Wayback Machine Snap Shot: October, 2007

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Kal Korff first started lecturing at the young age of 13! Kal has given thousands of speeches to more than 400,000 (ed, this is a lie - LINK) people across the United States, throughout Europe and in the Middle East. The subjects are diverse: the War Against Terrorism, JFK's assassination, UFOlogy, the Cold War, the Search for ExTraterrestrial Intelligence or SETI; Multi-media Technologies; Counter-terrorism Analysis and Planning, Graph-ical User Interfaces, HyperTalk Languages; Universal Human Rights, Nanotechnology, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or "Star Wars" Program; Paranormal Investigations, the War in Afghanistan and Iraq.

UFO WatchCat Gives Don Ecker 48 Hour Ultimatum to Admit Falsehoods or Face MORE Media Exposure

Written by Public Relations
Friday, 12 October 2007

UFO WatchCat.com, a web site run by Czech supermodel, author, broadcaster and media personality Miss Martina Tycova, has sent an email to Mr. Don Ecker giving him 48 hours to either retract his false claims he made against Colonel Kal Korff, or Ecker will be exposed in an upcoming TV show and in a magazine which hits the market early next week.

At issue is Ecker's FALSE CLAIM that Kal Korff never worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

"Don Ecker has made a claim against Kal Korff which is not true. Don Ecker has NO EVIDENCE that Kal Korff never worked for LLNL. Instead, there is only evidence that Korff did. I have sent Ecker a 48 hour ultimatum, I will publish his response, or lack of." said Ms. Tycoova in a statement released to the largest media center in Central Europe.

"If Don Ecker had bothered to check his facts, he would have discovered the same evidence we did, and that anyone else can."


Colonel Kal Korff to TELEPHONE and WARN CORRUPT DA Stephen Campbell

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 11 October 2007


Tel Aviv, Israel -- Prague, Czech Republic, European Union

The Israeli-founded Special Secret Services has announced that Colonel Kal Korff will be "personally" telephoning corrupt District Attorney Stephen Capmbell to "discuss the issue of Kurtis Korff and literally give DA Campbell an ultimatum."

"I am pleased to announce that I have been given orders by my superior and Commanding Officer to now telephone the corrupt District Attorney Mr. Stephen Campbell starting next week. Whether Mr. Campbell 'likes' this development or not, is irrelevant. The media will be watching, we will FILM THIS FOR TV and release to the media.

"DA Stephen Campbell should be worried if he really has half a brain.

"Mr. Campbell is guilty of numerous civil rights abuses, which are all serious felonies. His pattern is blatantly obvious and easily verifiable: he keeps people in jail for as long as possible, and then at the last minute drops all charges. The Courts ruled long ago that this is Unconstutional. We agree.

"I would also like to sincerely thank the EIGHT PEOPLE who have since come forth, and have now offered up evidence to be used against DA Campbell. Clearly, we are not the only ones who are demanding that justice be done, and that Mr. Campbell be prosecuted."


Special Secret Services to Send Evidence AGAINST Corrupt DA Stephens on 17 Oct to Authorities in USA

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 11 October 2007

Tel Aviv, Israel -- Prague, Czech Republic, European Union

The Israeli-founded Special Secret Services has announced that on Monday, October 17, 2007 they will be sending evidence "and other items of mutual interest" to be used in the investigtation for corruption charges, conspiracy, and civil rights violations of inmates by District Attorney Stephen Campbell. Colonel Kal Korff will be sending this material straight to Sheriff Gil Gilbertson and various investigative officials at the State and Federal levels, as promised some two months ago.

"As the world knows, and everyone can watch these videos by clicking here, I promised to send to Sheriff Gil Gilbertson and other officials, evidence and items of mutual interest concerning corrupt District Attorney Mr. Stephen Campbell. I am pleased to announce, now that the forensic tests are in and prove my brother is INNOCENT, that we are now proceeding." declared Colonel Korff.

"Accordingly, next Monday we will be sending this material to begin the long series of steps to try and prosecute DA Stephens, to file lawsuits against the police officers who lied and have obviously covered this all up, and we also expect to make use of this material to help Sheriff Gilbertson further snuff out corruption, which is one of the main reasons we and others helped elect him to office."


BREAKING NEWS! Forensic Tests PROVE Kurtis Korff Was Shot In Police Cover-up!

