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JFK's Assassination

Although only a baby when U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, after a 16-YEAR study, Kal Korff became the first person to ever definitively SOLVE JFK's murder! Using computer reconstructions of the Zapruder film, Korff analyzed every major claim in Kennedy's death, then came up with a startling conclusion which anyone can independently verify. In recognition of his historic breakthrough, Kal appeared in a special one hour episode of CNN's Larry King Live! on the 30th anniversary of JFK's tragic murder to explain to the American people how Kennedy was really killed.

Meier Cult

As Seen on FOX TV! - THE DEFINITIVE VERDICT ON THE EDUARD "BILLY" MEIER UFO CULT - PERIOD!  In August and September of 1991, American Author, Broadcaster, Columnist and Investigative Journalist, Kal Korff, traveled secretly undercover and successfully penetrated the Satanic-based "UFO" cult of Eduard "Billy" Meier in Switzerland. Growing his hair and beard for over 1.5 years in order to fool the Meier cult members and disguise his appearance, Korff posed as "Steve Thomas" and visited the cult for three weeks. More importantly, Korff located ORIGINAL Meier photos which were made by Meier himself from his ORIGINAL film negatives, and then successfully DUPLICATED several of Meier's "UFO" photos at the SAME locations in Switzerland! Illustrated with more than 117 images/photos.


Kal Korff is "the star" of the NEW Reality-based TV show called Secret Wars, which is being filmed at locations throughout the world, including Israel and the Middle East, the United States of America, the European Union (especially in the city of Prague, Czech Republic), and in Central Europe. Kal Korff "plays" himself: Analyst, Author, Broadcaster, Investigative Journalist, and a Syndicated Columnist who also holds the rank of Colonel in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services. Secret Wars stars REAL PEOPLE and features REAL events, investigating everything from the "paranormal" to helping fight terrorism and protecting the public from consumer fraud.


10 YEARS AFTER this book became the bestselling Roswell UFO expose of ALL TIME, Author and Investigative Journalist Kal Korff's shocking conclusions about "Roswell" remain completely valid today! -- a claim that other Roswell "researchers" such as Dr. Kevin "Scandal" Randle CANNOT make with complete honesty nor truthfulness. 10 YEARS ago Kal Korff first exposed as hoaxers, Dr. Kevin Randle's Roswell "witnesses" such as Frank Kaufmann, Glenn Dennis, Frankie Rowe, Jim Ragsdale, etc. Now, even Dr. Randle finally ADMITS that Korff was right, he just refuses to acknowledge this in public, nor give Kal Korff (and others) rightful credit. This is typical for Randle, who is now the expose subject of an upcoming book by Czech Supermodel and Media Personality, Martina Tycova.


Kal Korff has been in countless debates on the radio, worldwide television, in the media and of course while lecturing in person. Kal has never lost a structured, formal debate. Explains Korff: "I have one simple rule for debating: never try to debate a subject you cannot defend ruthlessly or do not have adequate knowledge of, and always use the truth and facts as your best, primary defense. Do not shy away from the other side or any opposing views, instead, make a point to actively engage them, try to steer people's thinking through the relevant points." (Image: Debating and defeating Jim Dilettoso on FOX TV).

To Serve

"In order to live, you must first give. In order to receive, you must give. You must always put other people first, and look to always serve the greater good of the world community," explains Kal Korff and why it is that he serves the public with such zeal. "If you have a gift that allows you to communicate, to analyze and expose truths, to try and help people understand things, then you MUST make a point to use such gifts. They were not given to you to ignore or waste away." Korff has raised millions of dollars for charities and supports numerous private researchers on dozens of original research and development projects.

Kal Korff CONFIRMS UFO WatchCat WILL Publish Legal Documents Concerning Royce Myers III

Written by Public Relations
Sunday, 29 July 2007

 CriticalThinkers.org announced today that they will NOT be publishing any legal documents concerning Mr. Royce Myers III of UFO Watchdog fame.

"As of now, although we will talk and answer any reasonable questions about the legal actions we have now started against Royce Myers III, we will not, I repeat, we have no plans at this time to publish any of the related documents." explained Kal Korff, the President and CEO.

