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  • UFO Cult LeaderBilly Meier To Receive FIRST of Several Legal Complaints Starting Next Week!
  • Oops, He (Phil Langdon) Did It Again: Poor Michael Horn and theBilly Meier UFO Cult!
  • BREAKING NEWS!Billy Meier UFO Cult Spokesman Michael Horn to be ARRESTED as Early as Next Week?
  • Here It Comes: TheBilly Meier UFO Cult Xposed and Now Being Prosecuted
  • Official Police Complaints Against Michael Horn, Promoter of theBilly Meier UFO Cult Get Released Next Week!

UFO Cult Leader Billy Meier To Receive FIRST of Several Legal Complaints Starting Next Week!

Written by UFO WatchCat
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 04:22

Dear World,

Although we are NOT "psychic" (and neither is Billy Meier, he just claims to be), we "predict" that UFO cult leader Meier will start receiving the first of several legal complaints against him covering a wide variety of charges. As these developments unfold, UFO WatchCat will be sending some personnel to Switzerland to cover these historical developments firsthand.

With both the police and lawyers scheduled to "descend" on Meier very soon, as well as Michael Horn, the public will get to see how all of this eventually plays out, and which parties are telling the truth.

Ironically, thanks to the enormous attention Michael Horn's antics have caused and raised, our web sites are experiencing RECORD traffic, with as many as 1,200 people online at ONCE! This is at least 60% greater traffic than "normal" — interest in the new 32 volume definitive series exposing the Meier UFO Cult is widespread and intense.

Wait til you see how this new web site gets redesigned today, as we prepare to start shipping some major expose products which we've long been promising.


Oops, He (Phil Langdon) Did It Again: Poor Michael Horn and the Billy Meier UFO Cult!

Written by Public Relations
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 02:58

Here is another one ofBilly Meier's FRAUDULENT "UFO" photos he claims shows a "real extraterrestrial spacecraft."

Recreation ofBilly Meier's hoax UFO photos by Phil Langdon.

Phil Langdon's recreations of Meier's hoax 'UFO' pictures PROVES that anyone who bothers trying, can duplicate them contrary to the false claims and deceptions of Michael Horn and the Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland.

BREAKING NEWS! Billy Meier UFO Cult Spokesman Michael Horn to be ARRESTED as Early as Next Week?

Written by Public Relations
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 02:48

Dear World,

UFO WatchCat has just received word from the United States that none other than Michael Horn may soon be arrested as early as next week on a variety of charges, including consumer fraud, as California authorities prepare to decide what actions they plan to take. If this happens, key word if, UFO WatchCat will bring you this exclusive information, and try to obtain photographs and video of this event, in the interests of informing and protecting trusting consumers from the claims of Michael Horn and the Meier UFO Cult he promotes.

In a similar move, the first official POLICE actions in Switzerland against UFO Cult LeaderBilly Meier are expected to commence.

UFO WatchCat will keep you informed, as always...

Here It Comes: The Billy Meier UFO Cult Xposed and Now Being Prosecuted

Written by UFO WatchCat
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 02:33

Dear World,

As everyone knows, we have been working "beyond hard" to finish our sweeping, historic and definitive Xpose series on the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland that Michael Horn is the official spokesman for.

The total number of books in this Xpose series is 32. Yes, that's right: 32 — and we are NOT exaggerating. As this article and preview PROVES, EVERY significant aspect of the Billy Meier "UFO Contactee" case is revealed for what it really is — a massive scam operation and consumer fraud, and most importantly, a dangerous anti-Semite, anti-Christian, and anti-Islamic "UFO" religious cult.

Eduard Billy Meier claims to the "The Last Prophet of Humanity" after Jesus Christ and Islam's Mohammad. Billy Meier also claims that the texts of the Torah, the Holy Bible (Old and New Testament) and the Koran are frauds, their content was changed and forged by unscrupulous Jews to certain Muslims. If anyone does NOT believe me, PLEASE WRITE the self-proclaimed "Prophet of All Humankind," Mr. Eduard Billy Meier yourself.

Calling FRAUD Where It IS FRAUD — The Blunt, Unpleasant Truths — Calling A Cult A Cult

This new 32 volumes Xpose series, which will now be used as a framework for law enforcement and other agencies to now scrutinize and prosecute where possible the Meier UFO Cult and specific individuals who promote the Meier Cult and sell their products to trusting consumers, is NOT "politically correct."

In the same way that no one can write about certain horrors or events from history, such as the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis; the Heaven's Gate UFO cult suicides, or the Jonestown Cult Massacres, using cheerful, bright or flowery language, the SAME is true where it concerns the Billy Meier UFO Cult.

When Michael Horn, Meier's official spokesman, sells trusting consumers "UFO" pictures Meier has taken, where Meier has warranted and represented are AUTHENTIC, REAL PHOTOS of an EXTRATERRESTRIAL "BEAMSHIP" or spacecraft, — when the FACT is these are NOT any such images; Billy Meier is LYING, — instead his photos are FRAUDS, FAKED by using models; to sell them as anything else but hoaxes, to claim they are "real" and have been "authenticated" — IS NOT ONLY A BLATANT LIE, IT IS ILLEGAL AND CRIMINAL CONSUMER FRAUD.

Accordingly, Colonel Kal Korff and Philippe Landon, Avimi Askenazi, Armen Nazaryan, Martina Tyocva, Radim Thiel, Arturo Colmenero, and others who will be named later, will be working together to Xpose the truth about the Meier UFO Cult, Kal Korff and others, in his capacity as a Colonel with the YS3, which fights against anti-Semitism and hatred, will assist and work with law enforcement and legal officials to present the "best evidence" possible to help insure that whatever actions now result against the Meier UFO Cult and certain promoters of it, will be as just and successful as possible.

The issues here are BLACK AND WHITE: Meier is a hoaxer, he is the leader of a UFO cult, one which MAKES A POINT to TARGET THE YOUTH, like most cults and extremist movements do. We will not only be unmasking their doctrine, but exposing their methods and claims of deception.



NO BROSWER in the computing industry nor especially the imaginary "field" of "UFOlogy" is as beautiful as this. :-) To explore your favorite subjects of interest, and to learn facts neither Royce Myers III nor UFO "Watchdog" ever told you, just click on one of the icon widgets in front of Martina. To read Light YARNS: FAKEships of the Pleiades, just click on the "FakeShips" UFO widget, right next to President John F Kennedy. The new UFO WatchCatsoftware platform browser is both Web capable, can display content stored locally.

WHY this 32 Book Series is TRULY HISTORIC and DEFINITIVE

Facts are FACTS — ANYONE should be able to DOUBLE CHECK and VERIFY them. This is obvious, common sense and it is an inviolate, universal principle. The Billy Meier UFO Cult CANNOT and IS NOT an "exception" to this universal truism, and neither especially is Michael Horn.

In each volume, stunning facts are revealed for the first time, exclusively. Moreover, we have re-printed proven old facts, truths which many people have just forgotten, to make sure nothing was omitted. It is also a sober reminder that the TRUTH WAS ALWAYS EASILY KNOWN AND VERIFIABLE, HAD PEOPLE BOTHERED TO DO SO.

Instead, too many of you "just believed" and if Michael Horn said something, and then quoted a scientist as saying the Meier photos were "real," you did not bother CHECKING with that person to see IF this was REALLY true.

As we PROVE over and over, because it is in their own words, WE INTERVIEWED EVERYONE AND THEY CONSISTENTLY DENIED THE "VERSIONS OF EVENTS" Michael Horn and the Meier UFO Cult always claim and deceive consumers over.