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 11 October 2007


Forensic tests CONFIRM Oregon Deputy Jim Geiger LIED about the shooting of Kurtis Korff!


Soures inside Josephine County District Attorney's office have CONFIRMED that the forensic tests have now come back concerning the wrongful shooting of Kurtis Kern Korff by Oregon Deputy Jim Geiger!

The results of these forensic tests PROVE that Kurtis Korff was NOT driving the car and COULD NOT have been shot the way that police have claimed, and now it can be proven, LIED in their reports.

"I warned Sgt. Royce Myers III many months ago, who trains such officers, that there was a cover-up, that the police shot my brother NOT for the reasons they lied and claimed to in their report. The forensic tests are now in, and they prove conclusively that he was NOT even behind the wheel of the car when he was shot." declared Kal Korff, the older brother of Kurtis Korff, who is a Colonel in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, also known as the YS3 or S3 in some circles.

"Josephine County District Attorney Campbell is corrupt, and he is covering up the truth here. Another set of tests is now underway, and they will NOT change this verdict. Accordingly, the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services will now contact Campbell's superiors and officials at the State and Federal level, and we will work with the Department of Justice to try and have these two Deputies put on trial, and to also try and convict District Attorney Stephen Campbell for his crimes. Let's remember that Campbell's close assistant, a man he tried to give $10,000 to after he was forced to resign for corruption, specifically resigned for reasons of corruption."

"I will be speaking with the proper authorities about all of this ASAP, and we will film this for TV. I have also authorized my investors and financial backers and legal representatives to show no mercy, deliver whatever justice the law allows us to extract, and to boil these rabbits slowly, painfully and publicly.

"Let me be clear so no one lies or distorts my position: the victim just happens to be my brother. We are fighting for PRINCIPLES here and JUSTICE. As my emails to Royce Myers III always have shown, I seek nothing but justice. My brother did NOT try to 'run over' a policeman. He would have to be behind the wheel of a car to do so, and my brother is NOT that kind of person. The forensic tests NOW PROVE HE DID NOT!"

"This also proves that yet another one of Royce Myers III's colleagues has also lied and is wrong. This would be David Biedny. He lied by saying my brother tried to 'mow down' some police officers. This is AFTER Biedny was caught lying, saying that my brother tried to 'shoot' some police officers.

David Biedny LIED about Kurtis Korff when he claimed that he 'tried to shoot' a police officer. After Kal Korff caught Biedny and exposed him for his lie, Biedny made another lie claiming that Kurtis Korff tried to 'mow down' police officers. Forensic tests prove Biedny is wrong. David Biedny, a close colleague of Royce Myers III, has threatened Colonel Kal Korff with physical, bodily harm, on more than one occasion. Despite being in law enforcement, Royce Myers III has said NOTHING about this, and CONTINUES to "endorse" David Biedny. The police reports against David Biedny will be published soon and are being shown on TV and are being made available to the media.
"Maybe now my so-called 'critics' will finally understand WHY it is that this same 'clique' keeps behaving the way they do. We will continue to work with authorities and the media, including prosecutors and police, to deliver justice and expose before the world how these people are and hold them FULLY accountable. I sincerely hope they make the mistake and think that this is all 'bravado.'"

Don Ecker's LIES to be EXPOSED on the "X" Zone Radio Show Tonight!

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 11 October 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that its President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, will be exposing the false claims and lies of Mr. Don Ecker, the former Editor and Publisher of UFO Magazine, before Mr. Ecker sold out to UFO literary fraud and hoaxer, William Birnes,

"Last week, Mr. Don Ecker made some very serious allegations against me. Despite NOT checking his facts, he lied and told people that I never worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory! Can you believe this? Ecker also said I 'promoted myself' to the rank of Colonel, which is not possible, and of course it is yet another lie. Ecker also denies that I solved JFK's assassination, despite the fact that the media covered this event a long time ago and that I was on a special episode of CNN's Larry King Live, receiving formal recognition for doing exactly this. In short, Don Ecker has not only lied, but he is in outright denial of evidence which has been out there in the public record, ireefutably and undeniably, for as much as 19 years!" declared Kal Korff.

"This unfortunate behavior by Don Ecker WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to stand, and I am grateful to Mr. Rob McConnell once again for giving me the chance to prove WHO is telling the truth here. While it is unfortunate that Mr. Ecker has chosen to ignore reality where it concerns me, this is now Mr. Ecker's rightful liability."

