OBSERVATIONS:From first-hand knowledge, I am reasonably certain that no alien bodies were brought to the Base Hospital in July 1947 where “preliminary autopsies” were supposedly conducted. There was no nurse by the name of Naomi Maria Selff ever assigned to Squadron M, 509th Bomb Group. The statements made by Glenn Dennis are not credible. The accounts in the Randle/Schmitt book concerning Jesse B. Johnson are fiction. 

    From first-hand knowledge, I am reasonably certain that no alien bodies were brought to the Base Hospital in July 1947 where “preliminary autopsies” were supposedly conducted. There was no nurse by the name of Naomi Maria Selff ever assigned to Squadron M, 509th Bomb Group.

    From first-hand knowledge, I am reasonably certain that no alien bodies were brought to the Base Hospital in July 1947 where “preliminary autopsies” were supposedly conducted. There was no nurse by the name of Naomi Maria Selff ever assigned to Squadron M, 509th Bomb Group.

Hubble Unveils Stunning New Spiral Galaxy

April 9th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

Thanks to our official cooperation with the International Astronomical Union and the European Space Agency, which was secured last Fall in a series of meetings that Kal Korff and I attended during the historic IAU Conference held here last year in Prague, we are pleased to share with you an amazing new image that the Hubble Telescope captured of a new spiral galaxy called NGC 1672.

In the very near future we will be posting an amazing photo library of some of the greatest astronomical imagery ever captured.

Kevin Randle: Others AGREE - Roswell Research Faulty

April 9th, 2007 by Kal Korff

While UFO researchers like Paul Kimball continue NOT to hold Kevin Randle accountable for his severey flawed “research” into the Roswell UFO crash myth, indeed Kimball makes a point to call Randle his “friend,” — we have higher standards.

For us, TRUTH is our standard, and we can only “be friends” with those parties who tell the truth.

Here is another neutral opinion about Kevin Randle which indepdently CONFIRMS what we have been saying all along: that Kevin Randle’s Roswell “UFO” research cannot really be trusted, and that the UFO field (Paul Kimball is just one, shining example) continues to hold people like Randle not only unaccountable, but they in fact LAUD him!

Go figure.

The Scandals of Kevin Randle, which are numerous, are will be revealed in time for the 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash myth in July of 2007.

From TheRoswellFiles.com

His (Kevin Randle’s) background includes serving in the Army as a helicopter pilot, and in the Air Force as an intelligence officer. He claims that this provides him with a “unique insight” into the operations of the military.

(Comment from Kal: Obviously, Kevin Randle’s “gift of unique insight” to includes being gullible and stupid enough to endorse con artist Frank Kaufmann for nearly 15 YEARS. Randle was so “competent” that he never knew his partner Schmidt, through two complete books and many articles, lied to him repeatedly.

Another word for this, which Paul Kimball has YET to admit, along with the rest of the UFO field, is INCOMPETENCE.

As the expression goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me repeatedly, and my name is Kevin Randle.”)

As an undergraduate at the University of Iowa, he studied anthropology. His claimed graduate work includes journalism, psychology and military science at the University of Iowa, California Coast University and American Military University. He received his doctoral degree in psychology in 1999 “off-campus from an accelerated program” at California Coast University using “distance learning and correspondence methodologies”.

His (Randle’s) first two books dedicated to Roswell were written by Randle with his research partner, Donald R. Schmitt, who was then Director of Special Investigations for CUFOS.  These Randle/Schmitt version(s) of the Roswell Saga are the most often quoted by many website authors, newspaper articles and television shows and was even made into a movie.  But in the intervening years, large portions of these books have been refuted by deeper investigations into the Witnesses cited by Randle/Schmitt. 

In their two books, Witnesses such as Jim Ragsdale, Glenn Dennis and Frank Kaufmann (aka Steve McKenzie) play a prominent part in the telling of the Saga.  All have since been publicly refuted by Randle.  Many of their other sources have also been called into question by other researchers, such as Major Jessie Marcel.

In 1995, after many questions had been raised about Donald Schmitt’s research methods and biography, Randle publicly broke with Schmitt over Donald’s lies about his education, employment and research.  See the details below.

More about Kevin Randle and what Randle WON’T tell you, coming soon….

Kevin Randle: More Dishonest Than his Ex-Roswell “Research” Partner Don Schmidt?

April 9th, 2007 by Kal Korff

Folks, please do NOT let Mr. Kevin Randle fool you when it concerns Roswell. Kevin Randle has still not “come clean” with everyone about Roswell, and he continues to make false claims about it.

It is predictable that Randle will continue to support the argument that there was a “crashed UFO” recovered near Roswell at least until after the upcoming 60th anniversary exploiting this myth has passed us. This is Kevin Randle.

The FACT is, Kevin Randle has endorsed more bogus “Roswell eyewitnesses” than any major Roswell researcher.