There could not be a greater example of illegal, international, criminal consumer fraud in the UFO "field" than the Billy Meier UFO Cult and scam. It has been going on non-stop since 1975, that's 35 YEARS! More than 1,000 photos later, dozens of videos, DVDs, more than 100 books, THOUSANDS of pages of phony, bogus and hate-filled "messages from the aliens" have been sold to consumers as being from TRUE and GENUINE and "PROPHECIES OF THE FUTURE" from "The Pleiadians" which is a pure LIE.

People who are "into" Meier live their lives and brainwash their CHILDREN in the youth to "live according to the Pleiadians."

Meier tells his followers what year they should have children, how many children; to believe that THERE IS NO "GOD" and that the teachings of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad are WRONG and FRAUDS. Meier cays ONLY HE has the REAL TRUTH, as the world's "Last Prophet of Humanity."

Meier commits BLOOD LIBEL against the Jews, by writing and publishing that "The Jews" and the "Mossad" killed his imaginary "Catholic Priest friend," Rashid, who of course never existed.

Meier is not the first person to blame "the Jews" and this is WHY the new UFO WatchCat software platform also has an icon which will inform you about hatred and the efforts to stop racial and religious intolerance and violence.

Michael Horn recently claimed in writing that Colonel Kal Korff was with "the Mossad." Horn spread this LIE to dozens of people on Facebook, and to Kal's Web hoster.

Now Michael Horn has official action against him, both legal and involving the police and others. Korff is NOT with the Mossad, and Kal has never claimed to be. Instead, Michael Horn lied.

Horn also doesn't speak Hebrew. He does NOT understand, but was ALREADY TOLD BEFORE he spread his lies about Korff being a "Kidon in the Mossad" what the word "Kidon" really means outside of the imaginary "Vengance-Steven Spielberg" fantasy Horn either pretends to be "afraid" of, or sincerely believes, but it is still pure fantasy, and it is still a LIE.

Kal Korff has had published for more than a year, a video previewing an Xpose of Spielberg's "Munich" and the book Vengeance. Korff Xposes all of this in Volume III of his upcoming six book series on terrorism called Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, which will be published by Prometheus Books.

Kal Korff is NOT "James Bond" and Kal has NEVER claimed to be. Korff doesn't even watch James Bond movies, and he can't stand them. This is a matter of public record, for many years.

If Meier said all of his material came from a magic rock, or a can of Pepsi, he would be just as truthful. In other words, he lies.

These are not pleasant allegations, and we do not relish making them. But there is NO "kind way" nor is there any "politically correct" way to "rationalize" a person like Meier, who falsely claims to be the "appointed one" who is on a "10,000 years assignment" as the "True, Last Prophet of Humanity" who was "chosen" after Jesus and Mohammad.

Yes, incredibly, many believe this, THOUSANDS of people around the world.

Michael Horn Claims He is a "Victim" — Is Being "Threatened"

One of the old tried and true tactics of a cult, is to either "demonize" people who are exposing it, or to cry "victim." Michael Horn and Billy Meier are no exceptions to this game, Horn always brings up the mythical and scientifically UNPROVEN "assassination" attempts against his Last Prophet of All Humanity.

Horn recently LIED and sent dozens of harassing emails to family and friends of Kal Korff on Korff's Facebook account, claiming that Korff is part of the Mossad, and is part of Mossad's "Kidon" terrorist assassination squads. Horn then implied that Korff was involved in trying to kill Meier.

This is NOT a new false claim by Meier against Kal, it is in fact quite old. Meier himself, has libeled and slandered and defamed Korff with deliberate malice by saying that Korff is part of a "CIA plot" of the "evil Men In Black" who are determined to "destroy" Meier.

In a strange letter from Horn to Colonel Kal Korff, Horn claimed that Billy Meier had "never done anything to you," and was completely innocent.

Can you believe this? According to Horn's peculiar "highly evolved Plaidian-worshipping spirit," it is ok to call people "worms" — (a word Horn uses for Korff, who is Jewish). Being accused falsely by Meier of being part of a "CIA plot" or "sinister force" to try and "destroy Meier" (and other such untruthful allegations by Meier and Horn against Korff) mean NOTHING to Michael Horn.

Horn already has lawsuits being prepared against him, and now the process began which involves his local police and the FBI.

Horn has also maliciously targeted Korff's web hoster, sending a variation of his Facebook harassment letter FALSELY CLAIMING that Horn was "threatened" and once again that Kal Korff is with the "Mossad" and is part of their "assassination teams."

That's Michael Horn. Volume XXXII, the LAST in this expose series, is exclusively about Michael Horn, and contains shocking letters and statements from him proving fraud and deception, as they deny what Michael Horn claims, especially when he "quotes" them and twists their words to "endorse" the Meier case when they do NOT. This is especially true with Meier's "UFO" photographs.

And Now the Exposes

As this now goes to press, and the media starts to receive their official Press Kits, the beginning of the end of the Billy Meier UFO Cult has started. With lawyers and now law enforcement involved, THERE IS NO WAY THAT THE MEIER UFO CULT NOR MICHAEL HORN CAN CONTINUE TO DEFRAUD CONSUMERS AND BREAK THE LAWS to the degree that they have, unless no one cares, including officials.

Here now is a volume by volume description of each book and WHY it exists and WHAT you can expect.

The great thing about these works, is that they will INVOLVE YOU AND EVERYONE OF RELEVANCE in settling key issues and solving this case and issues of what is real and what is FRAUD. When you see the deception, the lies, the racism, the censorship, the religious intolerance, the deceit, the crimes which are and have long been committed, THE Billy Meier UFO CULT WILL NOW BE UNMASKED FOR WHAT IT IS.

Piece by piece, important data point by data point, we have gone through it all during these past few years to put it together for you in this special series.


The ORIGINAL cover and design for the ORIGINALLY-PLANNED Meier Xpose series from 2006, which was announced back then. Initially, the plan was to work and cooperate with Royce Myers III of UFO "Watchdog" and David Biedny, until Biedny made SEXUALLY INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS TOWARDS UFO WatchCat's Miss Martina Tycova. Biedny said he wanted to "lick her body" after writing on it with "indelible ink." The existence of this cover, which was sent to people like Mark Center and Philip Mantle YEARS AGO, PROVES that there was ALWAYS A "GRAND PLAN" TO XPOSE THE MEIER CULT AND STOP THEIR CONSUMER FRAUD. The code name for OpsPlan is shown above, and it appears on the BACK OF THE ONLY SURVIVING COPIES OF MEIER'S ORIGINAL "UFO PHOTO" PRINTS, MEIER HIMSELF GAVE TO NEIGHBORS IN THE 1970s. (Insert photo) Colonel Kal Korff, shown on the cover here going undercover in the Meier UFO Cult, posing as a "believer" PURCHASED ALL COPIES. THE PHOTOS BEAR ORIGINAL SWISS WRITING. UFO WATCHCAT IS MAKING THESE MEIER UFO HOAX PHOTOS, THE ORIGINALS, AVAILABLE FOR INDEPENDENT ANALYSIS AND STUDY TO ANY CREDIBLE LABORATORY ON THE SOLE CONDITION THAT REGARDLESS OF WHAT IS FOUND, THE RESULTS MUST BE PUBLISHED UNCENSORED. THESE ARE MEIER'S FIRST PHOTOS TAKEN OF HIS "CONTACT" WITH "SEMJASE." THEY ARE HOAXES, AS IS EVERY PHOTO AND CLAIM EXPOSED IN THE NEW 32 BOOK SERIES. (Credit: YS3)


A Brief History of the Meier Xpose Book Series

We ANNOUNCED YEARS AGO, what was originally thought to be a 16 volume series on Meier, exposing him. Then it was 23 volumes. Recently 27, then after we announced that, it ballooned to a final 32, based on YOUR feedback. Originally, we tried to include other people's analysis of Meier's UFO hoax photos, such as David Biedny's.