Kal Korff will present irrefutable evidence that Don Ecker's claims are literally lies. Korff will present this material on Rob McConnell's "X" Zone Radio Show tonight at 10-11PM Pacific Standard Time, 1-2AM Eastern Standard Time, 7-8AM Central European Time.

In addition, UFO WatchCat will be releasing an issue of their magazine which not only proves Ecker has lied, but it contains several key pieces of evidence Ecker remains in absolute denial of. Consumers can purchase this stunning expose starting immediately when the broadcast begins.

"Let this be a lesson to UFOOLogists everywhere," said Kal Korff, "just because you refuse to 'believe' something and choose to ignore evidence which has never been in dispute and has been in the public record for 19 years, does NOT automatically make it reality. As Don Ecker and his clique will find out tonight, they've been caught lying, and now the world will now this side of them and how they really are.

"Let us never forget, as the UFO WatchCat expose of Ecker makes clear, Ecker jumped into bed and into a business partnership with a PROVEN literary fraud and hoaxer, William Birnes, co-author of the literary fraud and hoax, The Day After Roswell."

Kal Korff: I DO NOT WANT Their "Endorsements"

Written by Jitka Subrtova
Sunday, 07 October 2007

Colonel Kal Korff was having coffee after filming a scene for his upcoming reality-based TV series, Secret Wars, where he and his Adjutant, Warrant Officer Avim Askenazi of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, are shown reviewing a list of "leadership targets" to execute various operations against.

The scene is very revealing, for it shows how Korff's Warrant Officer and other colleagues associated with him and the intelligence community are really "taking it to" certain parties in the field of UFO "research."

This unprecedented cooperation, is the direct result of a quid pro quo that Korff cut in the year 2000 right before he left the United States permanently, to live in Europe and Israel.

Kal Korff to Meet with Dusan Hub This Week re Kevin Randle's KPMG Audit

Written by Jitka Subrtova
Sunday, 07 October 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that its President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, will be meeting with Mr. Dusan Hub, who is overseeing the KPMG audit now underway of Major Kevin Randle's fraudulent Roswell UFO "research."

"I have received a request by Mr. Dusan Hub, who is a fine man, to meet this week. I have accepted his invitation, and I look forward to seeing him again. It has been several months. During our meeting we will be discussing several things, including the KPMG audit of Royce Myers III's 'good buddy' Kevin Randle, who is in the process of being widely exposed," declared Kal Korff.

"I will report back to everyone what the outcome of this meeting is, and we expect to also record it for the Secret Wars reality-based show.

"After this footage airs, it will be interesting to see if either Major Kevin Randle and Royce Myers III continue to lie and deceive consumers by claiming that Randle's Roswell 'research' is credible -- when it certainly is not."



Written by Kal Korff
Sunday, 07 October 2007

Dear World,

It is probably NOT "surprising" to many of you by now, especially if you have been following these events over this past year, but Royce Myers III CONTINUES to ignore the exposes which are now being published which DISPROVE the "research" of his colleague, Roswell "crashed UFO" huckster and promoter, Dr. Kevin Randle.

UFO WatchCat, which was formed by Martina Tycova specifically because of the behavior of Royce Myers III, has now published ELEVEN exposes of Randle.

Royce Myers III, naturally, IGNORES and REFUSES to admit or acknowledge these things, just like Royce REFUSES to BE HONEST WITH CONSUMERS and ADMIT that he has LIED about numerous events, especially concerning myself and others.

Naturally, Royce mentions NONE of this on his web site either.



Bill Hamilton - PROMOTER of HOAXES!

Written by Kal Korff
Sunday, 07 October 2007

Dear World,

William Hamilton is a UFO "believer" who endorses such hoaxes as the MJ-12 fraud. Not only is Hamilton a promoter of hoaxes, but he makes numerous false statements.

For example, Hamilton claims that triangular-shaped craft, "approximately 10,000 feet wide" were seen over the skies of Arizona over 10 years ago.

Really? So "certain" are we, Bill?

There's a very BIG PROBLEM here with Hamilton's statement: it is neither scientific nor is it even good psudoscience. Instead, this "10,000 feet" figure, is simply something HAMILTON WISHES TO "BELIEVE" -- which is NOT something a real scientist, investigative journalist nor an objective researcher would ever do

Don Ecker: Prepare to EAT YOUR HAT!