KPMG AUDIT of Roswell Huckster Dr. Kevin Randle's Roswell UFO "Research" Begins in 48 Hours!

Written by Public Relations
Sunday, 29 July 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that the KPMG audit of Dr. Kevin Randle's Roswell "UFO research" claims will begin this week on Wednesday, August 1, 2007.



Colonel Kal Korff ISSUES WARNING to Oregon State District Attorney Stephen Campbell

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 26 July 2007

Kal Korff Gives Video Broadcast Speech about LEGAL ACTIONS Now Underway against Royce Myers III

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 26 July 2007

Mac Tonnies, David Biedny and Gene Steinberg - CLUELESS and WRONG AGAIN!

Written by Public Relations
Friday, 27 July 2007

This special "sneak teaser" from the upcoming reality-based TV series Secret Wars captures Martina Tycova talking off camera with Colonel Kal Korff. Together, the two of them are recording a "Scandals of Kevin Randle" video short, when the subject of Mac Tonnies, David Biedny and Gene Steinberg comes up. Because these three individuals refused to "believe" that Martina Tycova exists, she and Korff comment on this and prove once again that these men remain clueless and completely wrong where it concerns the activities and actions of Kal Korff and the new TV series Secret Wars, which exposes these three individuals in several episodes.

Secret Wars Sneak Peak: A Kevin "Scandal" Randle Moment

Written by Public Relations
Friday, 27 July 2007

A PAINFUL REMINDER and SYMBOL of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia - a Red Star, now painted in gold. In Europe, especially behind the former "Iron Curtain," Red Stars are hated because they're painful reminders of brutal, Soviet occupation and the fact that Communism has murdered more people than any other political system (see Guiness Book of World Records, ANY edition!). Unfortunately to some people in the West, "Red Stars" are either a "fashion statement" or "something cool." Using this as one's symbol, is as bad in the eyes of millions of Europeans as using the Nazi swastika, simply because of the history of what the "Red Star" represents to the MILLIONS of European victims of both Communism and Nazism who are still alive.

Discussing with Martina Tycova, who is off camera and is not visible, the various lies and false claims from UFO researchers that she either "doesn't exist," or that "Martina Tycova is a 'pen name' that Kal Korff uses," or that "Martina is really Kal" or that "Kal is really Martina Tycova." All of this might be "funny" if people like Mac Tonnies, David Biedny, and Gene Steinberg were joking, but they are NOT! Misleading consumers and the general public with their false claims, Secret Wars exposes these "top" researchers and reveals information about their claims which they won't.

Martina Tycova comments "Who cares?" and "Let them think I'm a ghost," and laughs. She understands their problem. Martina Tycova has dealt with "paranormal researchers" before. She is familiar with their deceptions, and was even chased on foot by hoaxer Bob Gimlin in Yakima, Washington, while working on an expose of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin "Bigfoot" film hoax of 1967. Martina will be hosting an upcoming documentary on the 40th anniversary of this fraud, which was made to rip off consumers for money.

We begin filming a Kevin "Scandal" Randle moment in front of Dr. Josef Goebbel's Czech mistresses home. Goebbel's was never "faithful" to his German wife, and had many affairs, especially with movie stars and entertainers. In Prague, Goebbels bought this home, visible in the background here, for his Czech mistress. It still exists today, and is being reconstructed.

We chose this location because it was the source of much propaganda during the last century. In the UFO field, Kevin Randle is the greatest source of propaganda about Roswell, especially last century.

Kevin Randle's Roswell UFO books were EXPOSED last century in 1997, by this book here: The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know. DESPITE this fact, self-righteous UFO "researchers" such as Royce Myers III of UFO Watchdog.com, have the TEMERITY to MISLEAD consumers by declaring that Kevin Randle "is the voice of 'reason' within UFOlogy." Royce Myers lauding of Kevin Randle is disingenuous at best, and when combined with his uneven standards of evidence, misleads consumers. Royce Myers III's numerous false claims are exposed in the new TV series Secret Wars, and he is now the recipient of legal action because of his claims.