Biedny had analyzed Meier's infamous "Wedding Cake UFO" pictures and to our dismay, Biedny got key things wrong. Biedny soon started threatening Kal Korff with physical violence, and we terminated our contact, especially after Biedny said he wanted to "lick every inch of" Martina Tycova after drawing on her body with "indelible ink."

David Biedny, as usual, was being his typical disgusting self, he was disrespecting women — all while Royce Myers III (as usual) aka Mr. UFO "Watchdog" did nothing and said nothing, not even condemning Biedny for threatening Kal Korff with physical violence.

That's Royce.

Biedny was then reported to his local police by Kal Korff, and AFTER Korff went PUBLIC Biedny finally stopped.

The only reason Korff went public was because he knew it would stop Biedny. Yet Biedny remains "pissed" at Kal for doing this.

Colonel Korff's response is only right: "If David Biedny doesn't want his threats of physical violence made public, he shouldn't threaten people."

Yes, Biedny threatens people over when he "disagrees" with them over the subject of UFOs.

Such behavior is NEVER "justified" — it is the behavior of an extremist, just like when Michael Horn lies and says Kal Korff is part of the "Mossad" — this is also a lie made by an extremist, in Horn's case, a follower of a false self-proclaimed "prophet" — Billy Meier.

After rightfully distancing ourselves from Royce Myers III and David Biedny, who today runs Royce's disingenuously labeled UFO "Watchdog" Web site, the book project was put on hold. Korff worked continuously on his Secret X Wars terrorism "trilogy" of six books, which will be published by Prometheus Books late this year, early next.

The original book series was scrapped when Michael Horn said he would cooperate on a joint DVD project together, a promise Horn later broke. Both Korff and Horn were given a long list of questions they BOTH were required to answer. The questions were written up by Martina Tycova and sent to Horn and Korff.

Kal answered ALL of them, and in the new book series starting in Volume I, we PUBLISH this documentation, and EXPOSE (again!) Michael Horn's LIES saying how the joint DVD project was cancelled.

There's one way to describe it: Blame Mikey.

With Michael refusing to now keep his promise, we resurrected the YEARS OLD Meier expose series, and finished it and are now getting it out in its various volumes to the public.

This disproves Horn's LIE that he was being "set up" by us or that there was some "trap" being set.

To be blunt, Horn is full of shit on this, and he knows it. He has chosen not to admit it, because it is the truth.

Again, we PUBLISH this material in the new book, it does not matter what Michael says.

Michael Horn is probably the second greatest deceiver in the Meier UFO Cult, their "Smigel-like" Ambassador, second only to his Commander-in-Profit, UFO Cult Leader Billy Meier — the "Last Prophet of Humanity after Jesus and Mohammad."

No, Meier is NOT, and the only reasonable and scientifically correct way to describe such a person is a LIAR first and foremost, a FRAUD, and yes, the leader of a UFO cult. The following imagery is all from the new historic 32 volume Xpose series.


Because we do NOT earn our living promoting the Meier UFO Cult, unlike Michael Horn, Volume I of FAKEships is FREE and will be available for download shortly. Just click the computer platform of your choice: Windows, Macintosh, Linux when it is released any time now.

Billy Meier, self-proclaimed "Last Prophet of ALL Humanity," claims that he is the TRUE last "prophet" after Jesus Christ and Islam's Mohammad. Meier also says, as does Michael Horn, that the religious doctrines of Judaism, (The Torah) the Christian Bible (New Testament) and even the Koran itself are FRAUDS, and that Billy Meier's "Bible" (which Meier wrote) called the "Talmud Jmmanuel" is the TRUE "last testament" of "Jesus" per se, written by Judas Iscarioth. This is an OFFICIAL PAGE FROM Billy Meier'S OWN WIKI — DON'T "BLAME" US FOR PUBLISHING MEIER'S OWN WORDS. Most people who buy Meier's phony "UFO" photos which Michael Horn sells and earns a living from, are UNAWARE of Meier's claims of being the "Last Prophet of ALL Humanity" who is on a "10,000 years assignment" to help "save the human race." (Credit: Billy Meier.)


Volume II of FAKEships is ALSO FREE. Inside this book, ALL OF THE "COMPUTER ANALYSES" Meier and his promoters FASELY claim "authenticated" his UFO model pictures are Xposed. To this date, both Michael Horn and the Meier UFO Cult claim that Jim Dilettoso NEVER claimed he had a "Ph.D." degree. This is NOT true. Inside this EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE, READ THE WORDS DILETTOSO SAID ON A RADIO SHOW WHERE HE LIED AND SAID THAT HE HAD A "PH.D." FROM MGGILL UNIVERSITY. IN THIS BOOK, THERE IS A FAX FROM MCGILL UNIVERSITY CONFIRMING THAT DILETTOSO NEVER WENT TO THEIR SCHOOL, THAT THEY DO NOT OFFER ANY PH.D. IN THE FIELD DILETTOSO CLAIMED. This is one of the many smoking guns Xposed in this explosive Xpose of the Meier UFO Cult and the claims of Michael Horn.

In a historic 3.5 hour debate on Art Bell's Coast-to-Coast radio show, the largest overnight talk radio show in the world, a show Michael Horn has been featured on uncritically and without proper questioning, Jim Dilettoso, right after he was exposed in a key story in the Phoenix New Times, called the Hack and the Quack, which Michael Horn never mentions; neither does the Billy Meier UFO Cult, "challenged" Kal Korff to a debate.

In 1998, while Kal was filming FOX TV's World's Greatest Hoaxes, Dilettoso and Korff debated, and according to the "credibility poll" and audience rating, Korff slaughtered Dilettoso. 81% sided with Kal, 9% were undecided, and 9% sided with Dilettoso in the debate.

No less than Art Bell called it: "Korff scored a knock out punch."

Jim DILETTOSO ADMITTED THAT HE HAD LIED BY FALSELY CLAIMING TO HAVE A "Ph.D" from McGill University, A FACT that neither Michael Horn nor the Billy Meier UFO Cult ever admit. The EVIDENCE IS ALL IN HERE.

Art Bell said to Jim Dilettoso, "But Jim, that's fraud."

Dilettoso then, much to his credit, finally said, "Yeah."

CASE CLOSED and this PROVES that the Billy Meier UFO Cult's and Michael Horn's claim that Jim Dilettoso "never said he had a Ph.D.," are deliberate lies, since BOTH have been AWARE OF THIS INFORMATION SINCE THE ART BELL DEBATE THAT DILETTOSO LOST.

Kal has also debated and defeated Jim Dilettoso in television debates on the FOX TV Network's show, [e]ncounters, Heironimus & Company's radio, and on UFO's Tonight. Kal has also debated Meier promoter Randy Winters, Kal beat Winters in the debate on the Jeff Rense Show. Korff also debated Horn on the X Zone Radio Show, Kal "won" this debate as well, when it was stopped half way through the hour because refused to stop calling Kal Korff inappropriate names and would not answer questions. Horn was rude and as he shows in his numerous Internet personas (Horn uses MORE THAN ONE NAME TO POST PRO-Billy Meier FALSEHOODS ON THE INTERNET) and under his real name.

In Volume XXXII which is dedicated only to Xposing the facts about Michael Horn and his claims, many of the fake names and "web agents" he uses and has used to deceive people, where he has been kicked off of forums repeatedly, are all revealed and easily verifiable.