Written by Kal Korff
Thursday, 04 October 2007

Dear World,

Mr. Don Ecker, a former Editor of the sensationalistic-leaning magazine "UFO Magazine," has said that I never worked as a Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.

Can you IMAGINE this folks?

I guess Mr. Ecker, as usual, failed to find several newspaper articles written AT THAT TIME which PROVE it.

Ecker is so incompetent, he CAN'T even find the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services on the Internet!

Don Ecker says "I will eat my hat" if he is wrong.

Well, Don, I have known you for years. As far as I know, you DO NOT WEAR A HAT.


Challenge to Mr. Ecker: PROVE that I (Kal Korff) NEVER WORKED at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Then, PROVE that I am NOT a Colonel in the S3, and that my email address at this facility is "imaginary."

Don Ecker, it is probably BEST that you quit the UFO field. Ever since you sold OUT to Roswell mythmaker William Birnes regarding Colonel Corso's false claims, you have never been the "same."

For an EXPOSE even Ecker CANNOT deny of his "buddy" William Birnes, one of the greatest UFO sensationalist writers of all time, CLICK BELOW

A Massacre in Burma - Yet Another UN FAILURE

Written by Kal Korff
Monday, 01 October 2007

Dear World,

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere condolences to the thousands of people who have lost their loved ones thanks to the brutal and genocidal regime and military junta which presently runs Burma.

As the world is now discovering, after it is too late of course to have stopped it from hapening, the ruthless despots who run Burma have now murdered thousands of religious monks and other peaceful people and have dumped their bodies into the killing jungles which surround this regime.

While the United Nations will surely "investigate" this crime against humanity as it should, it is precisely BECAUSE the United Nations does NOT distinguish between brutal dictatorships and genuine democracies, that such tragedies will continue to happen.

While the concept of the UN is vital for the survival of the human race, as long as countries which do not respect human rights are allowed to continue to get away with their crimes, -- they certainly will.

Whenever new ones flare up, other than the specific horror of them, they should NOT "surprise" anyone, nor especially any "investigative" body. Indeed, if everyone were HONEST about this subject, common sense and plain logic prove that until a problem is genuinely fixed, it is NOT "fixed."

Until Burma respects human rights and becomes a genuine democracy, any regime which runs it WILL KILL AGAIN!

The question and challenge now remain:


Time will prove what we did, and more importantly, failed to do.

UFO WatchCat Posts FIRST 11 EXPOSES of Dr. Kevin Randle's Roswell "Research"

Written by Public Relations
Monday, 01 October 2007

UFO WatchCat has published their first eleven expose points concerning Roswell "UFO crash" huckster Dr. Kevin Randle's "research." According to UFO WatchCat, they'll be publishing over 1,000 more!

Each claim of Randle's which is disproven or exposed, is quoted verbatim and the reference citations are numbered so that anyone can independently verify WHO is telling the truth or WHO got things accurate.

Based on what has been published so far by UFO WatchCat, Dr. Kevin Randle is already behind 0-11 and counting.


Royce Myers III: One Sided Bias, As Usual

Written by Kal Korff
Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Dear World,

I am sorry to have to take the time to address this issue, but based on your email complaints to us, it seems as if taking a brief moment out here to address this issue is the responsible thing to do.

Recently, several of you who claim to be "fans" of Royce Myers III and his UFO "watchdog" web site, have been complaining to us, of all people, wondering WHY it is that Royce has published a series of articles about the invitation I recently received to debate Kevin Randle over Roswell, but has posted NO indication that I (Kal Korff) will respond to this "challenge" just as soon as my schedule permits.

Folks, I have NO IDEA WHY it is that Royce Myers III consistently (at least where it concerns me and certain parties) presents only ONE SIDE (his view) of events.

Instead, I can only tell you that this is Royce, and obviously such behavior is NOT honest nor ethical.

Royce Myers III Gets CAUGHT Using BOGUS "Evidence"!

Written by Public Relations
Sunday, 16 September 2007

UFO WatchCat, which was created according to its founder, Miss Martina Tycova, to: "protect consumers from the many false claims of Royce Myers III and UFO Watchdog," has published a "smoking gun" expose concerning Royce Myers III.

