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Kal Korff is the author of the bestselling Roswell "UFO crash" MYTH Xpose book of all time, and the bestselling Xpose of the Billy Meier UFO Cult, hoax and scam in Switzerland. Both of these works have been featured several times on TV, and remain "the standard" today in their respective genres. Kal has also authored definitive Xposes on JFK's assassination, and played a key role in the definitive Xpose of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin "Bigfoot" film hoax of 1967, helping author Greg Long get his book published and writing the Foreword for it. Kal's next work is his much anticipated "Secret Wars" project, which is THE DEFINITIVE work on Islamofascism and terrorism, extremists, haters and the arguably delusional mindsets of the CONspiracy nuts and pro-"paranormal" crowd. Click on the items below to learn more information or to order them.

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Welcome to Kal's Korner • Covering Everything from Politics to the "Paranormal"

WHY the Democrats and Republicans will
Never TRULY "Reform" Themselves

When I moved to Europe in the year 2000 and settled in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic, I left my country of the United States of America as it became divided, as it had never been before. To refresh everyone's recollection, Al Gore would eventually narrowly lose to George W. Bush, the election awarding the presidency to Bush was decided ultimately not by American voters, but by the U.S. Supreme Court, who predictably voted along party lines.

With half the voters understandably upset, the contest between Bush and Gore was so close, half the country would have been angry regardless. I saw for the first time since the protests of the Vietnam War, which I remember as a child, a nation polarized and divided.

911 to the Rescue

When America was attacked by the Islamofascist group al-Qaeda, our people rallied and came together. However, like Pearl Harbor, the attacks against us by Osama bin Laden, COULD have been avoided, if only Democrat President Bill Clinton had bothered to get serious about the Taliban instead of courting them, and had used every means at his disposal to kill bin Laden. While Clinton says "I tried everything," he is not telling the truth. Clinton is, after all, an American president who got impeached for lying, his words: "I did not have sex with that woman," are among his most infamous lies.

The attacks of 911 caused Americans to put aside their very real political differences and come together — one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all — unless one were declared a "hostile combatant." Bush, having history and most of the world's sympathy briefly united behind him in the aftermath of 911, had a historic opportunity to further world peace and progress. Instead, he blew it with both lips, eagerly isolating and polarizing not only the American people once again, but indeed the entire world.

The United States of America has long led the world in defending universal human rights, democracy, and freedom, yet even our track record is selective and spotty. America was founded at the expense and upon what can only be called the genocide of its native inhabitants, the Native American Indians. As many as 25 million were killed, we will never know their numbers, because we never really cared and we can never go back in time to get an accurate body count. We supported the brutal Shah of Iran, and continue to prop up Saudi Wahhabia and other immoral regimes who deny women basic rights.

Everyone Has "Universal Human Rights" — Until You Attack the United States

Although Democrat Bill Clinton started the policy of what is euphemistically called "rendition," (with the eager support of "humanitarian" Al Gore), it was George Bush who took things to a whole new level. Renditions are when we export suspected terrorists or criminals to other countries such as Jordan, Egypt or Saudi Arabia, so that they will torture them for us. Proponents of renditions falsely claim that this gives the United States "clean hands," when in reality, it sacrifices our very soul and the values we "swear before God" that we will never violate and are morally bound to uphold and defend.

Bush passed a series of laws taking what had been Clinton's previous policies to new heights of horror. Instead of leading by moral example, Bush led by immoral example, going so far as to outright lie to the American people and the world, by denying that we torture people. We still do torture people, even under Barack Obama, who has renewed many of the same policies of Bush's that he said he was "against" when he was pandering for votes.

By the time Saddam Hussein was dethroned, which was the right, moral thing to do based on humanitarian reasons (Saddam had committed massive genocide and had killed more than one million people), America went from being united after 911 to being polarized and divided again. The rest of the world was also stuck in this schism, as its politicians and especially the global lamestream media completely screwed up their coverage on the issue of Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction, helping spread the myth and entrenching in the minds of many people still today, that Saddam "never had any" and that the reasons for invading Iraq were "never justified."

