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  • New Secret Wars TV Sneak Preview Episodes Available in QuickTime Format
  • FBI to Increase "Black Bag" Ops
  • Avim Ashkenazi Appointed to Handle Public Inquiries Regarding Kal Korff
  • New Hubble Space Gallery to Debut
  • Kal Korff Turns Over "Mephisto" Document to Authorities, The Devil has an IP Address

New Secret Wars TV Sneak Preview Episodes Available in QuickTime Format

Written by Public Relations
Monday, 18 June 2007

CriticalThinkers announced today that the sneak preview episodes for the new reality-based TV series Secret Wars will be available for free download and are stored in the QuickTime movie format by Apple.

To view these video clips, users will need to have Apple's QuickTime installed.

Download instructions will be available on the free Download site at CriticalThinkers.org, Roswell.org, KalKorff.com, and the X-Zone Radio Show's web site. The X-Zone Radio Show is hosted by famed Canadian Broadcaster Rob McConnell.

Avim Ashkenazi Appointed to Handle Public Inquiries Regarding Kal Korff

Written by Public Relations
Monday, 18 June 2007

CriticalThinkers announced today that Kal Korff's newly-appointed Adjutant, Avim Ashkenazi, has asked for and has been granted permission to handle all public inquiries concerning Korff and his many formal and volunteer activities.

"It's nice to be able to have a single point of contact for people, someone who is also familiar with many of the different things that I am involved with," explained Kal Korff. "This synergy will help eliminate any room for possible confusion. Avim will do a good job and engage those who should be engaged.

"I encourage people to ask away, just contact Avim at our one and only universal email address."

New Hubble Space Gallery to Debut

Written by Administrator
Monday, 18 June 2007

CriticalThinkers will be unveiling its new Hubble Space Telecope image gallery very shortly. This new area will feature "the best of the best" images taken by the HST which orbits in outer space.

Kal Korff Turns Over "Mephisto" Document to Authorities, The Devil has an IP Address

Written by Kal Korff
Monday, 18 June 2007

It was a great day this morning, and a very busy one. In making the rounds, we began the process of turning over what we call the "Mephisto Documents" (along with his IP address) to the same agencies M claims he contacted.

After many laughs we left, especially after we discovered that this "Devil" has a very real and Earthly IP address!

Just goes to show you that the devil needs a lot of help nowadays, in the past he didn't have to wait for the Internet to be invented. :-)

Enuf said

Please Get Your "Mordechai's" Straight

Written by Kal Korff
Monday, 18 June 2007

Over the years I've written many letters, but none quite like this.

Recently, some people have said (amazingly) that there is a "problem" with my mentioning a man named Mordechai Levy recently.

This is interesting, because there is more than one Mordechai Levy in this world. In fact, the name Mordechai is another name for Gad, Gadit, Gavi, Gidon, etc., -- there are several variations, Mordechai is one of them.

Since this person uses all of them interchangeably, and he prefers Mordechai just as easily anyway, it amazes me how people can possibly "think" that this Mordechai has anything to do with either the JDO or JDL.

There's an important principle here to remember, folks:

a name by itself, especially one so common, unless it is sufficiently unique,

like "Jesus Christ" for example, is not "evidence" of anything.

This development is very interesting because it's like saying the name "John Smith" means something specific in English. No, it does not. Levy is a very common last name for people who are Jewish, just as "Smith" is for people who live in the UK or in America.

I never thought I would have to take the time to write something like this, but some people project their own personal beliefs and prejudices and biases into things, and this is a great example of when this happens.

The fact that some people actually think that this "John Smith" per se was a specific person, when there was only a common name spoken, and that this person would especially be affiliated with such organizations, tells you where their minds are.

We will not "judge" this, but one can argue that it is unfortunate. If this type of "thinking" did not exist, neither would this article and none of us would have to spend any time on this non issue.

This is the only reason this entire subject is even being mentioned, so that if the same public who reads such claims also happen to read this posting, at least they'll know the truth.

SNEAK PEAK: New TV Series Blends Fact/Fiction to Confuse, Isolate, Test, then Expose

Written by Jitka Subrtova  
Sunday, 17 June 2007

After managing to stir up incredible amounts of publicity, the new reality-based TV series Secret Wars, being filmed in Prague, Czech Republic and in Israel for Internet consumption and other broadcast markets, is having the last laugh so far.

THE FIRST SNEAK PREVIEW EPISODE OF Secret Wars will be available to the public for FREE Internet download June 21, 2007

Introducing the UFOWatchcat.com web site

Written by Public Relations
Saturday, 16 June 2007

Prague, Czech Republic -- Czech Author, Journalist, Media Personality and Supermodel Martina Tycova has opened up a new Web site, UFO Watchcat.com, which is designed to correct the errors and false claims of UFO Watchdog and UFOOlogy, UFODumb and UFOlogy in general. Click here to see new design...

