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As part of the Korffing process, Korffers must give over to the assumption process. Why? Because Kalvin Karlton Korff is a sneaky little shit and he's not inexperienced when it comes to lies, floating scams and the like.

Korff routinely leaves out important information when making announcements to the world. We need to give you a couple examples to make our point.

Korff makes a claim to being the President and CEO of CritcalThinking.org, a "think tank" that we assume is in the same league as his first and original boiler plate group or organization, which Korff called TotalResearch.com. Korff is on record stating that the whole TotalResearch group, including all the financing, is Kalvin Korff and no one but Kalvin Korff. Further, Korff claims that CritcalThinking.org is a "metaorganization" with partners located all over the world. The problem is, he's never announced / identified a single partner, ever.

Korff claims to be the CEO of another organization called Priyamitra.org, a peace movement whose goal is to promote peace by giving away iPad's. This iPad tie-in is a direct outgrowth of Korff fanaticism for the Apple company and Steven Jobs. Korff claims that this is also a "meta organization" or sorts, with partners located all over the world. Korff has mentioned that this person came aboard as the Director of Worldwide Operations, that they selected a bank for their new NGO, that one church and a few schools have joined the cause, etc.

NOTE: Notice that Korff "joined" this
NGO Facebook group while floating these claims.

In the end, no activity can be found regarding this scam. Recently Korff re-upped the www.Priyamitra.org URL for a few more years (there's nothing on the website), in fear that a Korffer would take that URL over, as they already have with www.ufowatch.com and www.freekurtis.org