If you COMPARE the statements in Randle's Roswell book vs. Kal Korff's, you'll see that 10 YEARS later, Korff is still right. Not only were ALL of Kevin Randle's phony Roswell "witnesses" exposed 10 YEARS AGO in Korff's book, but so was the "research" of Kevin Randle in and of itself. Naturally, NONE of this SEEMS to matter to Royce Myers III of UFO Watchdog.com. WHY NOT? UFO Watchdog remains inexcusably SILENT about the numerous Roswell "research" scandals of Kevin Randle, which Royce never uncovered because he NEVER BOTHERED TO CHECK HIS FACTS!

As we were busy EXPOSING some of the various false claims of Kevin Randle, it SEEMS that even "God" agreed! As we were just getting to the ZENITH of the key points against Randle, thunder, lightning, wind and some rain began to all hit simultaneously.

Thunder, lightning, rain, it was ALL there! Here Kal reacts spontaneously to yet ANOTHER thunder bolt as "God agrees" about the scandals of Kevin Randle. We promise you, Kal is NOT doing or trying to do an impression of Jim Carey. He doesn't know how to, and is not that talented. :-)

Kal Korff RECEIVES Invitation to Collect Legal Documents Regarding Ray Santilli

Written by Jitka Subrtova
Tuesday, 24 July 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that its President and CEO, Kal Korff, has received an invitation from Czech Media Personality and Supermodel Miss Martina Tycova to visit her residence this week to "discuss" the recent legal actions she has now begun against Mr. Ray Santilli, creator of the "Alien Autopsy" film fraud.

"I have received a kind invitation from Martina Tycova to discuss the various legal actions she is now taking against Mr. Ray Santilli. While I have no sympathy for con artists, liars, scammers and individuals who engage in consumer fraud like Ray Santilli does, I will visit Martina and listen to whatever it is that she has to report concerning Mr. Santilli. I will also collect any documentation she cares to give me, and pass it along to the appropriate, responsible parties." explained Korff in a brief statement.


First Member of Legal Team Departs MONDAY to Begin Legal Proceedings Against Royce Myers III

Written by Administrator
Thursday, 19 July 2007

CriticalThinkers Announces New TV Episodes Exposing Roswell Huckster Dr. Kevin Randle

Written by Jitka Subrtova
Monday, 16 July 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that a brand new series of TV, DVD and video snippets exposing the more than 1,000 "mistakes" in Dr. Kevin "Scandal" Randle's Roswell UFO "research" will be unveiled to the global public this upcoming Thursday evening during the regular Kal's Korner weekly radio segment of Rob McConnell's "X' Zone Radio Show.

Israeli-based Special Secret Services Forwards MAIL FRAUD Info to U.S. Secret Services

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 12 July 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that Colonel Kal Korff of the Israeli-based Special Secret Services has forwarded to the United States Secret Services, emails concerning an Internet-based online SCAM designed to financially rip off citizens around the world.

"As we've indicated before, we cooperate FULLY with the U.S. Secret Services and other appropriate agencies around the world on items of mutual interest. We are enclosing just one of the emails we have forwarded onto the United States, to alert consumers in case they have received this unsolicited email scam as well. Our best advice is that if anyone else has received such similar letters, they should also forward them to the U.S. Secret Service if they are especially American citizens, although this is not a requirement." declared Colonel Korff in a brief statement.

LEGAL ACTIONS Against Royce Myers III of UFO Watchdog Begin in 96 Hours

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 12 July 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that in approximately 96 hours, "numerous" legal proceedings will start to commence against Mr. Royce Myers III of the Web-based UFO Watchdog.com.

KPMG AUDIT of Dr. Kevin Randle's Roswell "Crashed UFO" Claims Begins August 1, 2007

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 12 July 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that the KPMG audit of Dr. Kevin Randle's Roswell "crashed UFO" claims begins August 1, 2007.

"I am pleased to announce two things concerning the long overdue, public exposure of Roswell huckster Dr. Kevin Randle," explained Kal Korff, the President and CEO of CriticalThinkers. "First, Mr. Dusan Hub has been appointed to oversee and ride shotgun per se on this audit of Kevin Randle's many spurious claims, and that the KPMG audit of Kevin Randle's work is scheduled to start August 1st.