I have asked "kritics" of the Iraq war a simple question: How many people does one have to kill when committing genocide before one should be overthrown? Is a million people enough, or not enough? Predictably, their answers make so sense. They never offer any. Instead, they proffer up "excuses" because they refuse to admit the obvious: that the WORLD community should have removed Saddam Hussein a long time ago, the moment he started committing genocide. They did not do so because they did not truly care, just like the Democrats and Congress as a whole did not truly care about the genocide committed in Rwanda until it was too late and some one MILLION people were murdered.

The time to stop genocide is before it happens, not after it has already claimed its victims. The Holocaust of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis taught everyone this obvious lesson — yet too many people are still are not listening.

The "Chosen One" Arrives: Barack Obama

By the time Bush's presidency was winding down, Bush himself was burned out. He invaded Iraq without a post-war plan, which is inexcusable, because no one in Congress cared, especially his NeoCon backers. Bush and Rumsfeld dickered in Afghanistan, especially over the issue of a Pashtun-led Northern Alliance, and then finally "settled" on backing Hamid Kharzai, who used to be an enthusiastic supporter of the Taliban, until they (predictably) murdered his father. Rumsfeld made it clear that he did not care if the Afghan Drug Lords returned, as long as they weren't Taliban nor al-Qaeda.

Pakistan eagerly sheltered terrorists such as bin Laden, who were allowed to escape from the battle at Tora Bora, precisely because Rumsfeld and CENTCOM General Tommy Franks refused to commit enough resources to pin down and kill the al-Qaeda leader.

By botching the "war on terrorism," screwing up Iraq and abandoning Afghanistan, combined with the implosion of the American economy, conditions were ripe and easy pickings for Barack Obama to use his silver tongue to ride in like the Great Black Knight and "save America." Obama promised "hope" and "change we can 'believe' in," despite the fact that "hope" is never a strategy, it is usually a sign of desperation in the absence of any real, concrete plans.

In my radio segment Kal's Korner, which aired around the world years ago, I told everyone who would listen that Barack Obama would largely fail as a President, and certainly NOT "deliver" on the lofty "promises" that put him in the White House. I saw through Obama, and refused to vote for either him or John McCain, because McCain as well did not represent "change," and neither did Obama.

MOST Americans are disillusioned with Obama today, and deservedly so. They sa y he has failed them. I argue instead, that the American people get what they vote for. American voters have FAILED THEMSELVES.

Our country is now 14 TRILLION dollars in debt. This is so much money, that it will NEVER be paid back. This does not include the interest. If you had a stack of $1,000 bills, it would reach 67 MILES high to equal the amount of debt we have, thanks only to two political parties: the Democrats and the Republicans. No other parties have caused our financial problems, the Democrats and Republicans OWN it all.

America is now over 230 years old. Yet it has only two viable political parties to show for itself. This fact alone proves that it is stagnating, and wastes its time bouncing back and forth between two polarities: Democrats or Republicans.

The American people DESPERATELY need a THIRD VIABLE ALTERNATIVE. The Democrats and Republicans will NEVER TRULY REFORM themselves. They both love and chase Big Money too much, and are corrupt and beholden to it because of their lust and greed. Notice that despite all of the lofty, over the top "promises" Barack Obama made, he has deliberately broken some 40% of them, and they are biggies.

Obama "promised" to hold Wall Street accountable. Yet no one has been prosecuted. No one is in jail. Obama "promised" to end renditions. Instead, he has INCREASED them, and thanks to expanding military facilities such as Bagram in Afghanistan, he has his replacement for GITMO (which he promised to close but hasn't) so that when it is finally shut down, it won't matter. It's called a shell game. Obama "promised" to give the American people five days notice before every major bill is passed, and to make sure Congressional hearings were held on C-SPAN and out in the open, and to post the pending laws on the Internet for everyone to see. Nothing stops Obama from keeping these promises, instead he just chooses NOT to.

The list goes on and on. With the Republican presidential candidate list for 2012 shaping up to being retread participants from previous failed election contests, and with Obama running for re-election, Americans have "choices" all right: The same old same old.

Remember, you GET what you elect. Use your vote for REAL change, or don't complain.