According to Martina, there are a lot more exposes of Royce coming out soon, in order to try and protect consumers.

This specific expose of Royce shows how he got CAUGHT trying to use a bogus newspaper article as "evidence" against Kal Korff. This article even shows Kal wearing glasses!

UFO WatchCat Begins EXPOSES of More than 1,000 "Mistakes" in Kevin Randle's Roswell "Research"

Written by Public Relations
Sunday, 16 September 2007

UFO WatchCat has begun its long-promised series exposing more than 1,000 "mistakes" in the Roswell UFO "research" of Dr. Kevin Randle and his former colleague, Mr. Donald Schmitt.

Col. Korff Answers Questions about the "911" Attacks Six Years Ago

Written by Jitka Subrtova
Monday, 10 September 2007

As a Colonel in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, Kal Korff knows a lot about terrorism and especially counter-terrorism. His much anticipated upcoming book on these subjects, a rumored trilogy, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, is scheduled to be published by Prometheus Books in 2008. This enormous undertaking represents the crowning achievement of a truly herculean effort Korff began over five years ago.

On the sixth anniversary of the terrorist attacks launched by Osama bin Laden, Colonel Kal Korff took a few moments out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions and share some insights.

Earth to Paul Kimball: It's NOT "Secret" - Stop LYING!

Written by Kal Korff
Thursday, 06 September 2007

ear World,

I hate to bother you again over yet another false claim which has been made by Paul Kimball, but as you know, once in a while we do make a point to expose them when he makes them, (which unfortunately is quite often), in the interests of informing and protecting consumers from misinformation and falsehoods.

The reason I am doing this, is so that it will STOP Paul Kimball from continuing to make this specific false claim. If he persists, then at least the public will know the truth, and know he is lying.

Recently, Paul Kimball made the FALSE claim, a lie actually, that I (Kal Korff) belong to some sort of "secret" organization.


I guess Paul "knows" something I do not, despite the fact it is MY life.

For the record, folks, I certainly do NOT belong to any so-called "secret" organization.

Major Kevin Randle: A Preliminary Response, Another Expose of his FALSE Claims

Written by Kal Korff
Wednesday, 05 September 2007

Dear World,



Note: This is my temporary, formal response to Major Kevin Randle. Because I am using terminal software to compose this, I have used ALL CAPS here for emphasis, I am NOT "screaming" as some people will wrongfully claim, nor am I "upset" nor especially am I, as Major Kevin Randle wrongfully claims, "full of hate." This response to Major Randle is my formal one until I have more time (sometime during the next 4-6 weeks) to compose a more detailed reply which includes various forms of documenation against Major Randle that I am now waiting to receive. I cannot speed this process up, plus I have numerous other things to do which are far more important, like trying to help in the fight to stop Iran. Here is my lengthy response, I do apologize for the fact that it is long, but having "dealt" with Major Kevin Randle and his colleagues such as Mr. Paul Kimball and Royce Myers III before, I must go over such fine details to help insure that consumers are fully informed (and hopefully protected) where it concerns false claims and especially, deliberate omissions of relevant information made by both Major Randle and his colleagues as the following content here easily proves. Here goes:

Major Kevin D. Randle Gets CAUGHT - Yet ANOTHER LIE!

Written by Kal Korff
Wednesday, 05 September 2007

(Note: ALL CAPS used for emphasis, not "yelling.")

Dear World,

I hate to trouble you for a moment, but Major Kevin D. Randle, yes, the same Kevin Randle which has claimed for years that the U.S. Goverment has threatened to "kill" or "shoot" people who dare to "spill the beans about the Roswell UFO crash," has been CAUGHT spreading yet another lie!

Some people, at least over here, are now beginning to wonder if Major Randle has not now "lost it" entirely.

New Details of KPMG Audit of Dr. Kevin Randle Emerge - UPDATED!

Written by Public Relations
Monday, 03 September 2007

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that more information concerning the audit by KPMG of Roswell UFO researcher Dr. Kevin Randle will be released shortly.

"I hope to meet again with the liaison shortly who has been appointed for this KPMG audit project of Dr. Kevin Randle. In the meantime, Major Randle claims he has contacted KPMG, apparently three times, and says he has 'no evidence' that he is being audited," said Kal Korff, the President and CEO of CriticalThinkers.org.