In this volume, INSIDE DETAILS of the debate on Art Bell are presented. Secrets about how Kal Korff had another person PRETEND to be "Kal Korff" online on the Internet FOR MORE THAN TWO WEEKS, while Kal and a film crew secretly traveled to Switzerland undercover TO GO INSIDE THE MEIER UFO CULT A SECOND TIME. Meeting Billy Meier's WIFE FOR THE FIRST TIME, YOU FIND OUT IN THIS VOLUME AND VOLUME XXIV WHAT KALLIOPE MEIER HAD TO SAY WHEN KAL KORFF FIRST SHOWED HER THE VIDEO OF THE "ALIENS" (ACCORDING TO Billy Meier) "ASKET AND NERA" — who were REALLY singers for the Dean Martin Show. Suffice it to say, the now ex-Mrs. Meier was rightfully upset. This was all captured on video tape, and for the FIRST TIME EVER YOU SEE THE INTERVIEW WITH KALLIOPE AND THE FULL STATEMENTS OF WHAT SHE HAD TO SAY.

Posing as a character named "Oscar Meyer Wiener," instead of "Steve Thomas" as was in his first secret trip, for his second undercover venture into Switzerland, Kal Korff reveals for the first time publicly what happened inside the Meier cult when he was identified, how they escaped, what it was like to finally meet Billy Meier's wife, visit the locations for recreations of his "UFO" photos, etc. Incredibly detailed, definitive, exciting and ignored by Michael Horn and Billy Meier's other proponents and the cult itself, naturally.

Also interviewed and reviewed are THE SCIENTISTS and FIRMS Meier's promoters still claim "authenticated" his "UFO" photos. Not surprisingly, They DENY IT! Read their words in this Xplosive Xpose work, containing much data never revealed before.


It's ALL OVER FOR Billy Meier "believers" here — THIS IS THE LOCATION MEIER USED TO FAKE HIS UNTER-BALM "UFO" MODEL PICTURES, THE SAME WAY WE MANAGED TO DO IT WHEN WE WENT TO SEE THIS LOCATION. Michael Horn and the Billy Meier UFO Cult DECEIVE CONSUMERS when they claim that "No one has been able to successfully duplicate even one of Meier's photos." This RECREATION WAS DONE BY KAL KORFF IN 1991 AND WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN SPACESHIPS OF THE PLEIADES: THE Billy Meier STORY by Prometheus Books, New York in 1995. To date, Kal's "Spaceships" is the most successful Meier expose of all time at 429 pages and 118 photos, many of which are EXCLUSIVE.


MAKING HISTORY: PROVING THAT THE CLAIMS OF MICHAEL HORN WHEN HE CLAIMS THAT "NO ONE HAS BEEN ABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY DUPLICATE EVEN ONE OF Billy Meier'S 'UFO' PHOTOGRAPHS" IS NOT TRUE AND IS CONSUMER FRAUD. In this stunning volume, ILLUSTRATED WITH HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS, we SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE AND FAKE "UFO" PHOTOS JUST LIKE Billy Meier DID! This special "How To Guide" is expected to be one of the most popular in the the whole 32 volume series. Each step is clearly illustrated, including photos OF ALL THE PARTS AND PIECES NECESSARY. There are also instructions on HOW to light your fake "Pleiadian Beamship" model just like Meier did, and how to attach it to a small miniature (again like Billy did) or suspend it from a "invisible" wire or use a simple tabletop (like Meier did).


"Pleiadian" Ray Guns, "Laser holes" in a tree, models, "Dinosaur" pictures, Dean Martin's dancing girls passed off as "Pleiaidans," read the INSIDE STORY OF KAL KORFF'S MULTIPLE ADVENTURES UNDERCOVER IN THE Billy Meier UFO CULT IN SWITZERLAND. While working at Apple/Claris, Kal Korff grew his beard and hair long for more than a YEAR so he could pose as "Meier believer Steve Thomas" who was visiting the Meier cult in order to purchase all of the books and photos, and to be given evidence to use against "that rat bastard Kal Korff." The Meier cult was unaware that Korff penetrated them, recreated many of Meier's "UFO" photos, and acquired THE ORIGINAL PHOTO PRINTS MEIER GAVE TO HIS NEIGHBORS IN THE 1970S. Bearing ORIGINAL SWISS-GERMAN WRITING, THIS EVIDENCE IS YET MORE "SMOKING GUNS" that the Meier case is a fraud and a UFO Cult, and that the claims of Michael Horn and other Meier proponents are not truthful and constitute consumer fraud.


This book Xposes the phony "mysterious" metal sample of "Dr." Marcel Vogel, was NOT a real Ph.D., contrary to what the movie Beamship: The Metal, produced by Genesis III Productions has falsely claimed. Vogel got his "Ph.D." from the "International Colleague of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences" in Montreal, Canada. Predictably, neither Michael Horn nor the Billy Meier UFO Cult ever mention this. Contained in this Xpose volume are exclusive interviews with people who examined the metal and did NOT conclude it was "extraterrestrial" nor what Meier's promoters claim. Also exposed in this volume are the imaginary "Pleiadian landing tracks" and illustrations of how to easily DUPLICATE them.


This volume is a scene-by-scene guide to the Meier "documentary" CONTACT, which was produced by Genesis III Productions in cooperation with Billy MeierMichael Horn claims the statements and "evidence" presented in this "documentary" are credible. This is NOT true. For the first time ever, the ENTIRE MOVIE CONTACT IS ANALYZED SCENE-BY-SCENE so that YOU can VERIFY that most of what is in this film is simply NOT true, and that the producers and editors of this "documentary" KNEW this. This book exposes the false claims of Lee Elders, Brit Elders, Thomas Welch, Jim Dilettoso, Billy Meier, Wendelle Stevens and others shown in this film. Devastating and factual.

DUPLICATINGBilly Meier's phony "UFO" pictures was EASY — all anyone needed to do was try. Michael Horn has never tried to do so, Horn deliberately deceives consumers when he falsely claims that Meier's photos show "genuine extraterrestrial spacecraft" and sells them as "real" to trusting consumers. The crime is called Consumer Fraud, and both Horn and the Meier UFO Cult are being investigated for it.

Official Police Complaints Against Michael Horn, Promoter of the Billy Meier UFO Cult Get Released Next Week!

Written by Public Relations
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 02:29

UFO WatchCat will start publishing next week, official documents against Michael Horn, including police reports and his official listing as an anti-Semite. Horn claims that the Jewish Torah, Christianity's Bible and Islam's Koran were all faked. Horn also claims to have the "scientific evidence" to "prove it" — all from Billy Meier of course, who is Horn's "spiritual guru." Horn should either produce his "hard evidence" for scientists and REAL scholars to examine objectively, or STOP attacking other people's religions and inciting people.

Dear World,

As we have previously informed you, Michael Horn, the official spokesman for the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland, was reported to law enforcement for his stalking of Kal Korff and FALSE claims of "threats" and "assassination threats" and a number of other bogus charges by Horn. Horn also claims, falsely, that Kal Korff is with the "Mossad" and is part of their terrorist elimination squads.

Korff has NEVER made any such claim, only Michael Horn has.

Horn's actions now have gotten him into further troubles, as he writes and brags in email correspondence saying, "Bring it on."

Michael's wishes are now coming true, and it didn't take an "Prophecy" to predict this, instead it required only Michael breaking the laws and spreading malicious lies, which is what he has now been caught at.

Next week, UFO WatchCat will start PUBLISHING the formal complaints against Michael Horn with law enforcement and other entities.

Michael will be forced to respond and DISPROVE them, or get prosecuted and sued.

Michael Horn engages in anti-Semitism, (he says that the Torah was forged, as well as the Koran and the Holy Bible and that they are FAKE), and as the police documents PROVE next week, he has now been officially registered with Jewish agencies who FIGHT AGAINST hatred against Israel and all Jews, as an official "anti-Semite."


