Wayback Machine Snap Shot: May 28, 2007

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DumbSchmitt: The Roswell UFO Research Scandals of Kevin Randle

One of the most explosive upcoming books ever written on the subject of “Roswell” is penned by Author and Czech Supermodel, Miss Martina Tycova. Called DumbSchmitt: The Roswell UFO Research Scandals of Kevin Randle, as you can guess from the title Martina’s new book promises to shake not only the UFO field to its knees, but also finish off what little remains of Randle’s over-hyped and long discredited “investigation” into the Roswell “UFO” related events of 1947 which supposedly involved a “flying disk.” According to Kevin Randle, the U.S. Government is still secretly hiding (naturally from Randle and everyone else) several dead “alien bodies” which were supposedly secretly recovered in July 1947 in the New Mexico desert. Ask Randle, he’ll “tell you” — and that’s the problem, as Martina has now documented in her new upcoming book.

New CriticalThinkers Web Site Beta Test!
May 24th, 2007 by Kal Korff

I would like to thank everyone sincerely, there have been literally thousands of you,

for being patient while we get ready to roll out the new CriticalThinkers Web site.

To see the Beta Test Version and some of the new exciting things that it contains, please click here or go to:


The new Web site should go online May 31, 2007.

If you have any comments and/or suggestions please write me at:


Thank you very much,

Kal Korff

Honoring Robert Todd: Special Kal’s Korner Article
April 3rd, 2007 by Kal Korff

Today’s column of Kal’s Korner honoring the memory and great work of Mr. Robert Todd, a man I am honored to have been able to call my colleague and friend, is featured. It has gone off into syndication now for publication, and we will work very hard to do the right job updating our Roswell expose material and the Roswell.org Web site in Robert Todd’s honor.

WHAT is CriticalThinkers?
April 2nd, 2007 by Public Relations

“To help the human race.” 

CriticalThinkers is a global meta-organization of over 200 alliance partners. CriticalThinkers does three things:

1. Conducts entirely original research.

2. Finishes research left incomplete or unresolved by others.

3. Examines existing issues, then implements original solutions.

CriticalThinkers has Six Charters of Responsibility. They are:

1. Analysis and Intelligence, 2. Archaeology and History, 3. Arts and Literature, 4. Philosophy and Religion, 5. Political and Social Issues, 6. Science and Technology.

The results of CriticalThinkers efforts, now more than 600 projects and operations, are always eventually released in the form of products and/or services designed to empower people to ultimately decide issues for themselves.

You can always email us at: kalkorff@kalkorff.com


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