Kal Korff Talks about Royce Myers III's Legal Troubles and Consumer Fraud

Written by Public Relations
Monday, 03 September 2007

Kal Korff took a few minutes out from his hectic schedule, especially lately, to answer some questions at a press event concerning Royce Myers III and UFO Watchdog in general, addressing the current problems the both of them are having. Here are Kal's statements:

Question: Do you think that Royce Myers III feels a little "guilty" now over the fact that he has obviously published some things about you which were not true, but he has yet to retract them?

Col. Kal Korff to Talk to UK Officials: "WHY Do You let Hamas Run a Web Site in Great Britain?"

Written by Public Relations
Sunday, 02 September 2007

"The terrorist group Hamas is once again running a Internet-based Web site," said Kal Korff, the President and CEO of CriticalThinkers.org who is also a counter terrorism analyst and specialist. "Since Has has been declared to be a terrorist group, I shall be asking British officials what they think about this development and I promise to report back to the media whatever the results of our inquiry may yield."

"Let's give it the time to do this right," said Korff.


The ORIGINAL MJ-12 Documents: Now A PROVEN HOAX!

Written by Kal Korff
Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Longtime veteran UFO researchers Barry Greenwood and Brad Sparks have jointly authored a paper which COMPLETELY EXPOSES AND DESTROYS ANY POSSIBILITY that the so-called "MJ-12" documents are real. In other words, as I indicated in my book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know 10 YEARS AGO, the MJ-12 documents are now a PROVEN FRAUD.

MORE UFOOLogy: Royce Myers III and David Biedny BLOW IT AGAIN - "No Such Hebrew Name as Avim"

Written by Kal Korff
Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Dear World,

Here are some more GREAT examples of UFOOLogy at its best. In the interests of informing and helping protect consumers, let's review some of the latest sideshows now underway.

1. Recently, Royce Myers III "found" an article that was written on me which was published by the San Jose Mercury News last century. Congratulations, Royce, for finding something on the Internet.

What Royce does NOT tell anyone, naturally, is that this article contains many falsehoods. Instead, Royce distributes this article to his "buddies" like David Biedny, and he accepts this article's contents as if it were factual. Same with David Biedny.

From Kal Korff: Myths about Disagreements vs. Lies and "Dire Threats" of Legal Actions

Written by Kal Korff
Monday, 13 August 2007

Dear World,

I would like to take a moment to address two claims which have been made for some time now by certain parties. While I am sorry to have to waste your time on all this, it has been my experience that if lies are not sufficiently addressed, exposed for what they are and then refuted, depending on the motives of those who say them, such untruths can grow their own legs over time, and in the minds of people and consumers, become supposed "facts."

The two issues I wish to speak about today concern the claims made in the UFO field by various parties, yes, by those people who "believe" in Little Grey Men, that we go after or "expose" people who "disagree" with either us, or specifically myself, Kal Korff.

This, is pure NONSENSE.

SEVEN MORE Preview Clips from Secret Wars Released

Written by Public Relations
Friday, 03 August 2007

CriticalThinkers.org released seven more video clips from the upcoming reality-based TV series Secret Wars, which makes its broadcast debut officially on Holloween of this year. The latest clips show Czech lawer Jiri Adamcik explaining what a "witness" is, disproving Paul Kimball.

Click here to view the Paul Kimball clip.

Other clips reveal physical threats of violence against Colonel Kal Korff made by David Biedny, more exposes of Royce Myers III of UFO Watchdog, and other assorted content revealing some of the individuals who are featured in the new show.

Click here to view the David Biedny clip.

"Once again our 'critics' are being exposed. This is long overdue, and it is just beginning," said Kal Korff, right before he began his weekly radio show on Rob McConnell's X Zone Radio Show.


Kevin Randle Gets AUDITED over FALSE CLAIMS about Roswell!

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 02 August 2007

Roswell UFO huckster Kevin Randle is being AUDITED by KPMG for his numerous false and fanciful claims concerning the mythical Roswell "UFO crash" of 1947.

Click the image above to view the video, or click here.

"We first announced several months ago that our investors were going to hire KPMG to audit Mr. Kevin Randle and prove to the world what we have been saying all along and for more than 10 years now, that Kevin Randle's Roswell UFO 'research' and claims of alien bodies being secretly hidden by the U.S. Government are a bunch of hooey and nonsense, they are in fact a libel and slander against the good name of the U.S. Governmet and the hard working honorable men and women in its military," explained Kal Korff, the President and CEO.