Kal K. Korff - May 28, 2011


Kal Korff is known for his extremely diverse academic and professional interests and sharp analytical skills. Kal is an internationally known, critically acclaimed Analyst, Author, Broadcaster, Columnist, Computer Systems Process Architect, Editor, Graphic Artist, Humanitarian Worker, Intelligence Analyst, Investigative Journalist, IT Specialist, Lecturer, Media Personality, Nanotechnologist, Photo Editor, Senior Systems Analyst, Apple, Windows and Linux Software Developer, Teacher, WEB Architect and Content Management System Designer. The President and CEO of CriticalThinkers.org, Kal is also a Counterterrorism Analyst, Advisor and Specialist, a Kidon* Unit Commander who fights against anti-Semitism and Islamofascist extremism. Kal holds the rank of Colonel in a private Israeli-founded civilian entity, which is NOT associated with either the Israeli nor U.S. governments.

An author of several non-fiction expose books and over 10,000 articles, since 1975 Kal has lectured to more than 300,000 people worldwide. Kal's past employers include prestigious companies and educational/research firms such as Atari, Apple Computer, its software subsidiary, Claris; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Boeing, Xerox, Montgomery Wards, Service Systems, Fox Security Services; American Patrol Services, Well Fargo Guard Services (where he held the rank Lieutenant and was a Shift Supervisor), Syberdine Systems, Dublin Computer Systems, WJM Consulting, Capital Idea, BookBrowser, TotalResearch, Prague Post, University of New York — Prague, Europe Online, Mafra, a.s., Metropolitni Expres and the Daily Post.

Kal Korff first started teaching and lecturing at the young age of 13. He has appeared on such popular radio • TV networks, programs and in newspapers such as CNN's Larry King Live!, NBC's Leeza, FOX TV, NBC Nightly News, FOX News, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, History Channel, Sci-Fi Network; Art Bell's Coast-to-Coast, National Public Radio's Science Fridays, Jeff Rense, Laura Lee Show, Jack Landman, Rob McConnell's X-Zone Radio Show, San Francisco Examiner, U.S. News and World Report, Phoenix New Times, Daily Review, Argus, Stanford Daily, San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, Ohlone Monitor, Omni, Skeptical Inquirer, Skepsis, True, Saga UFO Report, Beyond Reality, Fortean Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Frontiers of Science, BBC, LBC Radio, UK; UFO Matrix, RTL, DW2, TV Nova, Radio Praha, Radio Free Europe, Prague, YouTube, MSNBC Online, Facebook.

Since October 19, 1973 Kal Korff has devoted his life to three major areas:

1. Conduct original research

2. Finishing research left incomplete or unresolved by others

3. Look at existing, important issues — analyze and understand them, then implement a solution.

Each of Kal's projects, books, products or "causes" falls within one or more of these three categories, or he's likely not interested.

The results of this research and studies, are always released to the public in a wide variety of formats and media so that people are empowered to examine the data and decide issues for themselves, to help them separate fact from fiction.

Says Kal, "There is NO DIFFERENCE between a fanatic or extremist who wants to harm you just because you don't believe in their specific religion, versus a UFO or CONspiracy nut who also threatens or wants to harm you, just because you don't believe that the U.S. Government has aliens stuffed and preserved in pickle jars as part of a mythical 'Cosmic Watergate' or cover-up.

"The issue here is extremism and fanaticism, intolerance and hatred; and a deliberate lack of critical thinking. The specific subject is just a detail, it has to be something. The definition of an extremist is someone who refuses to accept facts and reality, regardless of the subject.

"Extremism, hatred, and intolerance are ALWAYS wrong — which automatically means they can never be right," says Kal.

Kal Korff has devoted much of his life to fighting against hatred, intolerance, extremist beliefs and the lack of critical thinking when especially investigating the so-called "CONspiracies" and the "paranormal" and popular myths.

"Extremism, regardless of the subject, especially when there's hatred, intolerance and violence, automatically exists when there is no critical thinking."

Kal has not only exposed many popular so-called "mysteries" and cultural myths, which he has written books, papers and articles about and is known worldwide for being an expert on; but he has also been featured on TV and in the world media since 1976 for his activities and expertise on various subjects. Kal also studies the vital and integral related issue of especially WHY people believe in the falsehoods and myths that they do.

"The reasons WHY are always the most important, in any subject. Once one understands 'the why' of something, one can then figure out 'the how,' as in how to then address or correct a problem and solve it. Once one knows how, one can then determine when, where, and at what location or time. These factors are all related, but without knowing the WHY of something, one can NEVER gain TRUE nor REAL as in a full understanding of a subject or an important task or a problem that needs to be solved. Understanding the 'why' of everything, is always most important," says Kal.