Will Michael Horn Now RESIGN to that He is NOT a LIABILITY to Billy Meier?

It's never a "good thing" when the leader of a UFO Cult, like Billy Meier is, especially when he claims (falsely, of course) to be the "Last True Prophet of All Humanity," to have an anti-Semite for one's "official volunteer spokesman," which Michael Horn is.

Rumors have begun to now circulate within Meier's "circle" (we received a note from a member of FIGU, who plans to now LEAVE the group after they finishing supplying us with more "insider evidence," for which we have been most greateful) that "Horn is becoming too much of a liability" and that his foul mouth, personal threats and outright lies (such as Kal Korff being with the "Mossad") are HURTING Meier's carefully crafted "image" of "peace and benevolence."

While we have NO IDEA if this is the opinion of Meier himself, we don't care. The longer Meier keeps Horn as his "representative," the FASTER the world will learn what a FRAUD the Meier UFO hoax and Cult are, — for this reason only, we'd rather see Mikey stick around, it makes the job of Xposing the truth MUCH easier.

Regardless, such behavior may get Herr "Profit" in Switzerland in trouble with local Swiss authorities, and as you WILL SEE NEXT WEEK, THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

Billy Meier, yes, THE self-proclaimed Guru himself, is now also being investigated by police.

UFO WatchCat will PUBLISH these documents and complaints against Meier, AFTER we release the Horn material first.

Horn's anti-Semitism Gets Noted by the Israeli Government and Jewish Agencies

For the record, Michael Horn called Kal Korff a "worm" in writing, and Horn KNOWS that Kal Korff is a Jew. Horn also practically "called out" Colonel Kal Korff to a physical fight. One could reasonably argue that this shows Michael's true character, NOT the "image" of "brotherly love" he likes to present before trusting consumers. Korff replied that he was NOT a "worm" and informed Horn that he won't lower himself to Michael's standards, and of course refused to reply to Horn's other vicious, personal and irrelevant attacks.

Horn was sternly "reminded" that the Nazis also did the same thing, and that calling people such things is morally wrong, and in the case of how Michael MEANT to to Korff, another REAL EXAMPLE of Michael Horn's anti-Semitism.

Since Michael says he "CAN PROVE" that the Torah, the Holy Bible and the Koran ARE ALL FAKES, Horn should publish his evidence for scientific peer review, instead of just attacking other people's religions and inciting them.

UFO WatchCat WILL PUBLISH Horn's vile emails starting next week, so that anyone can verify these facts, Horn has not disclosed. They are also being included, along with DOZENS of other hate-filled and intolerant letters Horn has written to countless others, who were all equally "unimpressed" by Horn's antics. Many people have sent us emails from Horn, and they will be Xposed for what they are, in Volume XXX II of Light YARNS: FAKEships of the Pleiades, which focuses only on the claims of Michael Horn and it chronicles the efforts to work with lawyers, law enforcement, religious groups and the consumers he has victimized by selling them "authentic alien spacecraft" photos and merchandize when they are certainly NOT any such thing.

Horn's false warrants and representations of the "authentic alien spacecraft" he sells to the trusting public now have him under investigation by authorities for Consumer Fraud. Horn will be receiving those documents soon, and UFO WatchCat will publish them for the public to examine and decide the "issues" for themselves.


Our Web site is being Upgraded and Optimized for Speed

Written by Kal Korff, op ed. on the road
Monday, 29 March 2010 22:39

Dear World,

Michael Horn, who is an official spokesman for theBilly Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland, has been harASSing my web hoster, so we have moved my Web hosting to my lawyers, who are involved in suing Michael Horn and helping police and other officials bring him and the Meier UFO Cult to justice for consumer fraud and other criminal charges.

We hope Mikey continues to not take any of this seriously and defraud consumers.

We were ALREADY in the process of migrating our Web site to new "Mikey Proof" hosting, ever since Michael started harassing our provider in Scotland last week. Now that we have waited for Mikey to "crow" over a false victory, (which he has since done by sending out a mass letter to all of his Meier cult believers and other parties), we will NOW RESUME publishing the Xpose material of Michael Horn and the Meier UFO Cult, which Horn CANNOT stop the public from knowing.

Michael Horn is now officially reported and listed as an anti-Semite. Horn has called at least one Jewish person a "worm" and a "parasite," among other unacceptable things. Horn promotes a UFO CultBilly Meier runs in Switzerland, and claims thatBilly Meier is the "Last True Prophet of ALL Humanity" and that the writings of Moses in the Torah, the words of Jesus and Mohammed in Holy Bible and the Koran, are all FAKED.

Of course, Meier is NOT a "prophet" he is instead a "Profit" who makes money selling phony "UFO" pictures to the trusting public, marketing them in brazen acts of consumer fraud, as "real." So does Michael Horn, who earns a living promoting the Meier scam and selling its phony pictures.

Here now is the FULL version of the letter Michael Horn was just sent by Phil Langdon, since I (Kal Korff) will only "speak" to Mikey Horn when he addresses the relevant issues in the Meier case which exposes it as a fraud.

Notice that Mikey AVOIDS the evidence we are releasing completely, because he promotes fraud, and fraud cannot co-exist with truth — truth ALWAYS wins.

We will start REPOSTING our old content shortly, piece by piece, as we optimize the new site and continue to tell the world the truth about theBilly Meier UFO Cult and Michael Horn's consumer fraud.

Thanks for your patience concerning Michael Horn's dishonesty, we are happy the world gets to see how he really is, versus how he tries to present himself.



Thanks for your email, maybe next time you'll tell the truth and the full story.

You may be interested to know that Kal spoke to Kevin Miller for the first time and things are clear. As usual, your account of things is one-sided and not the full truth.

Kal also told Kevin the truth, which is that he was moving his hosting REGARDLESS, so that you would not be able to harrass innocent people again.

As you ALREADY know, I am also opening my own web site, and it will also be protected so you can't harrass me either. This was announced yesterday, and it is part of the change Kal was already planning to make, since he is involved in helping me program my new web site. You'll find out the name in the future after I launch it.

You may take comfort in knowing that both Kal's web sites and mine are now in the hands of the Israelis and Kal's lawyer, so you might want to try to "pester" them — feel free to "threaten" them and lie like you did to RunRev.

They can't be spooked.

The SAME content will be BACK UP in a few hours, and the site much improved and faster, which was already in the works.

So much for your imaginary "victory" — you have in truth gotten yourself in much more legal trouble. I thought it wasn't about winning or losing!? You play very dirty I see and it will be known in he future.

Kal is also sending Kevin the edits RunRev DID do, since they did not write themselves. Therefore, the claim YOU make is false, and is libel.

Everyone can see, Michael, that you are avoiding the issues. It is not libel if it is true. And it is true Meier is a hoaxer, and that you promote a UFO cult and engage in consumer fraud.

Thanks for speeding up Kal's transfer to a new host which was ALREADY underway. Kal will be speaking with Miller tomorrow by Skype or the next day.

What they will say and share to each other is between them, I am not privy.

Miller also knows the truth now about why Kal wrote the letter, and Miller thanked Kal in writing for clarifying what was not understood before, which proves Kal was telling the truth, and that the information you just sent out to the world is not only wrong, but illegally defamatory.

Kal is sending the edits to Miller and will discuss how to publish them so that RunRev doesn't have more problems created by you.

I hope you enjoy reading the same content you tried to censor again in a few hours, Miller is letting Kal move his data to the new hoster, and the new hoster who is a lawyer already knows you are a fraud and is part of the team determined to bring you to justice. If you try to harass him, you will fail faster than Billy can say Hinterschmidruti.