KPMG AUDIT of Kevin Randle NOW BEGINS As Promised! Randle is in TROUBLE Now

Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 26 July 2007

Colonel Kal Korff of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services was at KPMG today to participate in a press event and to make a broadcast announcement to the media and the Secret Wars TV crew that the audit of Dr. Kevin Randle's phony Roswell 'UFO crash and dead aliens were recovered' claims has now begun. Korff is shown here holding up during the filming and announcement,Randle's bestselling Roswell book which was EXPOSED 10 YEARS ago -- a FACT conveniently ignored and deliberately omitted by Royce Myers III, Paul Kimball, David Biedny, Gene Steinberg and Mac Tonnies.

CriticalThinkers.org announced today that the formal FORENSIC AUDIT of Dr. Kevin Randle's wild and sensationalized claims that the U.S. Government is "hiding alien bodies" and secretly recovered an "extraterrestrial spacecraft" near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, has begun.

"I would like to thank the fine folks over at KPMG who agreed to let us film at their offices earlier today to make the formal announcement which kicks off the formal audit of Kevin Randle's false and phony Roswell UFO 'conspiracy' and wild cover-up claims. For the record, let us be clear: Kevin Randle libels and slanders and defames the U.S. Government when he claims that they recovered an 'alien' spacecraft, along with its extraterrestrial crew,' and are keeping all of this amazing stuff 'secret' from the American people. Such claims are pure NONSENSE, and they are a LIE," explained Kal Korff, the President and CEO.

Kal Korff DENIES Calling Paul Kimball's "Buddy" a "Racist"

Written by Kal Korff
Wednesday, 01 August 2007

Dear World,

I'll make this statement fairly short and to the point:

Mr. Paul Kimball of Red Star Films, who has told repeated falsehoods and lies about me in the past, has done it AGAIN! However, this time it will COST Mr. Kimball "dearly" -- I won't elaborate right now, but as I cautioned Mr. Kimball before, based on his past behavior, "May he now live in interesting times."

Paul Kimball has LIED by saying that I called his friend Mac Tonnies a "racist."



For the record, folks, I know of NOWHERE I have claimed that Mac Tonnies is a "racist."

NOT Surprisingly, Paul Kimball BREAKS HIS WORD, LIES TO "JUSTIFY" IT!

Written by Kal Korff
Wednesday, 01 August 2007

NOTE FROM ADMINISTRATOR: A LINE-BY-LINE REFUTATION OF PAUL KIMBALL'S LATEST FALSE CLAIMS WILL BE PUBLISHED LATER TODAY, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with Kal Korff right after the filming of the KPMG Audit announcement of Kevin Randle for his Roswell UFO "research". Until further notice, this AVATAR will be used to symbolize Paul Kimball and his "fascination" with "Red Stars," which are an OFFENSE to the many victims of Communist genocide and oppression. Symbols are important to many people, the "Red Star" is even MORE infamous in history than the Nazi Swastika. - Admin


Dear World,

Canadian producer Paul Kimball, has BROKEN a commitment for a "truce" he offered which was formally accepted by me. The "deal" Paul Kimball offered, via his own initiative through our mutual colleague Brad Sparks, was that he would not talk about me, and I would not talk about him.

As the record clearly proves, I, Kal Korff, KEPT my "end" of the bargain.

Now, Paul Kimball has decided to "attack" again. In my opinion, this is an incredibly stupid thing for Paul Kimball to do. Let me explain why:


Written by Kal Korff
Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Constitutionally-Protected Op Ed Piece:

Dear World,

For the past several months now, Kevin Randle has been challenged by "X" Zone Radio Show host Mr. Rob McConnell to at least ONE debate against me concerning his Roswell UFO "research" -- which, for the record, was exposed as a SCAM more than 10 YEARS AGO in my book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know, which remains the bestselling Roswell expose of all time.

Unfortunately, Kevin Randle REFUSES to debate!

Readers Submit their own "UFO Watchdog" Photos in Reaction to Exposes of Royce Myers III

Written by Public Relations
Monday, 30 July 2007

Parody Commentary:

Several readers have sent in their own, funny "UFO Watchdog" photos in hilarious commentaries about Royce Myers III and the fact that he's finally being exposed