"The worlds needs MORE Critical Thinking, it cannot afford less. Societies who fail to Think Critically, become extinct."

• • •

*Note: The Hebrew word "Kiyd" from which "Kidon" is based, means bayonet, dart, javelin or something to strike with. It appears in ancient texts as old as the Bible. Kal is NOT associated in any way with Israel's Mossad, and has never claimed to be. Kal has never worked for Mossad nor the Israeli government, and Kal is NOT an "agent" nor a spy. Kal does not even watch James Bond movies, and has zero interest in them. His work in counterterrorism analysis, trends and operations has no relation to Israel's Mossad "Kidon" units. This information is mentioned here only because Billy Meier UFO Cult leader and spokesman, Mikey Horn, (and others) have FALSELY claimed that Kal is a member of Mossad's Kidon Units, which engage in assassination and kidnapping. Horn is typical of the public ignorance on this subject, which is enormous and widespread. Unfortunately, some people "think" that James Bond movies are real. This is THEIR problem, not Kal Korff's.

Kal Korff has appeared on top TV networks, and in several TV shows and specials, including CNN's Larry King Live!, FOX TV, NBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NBC's Leeza, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, Sci-Fi Network, History Channel, iDnes, Nova, RTN.

Kal Korff has "starred" in many videos, radio and TV specials over the years.

Historic milestones: November 22, 1993 - CNN's Larry King Live! Kal Korff receives recognition by appearing as the main guest or "star," for his 16 year study solving President Kennedy's assassination. Kal debates former Chief Investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, Mr. Gaeton Fonzi, and beats him soundly. Kal's win against Fonzi is so lopsided, that not a single caller phones into the show to speak to Fonzi! Instead, they talked only to Larry King and with Kal. Kal Korff REPLACED famed author Gerald Posner on this show, after CNN learned that Kal's work was far more comprehensive and definitive than Posner's. Posner never studied Kennedy's assassination for 16 years, Kal did. Kal's historic study, which analyzed and exposes the many myths and false claims in the Top 100 bestselling books of all time written on Kennedy's assassination, also CORRECTS some of the errors, mistakes, deliberate omissions and myths that Gerald Posner made and fostered in the first edition of his bestselling book, Case Closed.

Kal Korff appears on FOX TV's Encounters and debates (and defeats) Jim Dilettoso, a promoter of the Billy Meier UFO Cult, which Kal had exposed as a FRAUD and sect as early as 1980, when he wrote his first book in high school, The Meier Incident. Kal has since debated Jim Dilettoso several other times on various shows, and Kal has never lost. Jim Dilettoso's worst defeat, took place on Art Bell's Coast-to-Coast radio show, which is the world's Number #1 overnight talk radio program. Kal was declared the unanimous winner according to the live audience "credibility poll" in which 81% said Kal had won handily, 9% voted for Dilettoso and 9% were undecided. Art Bell described Kal's appearance as scoring "a knock-out blow" against Jim Dilettoso. Bell is right, as tapes of the 3.5 hour live show definitively prove.

Kal Korff appears ALL DAY on television, in a special for MSNBC and NBC TV on July 4, 1997 — Roswell UFO Crash 50th Anniversary Special and the Pathfinder Landing on Mars. Korff, then a Lieutenant, appeared with Colonel Joe Kittinger and Captain James McAndrew and the Pathfinder landing team at JPL. Kal's book, The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know, remains the bestselling Roswell expose of all time, and exposed as frauds and hucksters, individuals such as Frank Kaufmann, Glenn Dennis, Jim Ragsdale, Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle, who libels and maliciously slanders the U.S. Government and the fine men and women of its military, when Randle falsely claims that its members run around "threatening to murder Roswell eyewitnesses."

Kal Korff debates and defeats both Kevin Randle and Frank Kaufmann, on ABC TV in Seattle, Washington. In this show, Randle argued that Kaufmann (who Randle brought along as a "witness") was "credible" and had "seen alien bodies and the flying saucer crash site" near Roswell, in 1947. Korff said Kaufmann was a FRAUD and was NOT "telling the truth," — a FACT Randle later FINALLY ADMITTED — but only AFTER Kaufmann died, when Randle said he had been "mistaken" about Kaufmann the entire time.