Details coming soon…

500 Book MegaDeal - Introducing Book #1: Philip Mantle’s “Alien Autopsy Inquest*”

April 6th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

Kal Korff will announce on Rob McConnell’s The “X” Zone Radio Show that he has finalized arrangements to publish Philip Mantle’s breakthrough book, tentatively titled Alien Autopsy Inquest.*

“I’m pleased to be awarding one of my 500 book options to Mr. Philip Mantle, who is also in our upcoming reality-based TV series, Secret Wars. Mr. Mantle has agreed to our basic deal, and I am also pleased that he may be receiving up to four more book contracts as well. The publisher of these books will come forth soon, and has begun in earnest now the negotiations with Prometheus Books to license into foreign languages, the expose series on the Eduard ‘Billy’ Meier UFO Cult that I have been promising for months, plus my other works. The expose series on Meier that will be asked to be licensed from Prometheus Books will be 22 volumes.

“Yesterday evening, I met in Prague with this publisher, and also Mr. Petr Novotny who is part of our investigation team concerning the Alien Autopsy hoax film of Ray Santilli. After agreeing on the execution specifics of the plan for our upcomng trip to Munich and England, the publisher emailed Mr. Mantle, Mr. Steven Mitchell of Prometheus Books, Mr. Rob McConnell and other confidential parties CONFIRMING the agreement.

“Mr. Mantle has kindly accepted, and we move forwards.

“We have achieved a new milestone, and we’ll announce books 24-30 very shortly.

“Thank you.”

WHAT is CriticalThinkers?

April 6th, 2007 by Public Relations

“To help the human race.” 

CriticalThinkers is a global meta-organization of over 200 alliance partners. CriticalThinkers does three things:

1. Conducts entirely original research.

2. Finishes research left incomplete or unresolved by others.

3. Examines existing issues, then implements original solutions.

CriticalThinkers has Six Charters of Responsibility. They are:

1. Analysis and Intelligence, 2. Archaeology and History, 3. Arts and Literature, 4. Philosophy and Religion, 5. Political and Social Issues, 6. Science and Technology.

The results of CriticalThinkers efforts, now more than 600 projects and operations, are always eventually released in the form of products and/or services designed to empower people to ultimately decide issues for themselves.

You can always email us at: kalkorff@kalkorff.com

Honoring Robert Todd: Special Kal’s Korner Article

April 3rd, 2007 by Kal Korff

Today’s column of Kal’s Korner honoring the memory and great work of Mr. Robert Todd, a man I am honored to have been able to call my colleague and friend, is featured. It has gone off into syndication now for publication, and we will work very hard to do the right job updating our Roswell expose material and the Roswell.org Web site in Robert Todd’s honor.

To read the article click here.

Thank you.

Kal Korff to Dedicate New Roswell Expose Series in Memory of Friend Robert Todd

April 2nd, 2007 by Kal Korff

Statement by Kal Korff…

Prague, Czech Republic - European Union:

“Good morning, out of consideration for this recent development, which I am about to share with all of you, I am cancelling my remarks this morning that I was about say concerning Mr. David Biedny, Paul Kimball, Royce Myers III, etc. The reason I am doing this is because the death of Mr. Robert Todd is far more important than the personal attacks against me uddered by Biedny, Kimball, et al.

“I have some very, very sad news.

“A longtime friend and colleague of mine, Mr. Robert Todd of Ardmore, Pennsylvania, has passed away unexpectedly. He was only 53 years of age.

“Mr. Bob Todd will best be remembered as the first person who actually SOLVED the Roswell ‘UFO’ crash myth of 1947, proving that its cause was indeed by a recovered Project Mogul device.

“Mr. Robert Todd was invaluable to my own work and research concerning Roswell. He cooperated extensively with me while I wrote my book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don’t Want You to Know, which is why he is featured so prominently in it.

“Having checked Mr. Todd’s research myself, even behind his back and without his knowledge in the interests of objectivity, I can safely say that Bob Todd was absolutely correct — Roswell was indeed caused by Mogul. To his credit, Bob Todd never objected to my doing this. In fact, he always welcomed and encouraged it.

“While I dedicated my original Roswell expose book to Mr. Bob Todd in 1997, to honor him still further, I am pleased to announce that I am dedicating this entirely NEW EXPOSE SERIES on Roswell to Bob Todd as well. This is especially true where it concerns exposing the numerous false claims about Roswell which continue to be made by UFO researcher Kevin Randle.

“I will honor and execute Bob Todd’s request, especially in exposing Kevin Randle and launching the new Roswell.org Web site in Mr. Todd’s honor.

“Bob Todd deserves FULL CREDIT for being the first person to solve Roswell.

“The UFO field has lost a GIANT, — a man who was never appreciated by mainstream UFOlogy, which is their permanent loss, and their permanent fault.

“Somewhere, a government bureaucrat is ‘relieved’ now that he doesn’t have to find ways anymore to dodge Bob Todd’s very candid and piercing Freedom of Information Act Requests.

“Bob, I will NEVER forget you, and will MAKE SURE that your FIRE OF ROSWELL TRUTH burns forever brightly, so help me God.

“Bob, you HONORED me by sharing with me your confidential files and material, and I’ll NEVER forget what it was like working with you in secret, to try and bring the people the TRUTH, just like we did 10 years ago, when you helped me with my book, which I originaly dedicated to you.

“Bob, we’re going to do an even better job exposing Roswell and certain individuals this time around, we owe that to you, and I know you would want us to do this for the world, because we talked about it. We agreed, and so it was spoken.

“Let it now be done.”

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