LAWYERS FINISH First TWO Legal Documents to Send to Royce Myers III/UFO Watchdog

Written by Public Relations
Tuesday, 10 July 2007

CriticalThinkers announced today that TWO groups of lawyers have now FINISHED their final drafts concerning documents that they will be formally serving against Mr. Royce Myers III of UFO Watchdog in the United States of America, as the legal process for suing Myers III now begins in earnest.

Kal Korff Explains Similarity of "Tycova Style"

Written by Jitka Subrtova
Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Kal Korff sat down with me for a short interview to discuss a question several people have raised about his writing style, versus that of Martina Tycova's. Kal not only anticipated this question, but laughed as he explained it. Here are his comments:

Q: A few people have noticed that you and Martina Tycova use many of the same phrases and have very similar writing styles. How do you explain this? She's not American, she's Czech. You're American, not Czech. How is this possible?

Martina Tycova Publishes FIRST Short Expose of Dr. Kevin "Scandal" Randle

Written by Kal Korff
Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Martina Tycova has now released the first of "more than 1,000" exposes of Roswell "crashed UFO" proponent and huckster, Dr. Kevin Randle, who often deceives consumers with his wild UFO claims. Also pointed out by Martina in her short expose piece is the fact that Randle has been caught - AGAIN! - and that NONE of this seems to "bother" Royce Myers III of UFO Watchdog fame, nor Mac Tonnes, another UFO researcher who supports Kevin Randle with joy.

Read this expose and decide for yourself, and feel free to email Dr. Kevin Randle and ask him WHERE his "unusual UFO 'crash site' piece of pumice went" and WHY, if it was so "unusual" as Dr. Randle claims, that he never bothered to submit it for on objective analysis by any geologic or scientific lab.

Like much of what Dr. Kevin Randle has written about concerning Roswell, Randle was first exposed more than 10 YEARS ago, this is another claim he makes that just wasn't true.

UFO Watchcat Publishes MORE Exposes of UFO Watchdog

Written by Public Relations
Monday, 9 July 2007

Czech Author, Media Personality and Supermodel Martina Tycova of UFO Watchcat fame has published yet more "exposes" of Royce Myers III of UFO Watchdog fame. For further information go to Web site where you can read the stories or click on the menu items.

Tycova notices and comments on several obvious things, such as the fact that UFO Watchdog has lost its credibility on several fronts, including Royce Myers III's endorsement of Roswell huckster Kevin Randle, whose shoddy Roswell "research" was EXPOSED more than 10 YEARS ago!

Registration Glitch Now Fixed

Written by Administrator
Sunday, 08 July 2007

During this past weekend, several people have reported problems registering themselves on our new Web site. As far as we know this glitch has now been fixed, we apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any further problems, please email us immediatedly at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

UFO Watchcat CONFIRMS Pending Motion for Class Action Lawsuit Against Ray Santilli & Gary Shoefield

Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 04 July 2007

UFO Watchcat has CONFIRMED news about a motion being filed in the courts of the United States and elsewhere to seek Class Action Lawsuit status for Consumer Fraud and other serious charges against Mr. Ray Santilli and his partner in the "Alien Autopsy" consumer fraud scam, Mr. Gary Shoefield.


EXCLUSIVE! NEW Stills from Reality-based TV Series "Secret Wars" Emerge

Written by Martina Tycova
Wednesday, 04 July 2007

The following are EXCLUSIVE images from the new reality-based TV show Secret Wars, a global production which stars an international cast. Secret Wars takes place and is filmed in Prague, Czech Republic, throughout Europe, as well as in the Middle East and as far as India.

Secret Wars chronicles the real-life adventures of Analyst, Author, Broadcaster, Columnist and Investigative Journalist Colonel Kal Korff, (SAPSTOE) of the Israeli-based Special Secret Services.

Secret Wars features Colonel Kal Korff and his team as they seek to investigate, solve, expose and bring to justice everything from "paranormal" X-Files-type mysteries which are reported by people around the world in real life, to fighting against terrorism and defending against consumer frauds and scams which take place in the world of the so-called "paranormal".

Secret Wars, because it IS a reality-based TV series, stars REAL people and its scripts are based on either REAL events or are entirely REAL events.

As a wise man once said, "Truth is stranger than fiction, and far more interesting and entertaining." 