Thanks again for confirming how nasty you really are..and manipulative


EXCLUSIVE! Jewish Anti-Defamation League RECEIVES FIRST COMPLAINTS Against Michael Horn, Official Spokesman for theBilly Meier UFO Cult

Written by UFO WatchCat
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 02:23

Here is just one of several FORMAL COMPLAINTS against Michael Horn which have now been filed with police and other officials. Michael Horn, who is an official spokesman for the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland, is now listed and registered officially as an anti-Semite, who hates at least one Jew. Horn claims that the Torah is a "fraud" and that Judaism is a "false religion." Horn also claims that Swiss UFO Cult leader Billy Meier is the "Last Real Prophet of ALL Humankind" and that the Bible and Koran were also FAKED. Michael Horn's claims are so strange and full of hatred and intolerance for other religions, that he claims that the "Virgin Mary" was "impregnated" by a "Pleiadian" and that the New Testament Gospels were FAKED BY St. Peter, one of Jesus Christ's disciples! Michael Horn was warned in ADVANCE that if he REFUSED to stop spreading such hatred and inciting people, he would be reported and sued. These processes have now begun in earnest. UFO WatchCat will keep the public informed as developments unfold.


Dear World,

As we have previously informed you, Mr. Michael Horn, who is the Official Spokesman for the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland, has not only been reported to police and other authorities, but he is also now OFFICIALLY LISTED IN COMPLAINTS as an Anti-Semite.

Horn has called at least one Jewish person, "a worm" and a "parasite" and was warned NOT to do so, and to STOP engaging in such hatred and the incitement of people.

Horn was also reminded that these Nazi-like insults were once used by Joseph Goebbels and Hitler, a FACT which Horn ALREADY knows.

Instead of realizing that it is WRONG to call ANY human being such things, Horn then wrote still MORE emails (copies of which were also passed along to authorities) where he CONTINUED to say that a Jewish man was a "worm" and a "parasite" among other sick, comments.

Horn made these comments to other parties, in addition to this person directly, which is against the law.

Since we have only told you the TRUTH about Michael Horn and the CONSUMER FRAUD that he WILLINGLY commits when he promotes the anti-Semitic Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland (Horn earns a financial living deceiving customers and selling Meier's fake "UFO" photos claiming they are "real" pictures of "extraterrestrial spacecraft"), we will keep you informed as to what happens to Michael Horn, if anything.



Billy Meier's Ex-Wife Kalliope CONFESSES "Billy Meier is a hoaxer, he's like a 'God' to them"

Written by UFO WatchCat
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 02:17

This photo was taken by Dorothy Toone when Kal Korff secretly visitedBilly Meier's ex-wife Kalliope Meier, who confessed on cameras for FOX TV, Luc Burgin and Kal Korff's team, that her ex-husbandBilly Meier is not only a hoaxer and a fraud, but is regarded as a "God" to his followers. TheBilly Meier UFO Cult, via the specific antics and illegal threats and intimidation by Michael Horn have tried to PREVENT this information from coming out — Michael Horn and the Meier UFO Cult have FAILED!

Colonel Kal Korff Gives First Interview aboutBilly Meier UFO Cult Spokesman Michael Horn - Part 3

Written by Public Relations
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 02:11

Colonel Kal Korff Gives First Interview about Billy Meier UFO Cult Spokesman Michael Horn - Part 3

Hana Dvorakova
Bratislava, Slovakia

Q: What did the Meier group do after they found out you were really there, and that you had escaped? This was the second time you fooled them, what did they do?

Korff: Well they were upset. I actually have video I shot sitting right next to Brunhilda, when all of this starts to go down inside their cult. Unless we can't, we're going to give this tape to UFO WatchCat and have them air it. On the video you hear me explain my name is Oscar Meyer Wiener, and also as they later question me about who I am, but this was after someone else informed her. She was clueless otherwise.

I shaved much of my hair off this time, did not go in like last time with a long beard and hair. Just the opposite.

They also found out about us there because Meier's wife called and well let's just say that there were not pleasant words exchanged between her and Billy. I wasn't there of course, but I was the first person to show Kalliope Meier the infamous "Dean Martin" video which showed the two women Meier falsely claimed were the "Pleiadians" Asket and Nera.

In truth, they were singers from Dean Martin's variety show, the women were the Gold Diggers.

Yes, I'm not making this up.

I brought that tape with me because I had just gotten it earlier, from a fan of Dean Martin's old show. He wrote me, said he saw my book, looked at the imagery of the two women in my book Spaceships of the Pleiades, The Billy Meier Story, and recognized them. He was right, they were stills Billy Meier had cribbed and stolen from the Dean Martin show.

This is beyond bizarre, but true. I had gotten these images from both the Billy Meier UFO Cult directly, and others in Switzerland Meier had given these photos to. Some of these images he passed out still contain the original Swiss handwriting on them and I have all known originals. I scooped them up.

Since Meier's "best copies" disappeared, or so Mikey Horn and the Meier cult claims, mine (Kal Korff's) are the "best evidence" and analysis of this original material proves they hoax photographs. No question.

To claim otherwise is wrong, it is deception.

Back to Kalliope Meier, so here we are in Kalliope's living room, and she has a big fish tank there, I think you see it in FOX's World's Greatest Hoaxes, and she pops in the video and we have cameras rolling, including my personal video one, and she was shocked and understandably angry.

Q: Was Mrs. Meier nice?

Korff: Perfect. No problems, very very sweet woman.

But I felt sorry for her, she was in great pain.

Q: Why, what was the problem?

Korff: Well, the always spiritual self-proclaimed True Last Prophet of All Humanity, Mr. Billy Meier, cheated on Kalliope and left her for a younger woman, who was a member of his UFO cult. I met her. She and Meier had a baby, I was told they were producing "Pleiadian-Human-Hybrid" children. Of course this is not true, but this shows you how much of a danger this UFO Cult is. If you REALLY listen to their claims and what their doctrine is really about, it's dangerous, and it preaches hatred and intolerance and anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity, and anti-Islam, because Meier claims that HE is the last prophet after Jesus and Mohammad, and that these other religions are wrong and faked and his, Meier's, is the only way.

It's nonsense.

Q: You felt sad for Mrs. Meier because Billy Meier left their marriage and fathered another child? That's always painful.

Korff: There was more. That was not all. One can heal in many ways from a divorce, it's not impossible. Kalliope certainly knew by then that she had married a false prophet and hoaxer who ran a cult. She said "Billy Meier is like a God to them," while Meier deceptively tells the public he's just like everyone else. It's this false humility act they use to lure you in, trick you. It's old hat, nothing special. Many cults do it, Meier's just one example.

Now divorce is one thing, it's painful and tragic enough, but when your child gets severely hurt and does not recover, that lives with any person forever.

This is what happened. When I met Kalliope, she had moved out on her own and was in a small village. I only recall one pub.

She moved there because she was focusing her whole life and existence on her daughter, Gilgamesha.

Meier named the children, one is named Methusalem, another Atlantis-Socrates. Gilgamesha is their only daughter.

She was in a car accident if I remember correctly, and disabled. I will not elaborate.

She required hours of care each day in her bed and was permanently at a hospital and clinic to help her recover as best as possible, but I was told it will never be complete. I have no idea, and certainly hope not.

I was moved, very much, at how this woman, Kalliope, who after being treated horribly by someone like Billy Meier, married to a liar, a hoaxer, and a false delusional prophet, then out of pure love does this with her life that she has to now start over and take care of their one and only daughter, because he cheats on her. And she had stayed with him all of her life despite his fraud and hoaxing and her even catching him at it.

Nothing could be more loving, and also tragic.