Randle never apologized to Kal Korff for being wrong, and has never publicly acknowledged that Kal was right about Kaufmann and other bogus "witnesses" Kevin Randle was also "fooled by" such as Glenn Dennis and Jim Ragsdale.

Incredibly, Royce Myers III who founded a Web site he euphemistically calls UFO Watchdog, claims that Kevin Randle is "credible" and even goes so far as to say, "The UFO field needs more Kevin Randles."

Kal Korff disagrees: "We need more people to get things RIGHT, not to get things WRONG. Kevin Randle calls himself 'Dr.' Randle but his 'Ph.D.' is from a diploma mill, and the school doesn't even offer the 'degree' anymore. We don't need more such foolish behavior, we need reality and truth," says Kal.

"Dr." Kevin Randle is exposed in the Web-based series, the Scandals of Kevin Randle, which are produced by UFO WatchCat and are available for FREE to the public. UFO WatchCat was created to protect trusting consumers from the claims of Royce Myers III.

Kal appeared as the neutral, objective investigative journalist and author on NBC's/Paramount's Leeza show, starring Leeza Gibbons. Kal was tested by the show's producers to analyze without any prior knowledge nor seeing the imagery before the show, three alleged videos of flying saucers. Kal passed the test the show's producers threw at him, unplanned and unscripted, and was not fooled. The subject of the show was the mythical "Phoenix Lights," Kal was able to show that they were NOT "extraterrestrial spacecraft." Kal Korff was chosen for the show, as its main guest, because he is neither a skeptic nor a hardcore believer. The show featured everyone from a "alien abductees" to skeptic Ken Shirmer. Kal was considered to be the most objective of the guest list — neutral, and whose agenda is truth.

Kal was the featured expert, along with famed author Tom Clancy and Popular Science writer Jim Wilson, on the highly acclaimed Discovery Channel special, Secrets of Area 51 Revealed, which FIRST exposed many of the "secrets" UFO sensationalist and seriously flawed "investigative" journalist, Annie Jacobsen now claims are "exclusive" inside information. The History Channel and National Geographic have also exposed some of the claims Jacobsen says are "exclusive" to her book. The info about "Area 51" started first being declassified as far back as 1997.

Other UFO WatchCat Web TV Videos

The Scandals of Kevin Randle is not the only series of videos to expose the false claims of Royce Myers III's "UFO Hall Of Famer" the so-called "Dr." Kevin Randle. Since Royce Myers III endorses several UFO hucksters and individuals who make false claims, UFO WatchCat also has a series of videos which also Xpose these "personalities" since Royce Myers III won't reveal these things about them.

With UFO WatchCat helping in full disclosure of known and long-proven information, trusting consumers are now in a much more safe position to decide issues for themselves, versus just relying on the incomplete and wrong information from Royce Myers III.

Desperate Don - Desperate Don is also part of the UFO WatchCat family of shows. Its few episodes Xposes Royce Myers III's "UFO Hall Of Famer" Mr. "Desperate Don" Ecker as an individual who has been caught repeatedly making false statements, and also lying. In these segments, conclusive evidence is provided that Don Ecker KNEW that Kal Korff worked at Lawrence Livermore National Labs when Ecker falsely claimed that Kal did not.

UFOlogy 101 - Since Royce Myers III suddenly "retired" from in UFOlogy, we teach you the basics, which even Royce would agree with. Completely neutral and scientific, UFOlogy 101 educates people on basic investigative techniques, and helps separate fact from fiction.

UFOOLogy - The UFO field is full of individuals who are scam artists and frauds, there is no "politically correct" way to put this issue. Not only is their often claimed "hard evidence" non existent, but some parties even manufacture it, literally, themselves! UFOOLogy identifies various "rock stars" in the field of "UFOlogy" who are anything butt credible — they are UFOOLogists.

Kal Korff has appeared on many top radio stations and broadcast programs over the years, reaching millions of people worldwide since 1976. A veteran of countless shows, Kal has appeared on National Public Radio's Science Fridays, Art Bell's Coast-to-Coast AM, Jeff Rense, Laura Lee Show, Jack Landman, KCBS Morning News, CNN, NBC, KGO, WNBC, KABC, KEXT, KOME, KRON, KYA, KSAN, KNBR, KTVU, Heironimus & Co., Expres Radio, BBC, and Rob McConnell's X Zone Radio Show.