Secret Wars is EduTainment, it is an independent, international production which stars almost no Americans and often includes subtitles due to the wide number of languages which are spoken in scenes. Secret Wars features mostly Europeans, people from the Middle East and all other parts of the world.

While the audience and attraction for Secret Wars is truly international, it is also expected to have a large American viewership since it "stars" American Kal Korff, and focuses on many issues which touch the hearts of Americans worldwide, as well as people of every nationality.

Kal Korff Appointed European Bureau Chief of Rob McConnell's "X" Zone Radio Show

Written by Public Relations
Tuesday, 03 July 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that its President and Chief Exectuive Officer, Kal Korff, has been appointed as the new European Bureau Chief for The "X" Zone Radio Show, hosted by famed Canadian Broadcaster Rob McConnell.

"I am truly honored and genuinely humbled by this completely unsolicited and welcomed offer by Mr. Rob McConnell of The "X" Zone Radio Show. To be given this tremendous opportunity is a responsibility I assure you I will take not only very seriously, but execute fully to my capabilities," remarked Kal Korff in a brief statement.

"Although Rob McConnell's The "X" Zone Radio Show broadcasts from Canada, it is carried and syndicated on the TalkStar Radio Network worldwide, and is part of The "X" Zone Nation which includes The "X" Zone Radio Show and "X" Zone TV."

Rob McConnell's The "X" Zone Radio Show can also be heard on the Internet and is available for podcasting to the more than 100 million users of Apple's iTunes software and its ubiquitous iPod multimedia player.

Kal Korff will act as The "X" Zone's European Bureau Chief and for the Czech Republic, and will now seek to build a network of "X" Zone reporters and sources throughout the European Union and as far as Russia.

NOTE: Kal Korff is heard on The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show every Friday Morning from 1 am - 2 am Eastern / Thursday night 10 AM\\PM - 11 PM Pacific during the Summer, and in the fall Friday morning from 12 AM - 2 AM Eastern, 9 PM - 11 PM Pacific. To watch and listen to The 'X' Zone Radio / TV Show LIVE, Monday Friday, 10 PM - 2 AM Eastern / 7 PM - 11 PM Pacific, go to www.xzonetv.com.

Shin Bet STOPS Hamas Infiltrations into Jerusalem's Temple Mount

Written by Public Relations
Tuesday, 03 July 2007

CriticalThinkers has confirmed that the Israeli-based Special Secret Services (S3) have worked in secrecy during these past 18 months to help monitor, track and expose various "charitable institutions" such as the Saudi-based "Union of Good" charity foundation which in truth acts as a source of money laundering and financial support for the Hamas terrorist organization.

"During these past several hours the Israeli Shin Bet has arrested more than a dozen individuals in a series of raids, who are part of a large, complex and longterm plan to eventually seize control and then destroy the Temple Mount. This is not an exaggeration, it is undisputed fact.

"The timing of this operation was coincidental, it has nothing to do with the recent terrorist attack in London a few days ago, which has been linked to an al-Qaeda cell and involves several doctors," declared Kal Korff, who is a Counterterrorism Analyst and Specialist who also holds the rank of Colonel in the S3.

Tommy Allison and Kal Korff to Issue Joint Statement Soon...

Written by Public Relations
Tuesday, 03 July 2007

American Artist and Sculptor Mr. Tommy Allison and Kal Korff will be issuing a Joint Statement soon...

Ray Santilli, Kevin Randle, David Biedny, Gene Steinberg and UFO Watchdog - EXPOSED in New TV Series

Written by Public Relations
Sunday, 01 July 2007

CriticalThinkers announced today that it has begun uploading to a secure Internet-based server for registered viewers, the first of dozens of still images and video preview clips which expose some of the top "personalities" and frauds in the UFO field.

CriticalThinkers CONFIRMS Negotiations with Major News Provider

Written by Jitka Subrtova
Thursday, 28 June 2007

CriticalThinkers has confirmed today that it has entered into negotiations with a major news provider who has contacted them seeking to form a strategic partnership.

BREAKING NEWS! Corrupt Oregon District Attorney Campbell Loses Round 2 as Well, Round 3 Next

Written by Jitka Subrtova
Thursday, 28 June 2007



That's a hint for you folks...and also the District Attorney.