Tel Aviv, Israel - Prague, Czech Republic

CriticalThinkers has been given permission to formally announce that Czech Author, Media Personality and Supermodel Miss Martina Tycova has decided to launch a new Web site.

It is called UFOwatchcat.com

"Sometimes it takes a woman to make the 'boys' behave. Now that Mr. Royce Myers III has quit the UFO field under less than candid circumstances, it is time to take over and correct ALL of his errors, distortions of logic, his failure to apply basic logic, and to prove to the world that his uneven standards of evidence certainly exist.

District Attorney Nifong RESIGNS! - Josephine County District Attorney Stephen Campbell Next?

Written by Public Relations
Friday, 15 June 2007

Tel Aviv, Irael -

The Special Secret Services announced today that is has been successful in playing a key role in the behinds the seens "maneuvering" which has now forced corrupt District Attorney Mike Nifong to resign in disgrace.

CriticalThinkers On-Line Sore Opens on June 21!

Written by Public Relations
Friday, 15 June 2007

CriticalThinkers announced today that its brand new online store will open Next Thursday evening after President Kal Korff's State of the UFOlogy Address, scheduled to be broadcast on Rob McConnell's "X"-Zone Radio Show from 9-11PM Pacific Standard Time,  or 6-8AM Central European Time or CET.

The CriticalThinkers Online store will feature a wide variety of materials on various subjects from many contributors and publishing partners which inform the public of facts concerning numerous subjects.

Historic and Unprecedented: NEW Nine Book Series: The Roswell UFO Crash Finally SOLVED!

Written by Public Relations
Saturday, 26, May 2007

Kal Korff, author of the all time bestselling Roswell expose book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know, will release in honor of the 60th anniversary of the historic Roswell UFO crash of 1947 an unprecedented NINE NEW BOOKS about Roswell, -- totaling some 3,500 pages! 

NOTE: PRICING AND AVAILABILITY WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

"This is without question the most extensive and definitive series of books ever published on the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 and its claimed related events. Since this is more than 3,500 pages in length, there's more than enough material here to satisfy all, and the conclusions will shock everyone." explained Korff.

Basically, we went back to the drawing board, examined everything all over again, found lots of new and most importantly definitive evidence, and we finally have a verdict for all of history. The UFO community must now accept this verdict, and this is the greatest gift I can think of in celebration of Roswell's 60th anniversary. To finally bring FULL CLOSURE to this mystery."

The first volume, which analyzes and exposes the skeptical writings of noted UFO skeptic Philip J. Klass, is scheduled for release the first week of July, on the anniversary of Roswell.
Volumes II and III contain the complete reports from the United States Air Force, as well as NEW MATERIAL NEVER RELEASED BEFORE. These two editions are UNIQUE, and contain historic and accurate added annotations found nowhere else!
Volume IV of this new historic series of books on Roswell reveals the FULL TRUTH about the claims of Colonel Philip J. Corso and his co-author in their hoax, Mr. William Birnes. This book is written by Czech Supermodel, Author and Media Personality Martina Tycova, who is also a former Agent in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services.

Volume V is a stunning shocker, and it presents all new "smoking gun" evidence regarding the true nature of "Roswell" -- especially concerning the accounts given by Major Jesse Marcel and his son, Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

With Dr. Jesse Marcel's own book on Roswell scheduled to be released shortly, Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. is now going to have a really tough time trying to "explain away" to the media this new work and the shocking and conclusive revelations about he and his father.

Volume VI is the final book in this new historic series which is not written by Kal Korff. Although he is interviewed in the book, the author is former Special Secret Services Agent, Author, Media Personality and Czech Supermodel Martina Tycova.

Titled The Roswell UFO Research Scandals of Kevin Randle, this hardhitting no-holds-barred expose documents more than 1,000 "mistakes" and confabulations, distortions and outright lies of world famous Roswell author Kevin Randle.

Martina Tycova, who is not even a UFO researcher, was able to find out the TRUTH about Kevin Randle. It will be interesting to see how Randle and his supporters like UFO Watchdog, David Biedny and others try to enagage in damage control over this one.

Volume VII examines ALL of the testimonies of ALL Roswell witnesses concerning the various locations of the supposed UFO crash sites. Included is shocking new evidence concerning the alleged "Archaeologists" who were supposedly out in the desert during the time of Roswell and the involvement of U.S. military road blocks.
Volume VIII is a stunning, ALL NEW AND REVISED EDITION of Kal Korff's TWO original books on Roswell: The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know (Prometheus Books 1997 and Dell 2000). Richly illustrated and COMPLETELY UP TO DATE, this single book by itself is the "final verdict" on Roswell, -- along with the accompanying volumes in this unprecedented series.


This new series on Roswell is truly unprecedented. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it