In addition to being behind the microphone when interviewed as a guest for his analysis and commentary, Kal Korff has his own radio segment, Kal's Korner, which has aired around the world in various forms of syndication since 1997, originally broadcasting from Washington.

Historic Radio Appearances and Debates: Kal Korff is best known for his radio segment, Kal's Korner, as well as for winning several historic debates on a variety of topics. Here are some real examples from history, copies of all of these shows can easily be obtained for independent verification.

Defeating Jim Dilettoso — Promoter of the Billy Meier UFO Cult and Scam

Kal Korff has debated Jim Dilettoso several times. In every debate, without exception, Dilettoso keeps losing by greater margins. Kal's most famous victory took place on Art Bell's Number #1 syndicated live radio show, Coast-to-Coast AM, over Jim Dilettoso, a promoter of the Billy Meier UFO Cult. In front of a live audience, which was Number #1 in ratings that night, millions of people heard Kal Korff soundly defeat Jim Dilettoso. Kal was declared the UNAMIMOUS winner according to the live audience "Credibility Poll" in which 81% of voters said Kal had won handily, 9% said Dilettoso was the victor, and 9% were undecided.

Art Bell described Kal's appearance and crushing defeat of Jim Dilettoso as scoring "a knock-out blow." Art Bell is right, as tapes of this 3.5 hour live show prove. Kal also defeated Jim Dilettoso previously, years earlier on Heironimus & Company, (another radio show) and still earlier ion front of millions of TV viewers on the FOX TV network's prime time show, Encounters.

Defeating William K. Birnes — The Day After Roswell and the Roswell "UFO Crash" MYTH of 1947

Kal has also debated and defeated William K. Birnes (co-author with Col. Philip Corso of the literary fraud, The Day After Roswell), on the Laura Lee Show. Birnes admitted that he had NEVER researched "Roswell" before and was UNABLE to "defend" the work he co-wrote with hoaxer, Col. Philip Corso. The book The Day After Roswell is a literary FRAUD, the expose of it first appeared as an exclusive in Kal Korff's book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know, which remains the bestselling Roswell expose of all time.

Defeating Randolph Winters — Promoter of the Billy Meier UFO Cult and Scam

Kal Korff has also debated and defeated Randolph Winters on the Billy Meier UFO Cult hoax on the Jeff Rense Show. The debate was friendly, Winters admitted parts of the Meier "evidence" are a FRAUD.

Defeating Michael Horn — Spokesman for the Billy Meier UFO Cult

Kal Korff is willing to debate Michael Horn on any radio or TV show. It is Michael Horn who refuses to debate Kal Korff on a consistent basis. The one time they debated, Michael Horn deliberately refused to be civil, and stick to the facts and relevant subjects at hand. Instead, Horn resorted to ad hominem attacks, and irrelevant name calling. Refusing to be civil, the middle of the debate was stopped in the middle, because of Horn's unprofessional and unethical behavior. Kal Korff won. Michael Horn is Xposed in Kal Korff's new, stunning, sweeping and definitive 35 volume Xpose book series, Light YARNS: FAKEships of the Pleiades. It's not "surprising" Mikey is "upset." ;-)

Defeating UFO Skeptic Philip J. Klass

Kal Korff debated world famous UFO Skeptic, Phil Klass, on KOME radio in San Jose, California, and soundly beat him. Klass had no idea he was debating a teenager at the time, and Kal and Phil Klass later became close friends. Their friendship was cemented when Kal Korff traveled to Washington D.C. in 1993 to appear as the "star" on CNN's Larry King Live! While visiting Washington, Kal Korff stayed secretly at Phil Klass' home, and met his wife Nadya, who Klass had literally, secretly, helped defect from Eastern Europe and escape from Communism. Klass and Nadya, later happily married.

Kal's Debate "Strategy"

Kal Korff has never lost a debate. His "secret" for always winning is guaranteed and simple: "Never debate subjects you cannot win against, since there is no point in doing so. I'm qualified to debate a few subjects, so I do; nothing further. There's no magic ingredient here, just facts.

"When you debate, always make the other side and the show's host, always focus on the who, what, where, when, why and how of things, — especially the why. If you stick to facts and can argue them logically, you win. Truth always wins."