I'll never forget it, and we got so much of this on tape. Luc Burgin was there, Payton Erskine, Dorothy Toone and Kalliope Meier and myself. All in her living room, plus the two FOX cameraman crew from Germany for Kiviat.

It will always be priceless and nothing Meier nor Mikey Horn can ever do or say to deny any of this.

It's priceless.

Q: And what was Billy Meier doing? Was he caring about this at all?

It is his daughter.

Korff: Nothing.

Part 4 tomorrow...

Colonel Kal Korff Gives First Interview aboutBilly Meier UFO Cult Spokesman Michael Horn - Part 2

Written by UFO WatchCat
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 00:21

Colonel Kal Korff Gives First Interview about Billy Meier UFO Cult Spokesman Michael Horn - Part 2

Hana Dvorakova
Bratislava, Slovakia

We continue with Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Kal Korff, reported from Bratislava where Korff has just signed an agreement with a large firm to provide them with software to automate the publication of their online texts.

Q: You said it was a perfect operation except for getting caught.

Isn't this like saying it was a good trial except for being found guilty?

Korff: (Laughs) No, but good comment. What I mean is this: Because I had to leave, I was not able to walk around Meier's property as much as I wanted to. Specifically, I was looking for the tree which has a hole drilled and burned through it because Meier claims that he fired a "Pleiadian ray gun" right through it.

I am pleased to report that I got a SAMPLE of this material, without Meier's knowledge and without certainly Michael Horn or the imaginary "Ptaah" being aware of it, (which proves that "Ptaah does not really exist, he never "warned" Billy), and analysis of this material shows that a BLOWTORCH was used, a normal BLOWTORCH. I want to emphasize this word, so please do so when you publish this.

Unfortunately, in another example of consumer fraud, Michael Horn and the Meier cult all claim and offer photos of this tree and its burned mark and bored hole as "hard evidence" that Meier's fantasy stories are true. Obviously, they both don't understand what REAL "evidence" is.

Predictably, no one had ever taken samples from this burnt and drilled hole, if they did and had them scientifically tested, it would be easy to prove that the hole was not made by any "alien laser" and that Billy Meier is lying once again.

In one of the later volumes in the new thirty-two book series which exposes the Meier cult and Michael Horn, the lab analysis of this "burned hole" is presented, and of course Michael Horn won't be able to say anything, he's busted.

Mikey has been to the Meier cult several times, because he is an extremist and a fanatic.

To prove to you that Michael Horn does not want the truth about the Meier case known, and that he avoids evidence which proves it is a fraud, Mikey could have taken samples of this years ago, but deliberately refused to do so.

That's Mikey, he's a fraud where it concerns the Meier case and his claims of "hard evidence" to support it, it's nonsense.

So if I had more time, I would have removed a wider chunk of this tree, like taking a biopsy sample. And while I certainly obtained enough material while I was there, I didn't have a much time as I wanted, unlike the first visit when I often walked around for hours unnoticed.

In Volume XXIV of FAKEShips, Kal Korff presents the forensic analysis of hole in the tree which was burned into it by Billy Meier. Meier, predictably, LIED and said the hole was made via a "Pleidian Ray Gun" he fired. Meier has sold pictures of this tree and him holding this "alien ray gun" to trusting consumers for years. Since it is a hoax and a scam, this is further conclusive evidence that Meier and Michael Horn both commit consumer fraud by selling phony material under illegal, false pretenses. The photo on the top right of the cover shows hoaxer Meier holding the "Pleiadian Ray Gun" which of course NEVER existed!

So every objective we wanted to meet was met, and I was able to bring back to Bob Kiviat at FOX TV not only our evidence, but also the first photo of the storage container lid which Meier used to fake his infamous and laughable "Wedding Cake UFO" pictures, which Mikey Horn deceives consumers over and sells them for profit, even though they are hoaxes. Mikey and Meier claim they are real, which is consumer fraud.

Phil Langdon has used the same materials Meier did, and has built great models duplicating Meier's pictures, and Horn remains in denial of this fact. Most significantly, Langdon has NEVER built models before, please emphasize this word. He also used one arm. So the recreations and simulations were fair and accurate. Naturally, Michael Horn never mentions this, because he engages in consumer fraud.

Michael Horn was sent a list of these points and issues. Michael never replied and avoided the subject entirely. We publish Mikey's letters in XXXII of FAKEships, Mikey's own words are the "best evidence" against him, he is a fraud where it concerns Meier.

That's Mikey. Mikey is not a expert on photography. According to what he told me, he can barely use his computer and a video camera. Whatever. Michael's never bothered to even try to duplicate Billy Meier's hoax photos, so Mikey's comments about how "difficult" they are to duplicate are dishonest, naturally. That's Mikey.

Q: That was a long answer.

Korff: Sorry about that, just being complete.

Q: I'm not complaining, just commenting. So how did you get the photo of the storage can lid Meier used to create his fake UFO pictures with? This is the one which was shown in Kiviat's World's Greatest Hoaxes on FOX TV, right?

Korff: Yes, absolutely. I was given the image by a colleague of mine, a man I got to meet and become friends with while over in Switzerland. His name is Luc Burgin and he is just a great guy. A very thorough researcher. He also knew Meier's wife and I owe Luc everything for arranging for us to meet her secretly.

If it had not been for Luc, we would never have met Meier's wife, nor have obtained that photo. I looked around Meier's property myself for storage containers and there were none, but it was still wintery out and snow was still around in the elevation he lives at up in the mountains, and there was nothing being stored outside anyway, that would have been stupid.

But we got the photo because Luc Burgin gave it to me for Kiviat to use as an exclusive. It has since been published elsewhere, such as by IIG, but they have failed to give proper credit, which is unfortunate. If you read IIG's exposes of the Meier cult and Mikey Horn in particular, they're very good and they certainly nail Mikey when IIG published scores of Mikey's bizarre, lie-filled letters and his vicious attacks he usually makes, but as I informed IIG recently, they should give people proper credit and citations, because this is proper academic scholarship and it especially proves that many of the facts proving the Meier case is a fraud have long been known, and had they given proper credit, this would be obvious to the public.

The issue is not ego, I assure you.

Luc never got proper credit, and Luc didn't get proper credit by FOX either, his name should have been mentioned. He was compensated for his photo, he has paid, which is only right, but as far as I know no mention of Luc ever appeared in the show.

This is not a criticism of Kiviat by the way, not at all. Kiviat got on fine with Luc, they spoke briefly after I returned with his photo and the videotapes interviewing Meier's wife where she says he is a hoaxer and the leader of a cult.

Part 3 tomorrow...

Colonel Kal Korff Gives First Interview aboutBilly Meier UFO Cult Spokesman Michael Horn - Part 1

Written by UFO WatchCat
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 00:13

Colonel Kal Korff is working with a team of investigators and lawyers to expose theBilly Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland and have them prosecuted for consumer fraud, as well as other criminal offenses. In response, Michael Horn, Meier's official spokesman, has been harassing Kal Korff's web hosting provider. Since it was predictable that Horn would do this, Colonel Korff took the simple step of moving his hosting to one of the lawyers involved in trying to bring these defrauders to justice, and has involved the Israelis, since Horn calls at least one Jew a 'worm' and a 'parasite.' Horn has been reported to police, and is now officially on record in complaints as being an anti-Semite. Horn claims that the Jewish Torah, Christianity's Holy Bible and Islam's Koran were all FAKED, and that "onlyBilly Meier" is the "Last True Prophet of ALL Humanity," after Jesus and Mohammad. While this is certainly NOT true, this is whatBilly Meier claims, and Michael Horn tries to mislead consumers into believing.


Hana Dvorakova
Bratislava, Slovakia

Kal Korff is having coffee before our interview starts. He's animated as usual, but obviously tired. Unexpectedly, Kal drove to Bratislava, where he signed a business deal with a new customer, who intends to license the eReader software engine he has developed which powers his new books.

"It's been a very busy week," he apologizes. Korff had just returned from seeing his new client, and now was being asked to clear his head and focus on the subject of UFOs.

Interviewing Kal is always an adventure, his knowledge and interests cover many subjects, the challenge is which one of them to feature in any story a journalist could hope to write.

For the interview he agreed to, I told him I wanted to focus on his new sweeping book series, Light YARNS: FAKEships of the Pleiades, which exposes the longstanding Billy Meier UFO hoax in Switzerland, which is really a UFO Cult, as Korff and his colleagues are proving, much to the consternation of Meier and especially his official spokesman, Michael Horn.

Horn has attacked Kal Korff recently, launching a series of vicious initiatives in a desperate attempt to discredit Korff.

It hasn't worked.

"There's no question Mikey is upset, but who cares? If Michael is 'upset' that he is being exposed for committing consumer fraud, then he should STOP breaking the laws and Michael Horn should stop ripping off trusting consumers," says Korff, not even displaying a hint of irony in his comments.

After a few "big gulps" of java, Korff settles into his seat, and lets me pepper him with questions. As usual, he put no restrictions or limits on them, the challenge is to ask them in a way which fit into a coherent narrative.

Q: Why now, why suddenly expose the Billy Meier UFO hoax? Didn't you already do this when your book Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story, was released by Prometheus Books in 1995? As you are fond of saying, isn't this "so last century"?

Korff: (Laughs) Actually, its last millennium, but no, now is the right time to do this, not next year.

Q: Same question. Why now?

Korff: The Meier hoax, the UFO cult that Billy Meier runs, was largely left for 'dead' so to speak, after FOX TV aired our one hour special, World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed, which was produced by Robert Kiviat. I know because I was there, and Kiviat did a really great job. While there was a desperate attempt by the Meier camp to cry 'foul' over being exposed, Meier pulled in his reigns and licked his wounds and said that the Pleiadians had been "recalled." This is practically a quote from Meier, he said basically that "right now there isn't anything going on in my head." For a short time there were no more claims of "contact" nor anything like that, Meier was effectively shot down. Meier lost several followers, and of course was exposed for the fraud that he is.

Since many people believe Meier is schizophrenic anyway, when he is not busy committing fraud by claiming that he is the "Last REAL Prophet of ALL Humanity," when Meier stops hearing "voices" in his head, arguably this is a good thing, since there are no "Pleiadians" he is in contact with. Or, if you prefer, let's say Meier is in "contact" but let's spell the word the right way: CONtact, as in it is all a con job by Billy Meier. A farce, a fraud. It certainly is not real. Meier is a hoaxer and this can be objectively proven and scientifically verified.

Q: But WHY now, why suddenly do this?

Korff: I was explaining, giving you some background. As I was saying, after FOX's World's Greatest Hoaxes aired, this was in the late 1990s, in December, Meier was considered exposed and we moved on to other things. Meier's now ex-wife, who divorced her false Prophet husband after he cheated on her repeatedly and got a woman pregnant who is a member of his cult, this is not very "spiritual" of him, but he did it anyway, she not only talked on camera for the first time, but as the new series proves, Meier also admitted because of our work that many of his photos were a fraud. These were the mythical time travel photos, of course, which the Meier cult now lies about to cover their ass, saying that they never claimed they were real and that Billy was "confused" because he was "sick" at the time.

Bullshit. We know where Meier was during this period, and everyone who met him back in 1975 remembers very well that he was NOT "sick" back then, except perhaps mentally, in his head, if you believe the theory that Meier is indeed schizophrenic. I don't know if he is, and I don't care. What I DO know is that he isn't telling the truth.

Then in the year 1999 I started visiting Europe again, I had last been there when I secretly went into Meier'c cult compound to film for FOX...

Q: This is when you used the fictitious name of "Steve Thomas"?

Korff: No, not at all. For this trip, I actually used the name of Oscar Meyer Wiener!

I'm not making this up. I knew that the Meier people, not being Americans, would NOT know that this name was actually an American commercial product name for a hot dog, and that they would hear the name "Meyer" and think of their fake guru, Billy Meier.

As I sat in Meier's house, in the side porch, right next to Bernadette Brand, she was delighted to hear that my middle name was Meyer, which to her ears, sounded like Meier. I signed their guestbook under this name.

But I was recognized by, as I recall, Fenner, who is a younger member of the Meier UFO cult and is a pretty astute guy. When someone told Brunhilda and another member of Meier's cult, that I was really Kal Korff, I was asked to show my passport, which of course I didn't have on me.

Thankfully, we had planned for this possibility of discovery, so I immediately went to Plan B, which was to get out of there, and then recover the two other people who were also inside his cult, who provided cover for me.

Q: Who were these people, this is fascinating. So the Meier cult actually caught you while you were inside their complex?

Korff: Yes.

Q: What did you do after you were identified?

Korff: They asked me to get my passport, and of course I said I would. I told them it was in my car, and that I would have to go get it. This would allow me to escape. I went to my car, got in, and then drove away. Two of Meier's followers were watching me from a distance, and I pretended to be rummaging about, looking for it. Then I quickly removed my keys and jumped in and drove away, as they came running after me, trying to chase me. They were two men.

I then drove away, and stopped on the other side of the hill where they could not see me. I kept looking back and no one chased me, and because it was a hill, they had no idea I was still sitting on the other side.

I guess the imaginary "Ptaah" or "Semjase" were screwing off that day, perhaps they were having sex, and never informed Meier.

He's such a fraud. He is not in "contact" with anything "alien" otherwise Meier wouldn't make so many careless, stupid mistakes which allow us to expose him using basic science. What I am really pleased with in the new 32 volume book series is how each fact is independently verifiable, and and like ALL facts, they can be checked by anyone.

This means Michael Horn is in trouble because truth is not on his side.

Now back to the Meier cult, here I was now sitting in our getaway car, on the other side of the slope of the hill, and I had to extract the two people who were also inside Meier's cult, who were providing cover for me.

This was an American man and woman, who pretended to be lovers and Meier believers, and as far as the Meier people knew, we met there coincidentally and talked to one another because we were all from America. This simple cover story worked.

According to them, because obviously I wasn't there any longer, the members of the Meier cult were REALLY upset, especially after they reported back that I had suddenly drove away. At that point they knew that Kal Korff had been there, and soon found out that we had ALREADY secretly interviewed Meier's wife, who CONFIRMED that Meier is a liar and a hoaxer and that more ominously, Billy Meier is a "God" to his followers there, and this is very scary. Meier is not a "God" and he is not even a real prophet, he just lies and claims he is.

This is distinctly different.

So after my two colleagues, who again were inside there to provide cover for me and distract the Meier members while I looked around and got footage which was later aired on FOX TV, you can see some of the undercover shots which were used in the show of the cult and this effigy of Meier they have there; my colleagues said that since there was some "trouble" and they didn't want any, they said they would leave and come back.

The Meier members were really up in arms that I had been there, and had now escaped in front of them. They were certainly incompetent this way, but then again I don't blame them for not knowing I would sneak back into their cult compound years later.

The first time was ballsy enough, second time is really a bit over the top. I admit that, but this was the only way to get the story and to get the truth. They also had no idea I secretly met and filmed Meier's wife, once again the imaginary "Ptaah" failed to alert Billy boy.

So my two operatives left the compound, and walked out and over the top of the driveway, down a bit on the other side of the slope of the mountain, saw me waiting there, and then we drove away.

It was a perfect operation, except for getting caught.

(Part II tomorrow....)