Kal Korff is available for debates on the following subjects: Terrorism, Counterterrorism, War in Iraq and Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction, Islamofascism, the Secret Wars Against Terrorism, Keys to World Peace, Information Technology and Hypermedia, The Internet and Web Browsers; the Roswell "UFO" crash myth of 1947, the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland, UFOs in general; President John F. Kennedy's assassination, the Patterson-Gimlin hoax "Bigfoot" film of 1967, Investigating the Paranormal, How to Communicate Effectively, How to Speak in Public, Giving Great Speeches, America and American Values, American World Leadership, Freedom and Democracy, the Case Against Communism, WHY They HATE Us, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, the Fall of the USSR, The MYTH of the Clash of Civilizations, Space Exploration, Nanotechnology, Strategic Defense Initiative, Missile Defense Systems, Asymmetric Warfare, Islamofascism and Nazi Collaboration, An American In Prague, True Stories from Kal's Korner.

If you would like Kal Korff to lecture at your event or show, or to participate in debates or round table discussions or panels, just email us.

Kal Korff is a popular internationally-based, officially accredited Author, Broadcaster and Investigative Journalist who is known for his non-fiction Xposes on diverse popular topics and so-called "paranormal" mysteries. Kal covers everything from politics to the "paranormal," and wrote his first Xpose book, The Meier Incident, while in high school. Here is a list of some of Kal's popular Xpose articles over the years, as well as other Xposes written by credible journalists and colleagues Kal either endorses, or helped assist with their research.

CONspiracy Nuts • Cover-ups • Extremists • Haters • Hucksters • Scandals

Xposing Sally Brown - U.S. Dept of State Employee - Ethics Violations, LIES, A Promoter of Extremists who Threaten to Kill a Jewish-American Citizen

Xposing Guy Weddle - Extremist and Hater

Xposing "Desperate" Don Ecker's LIES and Endorsements of Extremists Who Threaten to Murder an American Citizen

Xposing Dr. Paul Lee - A JFK CONspiracy Nut Who Refuses to Face FACTS

• • •

History • Military

Xposing Annie Jacobson and the Santa Claus Factor: Stalin, Nazi Mengele and Roswell - Coming soon!

Xposing What REALLY Happened at Roswell in 1947

The CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs: 1947-1990

Xposed: Colonel Corso's "The Day After Roswell" - A Literary FRAUD

Final Verdict: JFK's Murder SOLVED!

• • •

Politics • Middle East

WHY HAMAS and the Palestinian Liberation Organization will NEVER be TRUE Partners for Peace with Israel

Xposed: The LIES of President Barack Obama

Xposed: The Broken "Promises" of President Barack Obama

• • •

"Woo Woo" Crowd • UFOs • "Monsters" • "Paranormal"

The Hack and the Quack: Jim Dilettoso Xposed

Xposed: The TRUTH about the Patterson-Gimlin Hoax "Bigfoot" Film of 1967

FAKEShips of the Pleiades: The Silly Meier Story

EXCLUSIVE! UFO Matrix Xposes Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 Book and its Claims of a Stalin, Mengele, Roswell "Connection"

Written by Public Relations
Wednesday, 29 June 2011 17:05

Dear World,

As promised weeks ago, here is my hard hitting Xpose of "investigative journalist" Annie Jacobsen's bestselling book on Area 51. Had Jacobsen bothered to conduct even basic research on Nazi Auschwitz Holocaust Dr. Josef Mengele, she would easily and quickly discovered much of the same data I did. Mengele was NEVER in the custody of the Soviets, so Jacobsen's claims about him are provably false, as this Xpose proves. Annie Jacobsen also gets exposed for deceiving people who trusted her, (they deny her version of events), when she wasn't busy failing to conduct the kind of basic fact checking any self-proclaimed "investigative journalist" is required to do. Jacobsen's publisher, the LA Times, are stonewalling her lack of journalistic integrity and her easily disproven claims. After three queries, both the Managing Editor and Online Editors have refused to answer. This is one of THREE VERSIONS of this Xpose. A shorter one will be released to more media, and as early as next week, a complete book totaling some 500 pages will be published Xposing Annie Jacobsen, her lack of journalistic integrity, and the numerous errors and blatant distortions (disguised as "facts") in her book on Area 51. It also exposes such mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times and her publisher, Little Brown, who have helped successfully market and promote fraud, false claims and distortions as "facts."